Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Spring is in the air "lal - lar - lar - lal!"

One of our many wattle trees this one is great for our bee hives you can just see way back there one of the hives on the left. (go bees! do your work)
More king Alfred daffodils I just cannot get enough of looking at these beauties
part of my front garden as you can see many yet to bloom
some of my dad's blue bells (thinking of you dear dad)
Just a few little spots in my garden today.
They are not all out yet these wonderful daffodils but it is looking nice, if I do say so myself! :o)
The blue bells were planted by my dad and my husband together one day and I look forward with anticipation of them showing their little blue flowers as they remind me of those happy days before my dad died from cancer.
So I dedicate this little batch of photos to my dad.
This is my Tuesday.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

What beautiful flowers Lee-Ann. Glad to see you posting. I miss you when you dont post.
I have never heard of a wattle tree before!! Thanks for a picture of one. It has been so HOT here for so long now. We have a hurricane that is thinking about coming our way. It is nice to see pretty flowers instead!!

Shelley said...

Ah..Spring has sprung! Don't you just love it? What gorgeous flowers!

Have a wonderful spring day, Lee-Ann.

Wystful1 said...

Oh dear!! You ARE having Spring soon, aren't you?!! That'd be so neat for us in the states. Texas right now is boiling hot! But soon it'll be Autumn and then begin to cool down.

Your photos are just absolutely beautiful. I really enjoyed viewing them....thank you. Ahhhhhhhhh, to have it Spring here! *wishing*

Janet said...

Your flowers are so beautiful. I especially like the blue bells. And how nice to have such a reminder of your dad.

April 1930s said...

Hi, Lee-Ann! Thank you for your nice compliment... I will let you know when I 'move'... Here is my eBay link: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZapril1930s

(Fall is in our air, by the way!) :)

Heather Smith said...

Those bluebells are gorgeous. I love the daffodils as well, but I've always loved bluebells! Amazing to think that you are seeing spring while over here in the states we are getting ready to see fall.

Remiman said...

Hi Lee-Ann,
Thanks for stopping by for a visit, and for your complments.

Through your magnificent pictures I get to enjoy spring twice this year. Those King Alfred Daffodils are one of my favorite spring flowers. I've photographed, and printed pics of them often.

Although Autumn is my favorite time of year, spring is second.

Enjoy the spring warmth and gentle breezes.

Tammy said...

Beautiful Springtime post while we are stuck here in the crispy hot days of August!
very refreshing!

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-Anne
Spring is surely upon us You have somelovely flowers in your garden and the Blue bell dedicated to you dad are just lovely.
We must all be out there with our cameras i went out after bowls taking a few shots of my garden i will show them soon. bye Take care, Jen

Sue said...

Hi Lee Ann,
I love all your flowers. We're not quite into fall yet, but soon. Those bluebells are a wonderful reminder of your Dear Dad....

Debbie said...

Lee-Ann the flowers are just beautiful, spring is usually my favorite time of the year but after this hot dry summer I look forward to seeing Fall . You and your husband are truly wonderful gardeners.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What a precious reminder of your Dad.


Alice said...

Your daffodils are so lovely Lee-ann. Will you still be friends with me if I tell you that the blubells are actually Muscari (Grape Hyacinths)? Not that it matters really, because they are still beautiful and they bring back wonderful memories for you.

There's nothing quite like spring flowering bulbs to confirm the change of seasons. Wattle Day coming up on Friday.

Val said...

We've gone over our download limit for this month and are on dial up speed for a couple of days, so your photos are slow to load for me. But I can see the wattle (acacia) -isn't that a cootamundra? We planted those along a fenceline about 22 years ago and they provided quite a display. But they are short lived and the originals are disappearing. But we now have some self sown ones that look very nice.

Nice to have something to remember your dad by. I still have my dad, although he lives in the U.S. and comes to visit once a year. But I think about all the things that will remind me of him when he's gone. There's so much! He's a sun lover and I have photos of him in our garden in the very last spot to get the last of the afternoon sun.

DayByDay4-2Day said...

daffodils are my favorite flower.

Ginnie said...

Your post makes me realize how very far we are from each other. We, in North Carolina in the States, are broiling and will soon be heading for Fall. Isn't it wonderful that we can communicate like this?

PEA said...

All your flowers are gorgeous...so strange for me to see spring flowers right now, though! lol I especially love the bluebells and how wonderful that they are attached to a memory of your dayd:-)

Garden girl said...

you r flowers are just stunning! what a nice blog you have!

miss*R said...

you know, I could have sworn I commented here, but never mind! I did see the wattle tree & it is gorgeous. You have bees? ooh fun, do you collect your own honey? I have flowers that remind me of my dad too - one is just about to bloom - the rock orchid that he found at my uncles property.

Lee-ann - thankyou from the bottom of my heart for your continuing friendship - through my good times as well as my bad xo
you have a lovely soul xo

Dotee said...

What gorgeous flowers Lee-Ann! There is something so happy and life affirming about a wattle tree in bloom!
And your daffodils are so good for the soul.
Am so happy that you have bluebells planted by your dad and your husband. Such a lovely remembrance of him.

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

greetings Lee-Ann, this is my first ever visit to your blog....I am trying to hop about and wow, I was glad I stopped in (you know, clicking on a comment gets you all sorts of new places). I am ever so envious of those with gardens and the ability to attend to them properly. how lovely. and your sweet words about family and your parents and your mothers china painting....your blog is like a warm and welcoming hug. I will return.

Morning Glory said...

What a beautiful sight to see spring flowers just as we begin to enter the autumn season. Your pictures are so pretty, LeeAnn.

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