Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bee's looking for a new home!!

Today is a "show and tell" day at this humble little cottage in central Victoria Australia.
This is one of the reasons We are fond of were we live. :o) you just never know what is going to happen at your house! and It puts a smile on your face each day.
This week my husband and I came home to some welcome visitors (well kinda!) you see this is the season for the hives we have to divide and half of them move on, make a new home and produce a Queen......and life for a bee goes on.
Well this week I (as you know we are slowly renovating) went rushing into the bathroom with fresh linen only to find a room full of bees, I got out of there real quick and then hubby rushed in got the window open and then we waited! and waited! and waited some more. You see I think they liked the idear of making a home in our little bathroom but in the end lucky for us they decided an apartment with more room would be best and so they all took off to find their ideal home.
Lucky because I truly needed to use the bathroom! :o)
The pictures are just some of my vintage collection of honey jugs.
Our beehives are very busy now, we have two beehives in our garden and they LOVE! the flowers and the fruit trees and we love what the bees can do for us.
so we are a happy family at this little cottage! Bees and all!
This is my Sunday........Blessings to all.


Abandoned in Pasadena said...

Lee Ann...this was a very nice Sunday Blessing and I did like the story of the bees in your bathroom. Made me laugh about them moving on to a bigger apartment. *LOL*

Thanks for your nice comment over at my little neck of the woods and I do hope that you get a kitty soon. They are really quite lovable, but don't like change once you've gotten them used to something. I also get a kick out of reading other bloggers comments and lots of times the comments are much funnier and more interesting than the post itself.

Sue said...

That was funny about the bees in the bathroom. I enjoyed seeing all your different bee pottery!
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-Ann
Glad you got the bees outside in a hurry you might have had an accident (lol)nothing
like fresh honey from the hives and i love your little bee pottery. Take care

Anonymous said...

Oops, could have been disastrous in an emergency!

Thanks for the Sunday blessing and I hope your renovations are going well.

Talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee-ann, What fun Bees n the bathroom!! Glad it turned out OK and in time ! Love your collection and the lovely jugs in previous post. Thank you so much for your kind words on
my blog. Take care my friend, Love,

Anonymous said...

I like you're collection. It's very pretty. Glad the bees moved on. Have a happy day.

Tammy said...

I love honey, your honey jugs, your blog and YOU!!
You are a sweetie!!
Have a great day!

Lisa said...

Goodness...glad you got the bee to move on! I can understand why they'd want to stay, though. :) Love your pottery.

AnnieElf said...

What a lovely collection. The green citrus squeezer is just the best. Your bee story reminded me of Jeremy's story (over at Peake-o-matic). You had much more success than he at getting rid of the bees.

Connie and Rob said...

Oh my I would have been hysterical. Bee's and I don't get along at all. You and your hubby did a wonderful job of being patient and handling that job. If it had been me the whole poor place would have heard me

Lovely pictures.
Take care,

Morning Glory said...

It was lovely to catch up on your postings since I was gone. I just love the things you collect and that you show us pictures of them.

The bees -- well, that wouldn't be very fun. I'm glad they flew away so you could use the facilities.

PEA said...

Well, I can't say I've ever had a swarm of bees in my bathroom! lol Oh my goodness, I can't even imagine it!! I would have run a mile! lol Glad they decided not to put up residence in your bathroom! I had no idea you had bee very interesting!! Love your collection of "bee" SIL collects anything with bees too:-) Hugs xox

slap me happy said...

I am scared of Bee's and terrified of wasp's so my new toilet would be a tree out back lol, take care for now

Kerri said...

Lee-ann, I'm so sorry to hear your were ill. Sounds like you had a bad dose of a very nasty bug. I'm without much voice at the moment and coughing, so I can empathize, although not nearly as bad as you were by the sound of things.
Glad the bees finally vacated the bathroom so that you could use it :)
Made for a funny story :)

Meow said...

I just love all your bee and honey jugs .. they are so cute. Glad the bees removed themselves from your bathroom ... could have been messy !!
Take care, Meow

Connie and Rob said...

Everything just looks beautiful. You certainly have wonderful talent.

Take care,

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