Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Country cottage for me!

Hello! From a little town in country Australia
Our little miners cottage "Pear tree cottage"
Is a home full of the joys of life!
We, my husband and I find with a smile that our home whilst was an empty nest for a few years is now often filled with the joy of laughing grandchildren.
We only ask of life the simple pleasures of the days like the sway of daffodils in spring, or a wood fire burning on a cold winter night to be enveloped in a good book sipping an evening wine. O! the pleasure's of life fill the heart.


Maggie Ann said...

Life is full of sweet pleasures for I've enjoyed visiting your blog.

Lee-ann said...

Hello Magggie ann Welcome to my very new adventure..........A blogg. I thank you for the visit and will also visit yours soon. Yes the sweet pleasures are the simple ones aren't they.

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