Thursday, August 03, 2006

Try not to smile! while I write this thankyou!

How lovely and a lot of fun my goddess parcel is from Gina thank you so much Gina. As you can see while Rob is out tonight I am playing with all the lovely items to be found in this dear little white basket.

It is a bit horrid looking at the photo of a mask doing its think! :o) and trying not to smile is a problem to me as I do it almost all the time.............but it is a lot of fun and I thank you Gina for all the great pieces and tonight I feel like a goddess for sure.

We swapped our parcels here over lunch with our husbands here too, I think we all look forward to many more visits with each other and lots more chats about collections that is for sure.

Now! MY FACE FEELS WONDERFUL! but I better wash it off and see the results :o) more goddess looking I am sure!


Gina E. said...

ROFLMAO!!! Gosh you are game Lee-ann! I couldn't put a photo of myself like that on a blog for all the world to see - my friends would never let me live it down!! But I'm glad you are having fun with all the goodies.

Lee-ann said... lol lol just call me crazy!

Sue said...

You are the brave one to post that pic!
I love your sense of humor and your smile...

Tammy said...

oh what fun!!
I've often wished I could get together with all my blog buddies for a big ol' girls night in...wouldn't that be fun???

PEA said...

Goddess LeeAnn...yup, has a nice ring to it!! hehe What a wonderful basket of goodies and what fun that you two were able to swap in person!! Great!! Love the ummm...picture of you becoming a goddess!! LOL

Janet said...

How lucky you are! All those goodies look fantastic. The photo is a sure sign that you're a fun person! I love all those facial concoctions....they make my face feel so smooth when I'm finished.

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

LOL. Wonderful photo! Now how did it feel afterwards? I have some mud stuff in my drawer that you`ve reminded me about. I just might use it. I don`t think I`m brave enough to put my mug up with it though LOL
Thanks for visiting my blog :)


Chappyswife said...

Oh, that's funny! The things we do for beauty!

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