Monday, September 04, 2006


Memories on this Monday.
This is my great grandmother Bertha Louisa Russell.
She lived in Mannum on the murry river, but she grew up in Truro in the Barrossa valley.
When Great grandpa and her decided to move to Mannum on the murry they put their humble little timber home on the back of a Bullock dray and shipped it walking overland to were they wanted to live.
I can remember her and how she always wore a hair net over her long hair pinned into a little bun at the back of her head.
She sits here infront of my grandmothers beautiful orange tree.
My mother will tell anyone about her very favourite memory of her grandmother this wonderful lady and that was she made "THE BEST" pasties in her wood stove and always had them hot and ready to eat when my mother would arrive at her door as a little girl.
Great grandma happy birthday on September the 6th dear great gran & my sister too on the same day This is my great grandmother holding my little sister Julie born on our great grans birthday 6th September - what a lovely memory to share with my sister their birthdays on the same day.
I am the one standing beside her in this picture with our cousin Steven.
She loved children very much and looked after us lots until her death at 73 years old. She was a little lady but ruled the family until she passed away.
I remember one other memory too she never let any of us run up the passage of her home and into her dinning room, and you know what my grandmother who lived right next door to great gran was the very same never liked us "up the passage" of her home..............It is a family joke and we all tried to do it every time we were there.
thank you "flip flop floozie" Sandy for telling me about this great idear.


BooMama said...

I love reading and hearing about people's families - thanks for sharing yours with us. Those old photographs are a real treasure...

Janet said...

Stories like this are so enjoyable. Just the simple things in life....that's what we all remember. Thank you for sharing part of your family with us.

Jeanette said...

Another lovely story on your family
and those lovely old photo's are a treasure thank you for sharing with us

Sue said...

What a great story LeeAnn. I think true family stories make some of the best blog posts..

Nicole said...

How lovely! You tell such wonderful stories Lee-ann. Thankyou for sharing the corners of your life with us, you are a sweet heart. Happy spring to you! Much love, Nicole xox.

Puss-in-Boots said...

What an interesting post. Thanks for the idea, I may do that too some time in the future. I'm working all this week full time in the city. Groan!

Hugs to you

Val said...

Yet another wonderful family post, Lee-Ann! I must finish the one I'm doing of my grandmother, you've got me thinking about that again.

I got a kick out of the family no-no: no running up the passage, and smiled as I thought of you all "trying it on"!

miss*R said...

I loved reading this! ahh - those wood stoves and the food that came out of them - I remember well. Those little old ladies - the matricarchs of the family! I guess we will be in there shoes oneday xox

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Lee-Ann what a nice article. See this way we get to know some things about each other and our families..don't you like this idea? I think it is great!!

Chappyswife said...

What special memories, and you know I love the pictures! You are just adorable in this one. I am glad you shared them with us!

PEA said...

I'm catching up with my friends' posts and it figures Blogger is being a pain where leaving comments is concerned! I'll try this again!! Loved your Father's Day tribute post, so very touching and loved the pictures too!! I've also thoroughly enjoyed reading this post about your great grandma...wonderful memories!!! Hugs xoxo

Shelley said...

Thank you for sharing your family!

Patty said...

What a delightful story of your memories.

Kara Bird said...

Monday memories! What a clever idea. I like it. :)

DellaB said...

"This is my great grandmother Bertha Louisa Russell."

Small world isn't it... My grandmother's (mother's mother) maiden name was Russell... with exactly that spelling which is a bit unusual - I believe the family came from Yamba in NSW, where my mother was born. We haven't done any research yet, Noel is the genealogist here, and he keeps promising to look for me.

My sister's son is called Russell.

tam said...

Thank you SO much for coming to my site and visiting must have been a 1950's search!!!

I too LOVE the SAME vintage period that you do...the photos of your home and garden are just lovely!

I am delighted to have had this visit!

Your memoirs of your family are so sweet, and so full of love...I bet you are a terrific gran!

I'll be back for sure!

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