Thursday, May 12, 2016

A small walk through the years

Today we went looking for a wonderful house we found in an old photo from Rob's small amount of family treasures....but let's start from the beginning.

When rob was 18 years old the last of his grandfathers generation was going into care and while he went to clean out the house in Belgrave he didn't know his uncle was going to burn everything in the back yard. The uncle and his wife has come down from Sydney and like many others before him they neither wanted the junk, or had time to give it away. So very few things were saved.

One photo album of very old photos were given to his mother and she kept them all these years. One photo was of a home in Malvern and so began the journey up to this day.

I will continue this story in a few days on our computer so that we can happily show both the photo from over 110 years ago to the ones we took today.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Just a simple plate!

When my grandmother passed away it was never suggested that anything in her home would be sent to op-shops or trashed.
Every family member took pieces and before we knew it beds, cupboards, dishes....even her preserving jars that once were filled and stored in the cellar of her mothers home were taken and are now used by many in the family.

I like others got to see in cupboards gran would never let us see in before, it felt a little bit naughty, yet was very exciting.
One of these cupboards held lovely old dishes and a meat dish court my eye. It was very well used and it had Aqua around the edges now chipping off and the crazing was a testimony of it's many meals it had carried from the oven to the dining table and I loved it so!
I asked if I could have it and today after these many years I have taken it out of my cupboard to admire again.

But I don't remember the little piece of tape on the bottom with its hand written initials on it B L R it reads and that can only be one name in our family "Bertha Louisa Russell" nee Schliebs. How wonderful to see her initials recorded on this very dish.

Then I took a look at what else was on the bottom of this big platter and I find, I can see the makers mark pressed in the plate but only the letters are clear DRC....then there is the embossed mark on the bottom and the most interesting of all.
It reads:-
31 Rundle St

She must have bought this plate in a most wonderful store in Adelaide, or perhaps it was part of her glory box. Then again a wedding gift purchased in Adelaide and taken to Truro South Australia for a gift that was used time and time again.

This post will only be finished when I can work out why the photos will not download at this time.

This is my Friday!

Saturday, June 13, 2015


I looked forward to spending a very short time on my blog page today,
As always we are rushing out the door to do one thing or another.
I am not sure why my whole life has been rush! rush! rush! but not a day goes by were I don't spend a moment thinking about my mother, family and friends.

We are going to the OES tonight and while life is very different for us within the grand lodge of Victoria. We do enjoy the ladies association especially when I have little to do other then just enjoy the night. :)

The other news in our lives is that our amazing vacation is fast approaching and my gosh it is filled with great things to see and do. we will be heading to England and then USA after a cruise. I am glad I will be having a few days off work before starting again when we get back.......but we will need the money so it will be hi ho! its back off to work I go.

We also hope that when we get home we will be finishing our little home and selling (yes selling) but wont be going to far......into the paddock in fact to start another home / Residential accommodation. But that is another story for another time.

Just want to mention two very special people here Gena and Ken! love you both to pieces and you are always in our conversations and we think of you both often.....we truly wish we could see you more often but the other side of Melbourne is sometimes is hard to get to. if I have a moment or two over the past years I have been a blog stalker! :) and love! love! your posts.

If anything should happen to us while we are away from our beautiful country please note we love you all dear friends we adore our family and will be with you always.

It may be a little dramatic.......but in this world "things happen"
better to have said "I love you all" then to have not.

Monday, June 08, 2015

There is a time in your life when you start to look at things past! Today is one of those days for me as I sit here in a warm lounge room with iPad on my lap as it gets darker and darker with another hail storm forming above us........yes it's winter time! I know but it's also a time to get back to my roots!

Blogging was something I started many years ago....I loved it, I was not very good on the computer and I learnt such a lot, but then your life's path changes and you start to look for ways out of your busy day. Blogging was the first to go "so much easier to put two or three lines on a FB post instead of sitting a writing a blog post" But I was wrong, So I have decided to get back were I left off and start doing what I truly love blogging!!! So today I may just yes add two or three more lines to this post to tell you I am now the Grand Representative of Idaho here in Australia within the Order or the Eastern Star and am so! SO! Proud.

Lots of love to my old friends from my blogging days past and to many new friends as well.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Dear friends I have been neglecting by blog!
I do love my blog! And all the blogs I read!

So I promise  I will try to get back more often!
I have so much I want to share!

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went again to find some more family in the Cheltenham cemetery in Adelaide.
But before a write a little more about that I want to tell you a little about the lady I was looking for.
Grace Rutt was born in kempton surrey England to George and Ann Rutt on the 23rd Feb. 1823.
 When she was 16 and worked as a milk maid she came to South Australia on the Hoogley with her family in 1839.
She lived all her life in the Port Adelaide area and she married first captain Edward Dowsett having 5 children then after his death she married George Bell and had 3 more children.

She died on the 19th December 1899 in Portland port Adelaide SA. 
And was buried in the Cheltenham cemetery along with other members of her family.

