Tuesday, January 02, 2007

O! look Our Christmas gifts from our children & grandchildren

o! yes two bikes!!!
One for hubby and one for me. what a great surprise that was and what a lot of fun we are having making out we are very skilled and know what we are doing. :o) O! and young again lol lol lol!
but this grandfather and grandmother of eight are just loving to have a little summer fun! on our new bikes.
Hubby looks like a bush ranger on his smart racer grey bike (goes beautifully with his beard!) well at least he thinks he is it and a bit! lol lol lol (I think he is trying hard anyway)
And look at this poor specimen of a bike rider! yep! that's me a Nanni of eight trying to look the part. Well family I am having a great time and we are having a good laugh on the way!
believe it or not this is my very first bike and I guess better late then never!! thank you so! so! much to our children and grandchildren. this lovely geared racer in lavender purple is just the ticket for such a lot of fun!
I can tell you my legs hurt and my bottom!!! well the less said the better lol lol lol! :o) but it is the best feeling ridding along chatting and watching the world go by at a slow pace!

Yep! We were thrilled and over the moon to think our family knew us this well and loved us this much and cared about us lots and lots to give us such wonderful gifts that are changing our lives, we now are looking forward to many bike rides together and plan them every night.

This is the beginning of a new year and it is to be filled with happy joyful moments in this pear tree cottage home!!

I wish all my dear blogger friends much happiness for the new year.

thank you to all for visiting us here! - this is our Tuesday 2/1/07


Connie said...

How fun...You both look like you are style for sure with those cool bikes. Love your purple one.

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas with your family. All the best to you in 2007.

Happy New Year!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

This makes my legs and my bottom just scream!! I am so happy for the both of you though. Gives you time together!! I showed my hubby and he said..Can you drive an RV there? I said...Hm, I don't think so!! I told him that you had invited us anytime!! Wish you were closer we would come!! Have a great time especially with that purple (my favorite color) bike..smile.

Merle said...

Hi Lee-ann ~~ What a lovely surprise
Christmas gift you and your husband
received from the family. I hope you will both enjoy your rides together,
and the exercise will be good for you too. Thanks for your comments, glad you enjoy the jokes. Take care, Love,

East of Oregon said...

What a super gift!! Enjoy! :)

Petunia's Gardener said...

Very nice! And some much easier to ride the Christmas bikes in your summer than those who receive them in the Christmas winters!
Have fun.

AnnieElf said...

what a blast you will have. happy biking.

Janet said...

That's fantastic! What great gifts to receive from loved ones because it shows they care about your health and your fun. Have a good time riding them and enjoying the slow moving scenery.

Susie said...

You'll have such fun, and after a while it won't hurt! Think of all the fun rides you can take and share with all of us!!

Peggy said...

now you make me feel guilty for not getting my bike out! Have fun!

rhea_becker said...

Biking is great. I rediscovered it about 3 years ago. I loved it as a kid and now I'm 48. Have a blast!
The Boomer Chronicles

Morning Glory said...

You both look like pros! Love the pictures of you two and the new bikes are awesome. It makes my achey just thinking about adapting to a bicycle seat, though. :)

Mrs. Mac said...

What a great Christmas gift for you and hubby. Just popping by to say hi from the state of Idaho, USA. Happy New Year!

Alice said...

What fantastic fun you will have on those bikes - when the muscles become attuned, that is ...lol.

Wonderful presents from a very loving family. Such joy.

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