Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pack a picnic - This is our Sunday!

This is my husband enjoying a stroll around the beautiful gardens of St.Erth just out of Blackwood. the cottage was built in 1854 by Mathew Rogers and is now one of the lovely gardens of "the digger's club" of which we are members. We love to grow heirloom vegetables and plants and as members we get to see and grow them all.
This is their lovely orchard that was started by passed owners in the 1930's and they have added some new heirloom fruits this year.
We will admit we are "fair weather" gardeners but to sit here today and have a picnic lunch and watch the fairy wrens dash about I am happy to be know as such for it is in the fair weather! when all comes alive to enjoy.

Not a good photo of the original cottage built in 1854 named after Mathew Rogers birthplace in cornwall...................This is a beautiful sandstone cottage restored for us all to enjoy. The trees hide a million daffodil bulbs just ready to bloom! we will be back in about three weeks to take some photos of them in all their stunning glory.

This is me in another part of this lovely garden. around the cottage is about four hectares of gardened land and containing over 3000 varieties of plants there is much to see even at this time of the year.
Beautiful Helleborus a favourite of mine, the (winter rose) such stunning colours they were here today.
And another love of mine the first to bloom in the bulb family, the little crocus. the bee came in just to smile and have his photo taken even if he was O! So Busy! in the sunshine.
It was a lovely peaceful day up in the hills an this vintage cottage garden.
This was our Sunday!


Remiman said...

The bucolic images that nature creates elevates us and lifts our spirits.
Looks, and sounds like you had a glorious day.
I'm happy for you.

Shelley said...

What a lovely place and a lovely way to spend the day and just reflect on nature. Have a great day Lee Ann.

Janet said...

How lucky to have such a beautiful place to visit, and to enjoy heirloom vegetables and fruits. If only there were more places like this. I'll look forward to photos of the daffodils.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

What beautiful country...thanks for sharing it with us Lee-Ann. I love visiting your blog. Come see me sometimes. I love flowers. Nice to see your part of the world too. Have a great day!!

Sue said...

Lee Ann,
What a lovely peaceful way to spend a Sunday..
The gardens are lovely and the crocus with bee picture was perfect!
Thanks for sharing...

Medieval Lady said...

Breath-taking! Hope you had a wonderful day.

Tammy said...

looks like you had a wonderful day!!!
Sunshine and flowers!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

I have heard of heirloom plants. When I was in NZ last, I found commercially packaged seeds of all these old fashioned veges and flowers that I picked up for my daughters and that I hadn't found in Australia. Some wouldn't grow in Qld as it is too hot, but I got the ones that I thought would grow, so we're waiting to see how they go.

I love those spring crocus, too hot here for them. But it looks as if you had a lovely Sunday.

Connie and Rob said...

Well I think you spent your time well. That place looks so pretty and peaceful. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Take care,

Wendy WaterBirde said...

Oh wow, I just love your crocus image! Wendy means, in some name interpretations, "dream led daughter searching for violets in the snow". So...well I know its not snowing yet, but I have this soft spot in my heart for brave little purple flowers like this, such as your sweet crocus here.

I had a chance to do the post I've been wanting to do with the much loved pumpkin image of yours, its on a newly started little cooking blog at . Thanks for letting me use it, and for inspiring me with it. I may use the crocus image too later if you don't mind : )

Hope you have a lovely and peaceful week Lee-ann : ) Wendy

Calidore said...

I have wanted to visit St Erth for sooooo long. Thank you for the lovely photos - it is now a "must visit" on my list.

Lee-ann said...

Thank you everyone I am so glad I inspired some to visit and others to remember wonderful moments about nature and our gardens too.

have a lovely day!

miss*R said...

St Erth! oh I have read of this in my diggers club magazine. I hope to be down that way this Christmas, so maybe then - keeping fingers crossed. xo

littlejennywren said...

I lived in melbourne for 10 years and never went to St Erth. I don't think I knew about it until I moved back to Tassie. Thanks for taking me there.

Chappyswife said...

Lee-ann~ Those are pretty pictures. Can't wait to see those bulbs when they bloom!

Val said...

Thanks for reminding me of St. Erth, haven't been there for years and it's on my list of things to do. And combine that with lunch at the Pig and Whistle!

We used to belong to the Diggers Club too, they have the most unusual seeds. Unfortunately our garden is too shady for most things, but I might get an idea for some shade loving plants.

Granny Fran said...

What a delightful blog you write! I discovered you through your comment to "The Lone Beader." We share a lot of interests though I'm way over in Colorado,USA. I noticed your jadite shakers; we use jadite dishes in our kitchen, as well as shakers, pitchers, and cannisters. I love the old depression era glassware.

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