She is  my second grand Aunt.
That is the only nice part of this post, my husband and I arrived there on a dull grey day and it got worst as the moments went on.
The workers were digging and cutting up soil and we took little notice at first then I found the ever present notice on graves one after another after another, because I like to help people with photos of graves I got a little scared they would be cleared away I took so many photos of them but there were so many we had to stop and try to find our Grace Bell "nee Rutt" and we found her, well we found were she rests........but some of the other photos are horrible and will shock some and others will simply shake their heads in disbelief.
Myself I could scream out loud "what are you thinking" how can you simply throw away a head stone and how can you simply deface a grave of anyone let alone those who first stepped off the sibling ships in a country way from home! Our true pioneers! If you come up with a true reason why this is happening let me know!

Funny it's a little bit like when my husband and I lived in port Melbourne and houses were being ripped down one after another and when we wanted to try to restore our old pup! Council wanted it taken took us two years to get a permit and happily it still stands and is saved for forever!

Will we be wondering WHY! Did we do this! Years from now Nd we cannot turn back time gone! Is gone! For forever!
Now I need to just add photo and let you see what we did see.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A very long time ago we bought a pub! In Port Melbourne for $27,000.00 yes I did say it was a very long time ago. was an amazing place and just today after all these years of keeping bits from there that we found in lots of interesting places, I took a look again... through the little case of treasures and you know it is wonderful how you can see things differently as the years go by.
Doing Genealogy I think does it to you! 
So I want to share..........

These two pictures which were amongst many we found there tucked up the chimney, or behind old furniture, even out in the old outhouse!

 The Arnotts biscuit factory was not far from our "old pub" and it was once called "Swallow & Ariell" biscuits.
Here are two very interesting parts of that history.
Photo 1:
2nd donation of 500 cardigan jackets for our men in the 1st world war about 1914
It reads on the back wall.European War 1914 Swallow & Ariell Ltd patriotic working bee 2nd Donation 500 cardigan jackets cutters preparing garments for voluntary workers.

Love the sewing machines girls. Old singers. How special are they and how special are all the volunteers. 

And the second photo is a true moment in time and we would love to know who it is.
Genealogy truly gives you a feeling of hope that you may find who this is or who's family it belongs to.

Here's hoping always.


On another note! today is my best friends birthday......Happy birthday my beautiful husband.
and what do you give a husband who doesnt want anything but loves genealogy? well you give them a DNA Test kit.....he loved it!

My Husband Rob Hamilton is 66 years old today!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

"Fiery Creek" - Now called Beauford

Fiery Creek......
These two little words conger up all kinds of thoughts in your head but it is simply an wonderful original name for a Gold Rush town in Victoria Australia. And particular it is the Name of the Masonic Lodge that no longer meets.....but will never be forgotten.

The township of Beauford was originally Known as Fiery Creek and was first settled during the Gold Rush of the 1850's Following Gold discoveries in 1852 at the Yam Holes creek and a later rush to the main lead a short time after that. Fiery Creek saw over 60,000 people attracted to this "Rush" as the town was estableshing shops, and hotels and other esential  needs of a large population.

The town was surveyed in 1857 and town allotments were sold from 1858. By 1860, Beaufort had become a small but strong agricultural, pastoral and timber district. Beaufort's Court House was built in 1864 and the fiery creek Post Office renamed as Beaufort the same year.

So the town was re-named Beauford and this name was either taken from Rear-Admiral Francis Beaufort or a Welsh village in Monmouthshire, either could be correct but information is not available as to which is right.

Fiery Creek prospered and when it laid new "goldfinds in 1856 it kept alive the hopes that "Fiery Creek" would prove to be a second Ballarat.

The Fiery Creek diggings supported four townships, Beaufort, Yam Holes Creek, View Point and Southern Cross, during the 1850s. The population on the fields reportedly reached approximately 100,000 people at its height in the late 1850s and produced 450,000 ounces of gold over a two-year period, 1855–1856.

It is recorded that most Friendly societies and the Masonic lodge were well established in the town at this time, and at this time Cultural developments started to happen with churches, Free library,. Fire station and other needs of the town.
The Masonic lodge......while it is believed was well established during the 1870's we believe the lodge would have been under first the English constitution and in the 1890's came under the Newly formed Australian Constitution as per the records of "The victorian Masonic guide" which was first published in 1893.

Fiery Creek Lodge  at Beauford was closed down a few short years ago as the population got older and new members were needed sadly the lodge had to hand in its warrent and close its doors....but it does not end there see Our masonic lodge "Zetland Lodge no.25" which was established on the 21st of September 1859 was what we call Fiery Creeks Lodge no.157 established on the 15th Oct. 1890's Sister Lodge and Zetland helped to start the Fiery creek lodge and so always had a close affliation to the lovely small lodge in Beauford and friendship between the two lodges lasted until the very night it closed and continues in history forever.
when the lodge closed some photos were given to Zetland lodge and will be hung in "The South" to remind all of Zetlands members the need to treasure friendship and botherhood of lodges that have now closed.

This is my Sunday - Hello to all!!

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