Friday, February 16, 2007

Dear Friends guess were we are going? :o)

Ok! do you know yet?
My darling decided we needed a Day or two some place special.
Some place by the sea.
and some place were our memories bring back good times from our past .

So take a guess! were do you think we are going?
I will enjoy the moment and promise to have camera in hand.
Lucky our son and his two little munchkins will be here to look after our dog makita and our garden too.
See you all in a couple of days.
My darling! Sunshine! swimming & seafood! what more does this girl need :o) right!!!!
This is a lucky lady on this her Lovely.................Friday.


Susie said...

Sounds like my kind of getaway! Have a fabulous time and please take lots of pictures. I had a tiny taste of the ocean yesterday!

Wildflower Cabin said...

Have a wonderful time and come back feeling refreshed. Is this an anniversary trip or a 'just because' trip? Whatever the reason, I hope you enjoy every moment. Will be looking forward to seeing photos!

Morning Glory said...

I hope you have a perfectly wonderful time! Bring us some pictures.

Shop girl said...

I am a newby...I love your pictures and when the music came on I almost cried...Have a wonderful time...Mary

PEA said...

Ooooh you lucky gal!! Have a simply marvellous time and I look forward to seeing pictures from your trip when you get back:-) Hugs xoxo

Jeanette said...

Have a great few days could it be "Oceon Grove" I see the coast line.

Connie said...

Wherever you are going those photos show me it is going to be lovely. Enjoy yourself and please take lots of pictures. Be careful.


Dawn said...

Thank you so much for stopping by yesterday for a "chin wag" (I love that mental image!). I'll post a bit of an update today.

Have a lovely week-end. It is hard to believe it's been a week since we had a mountain ski week-end getaway with our son and his wife. You can see pics about that on last Sunday's post.

Come back soon!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Oh Lee-Ann have a wonderful, wonderful time!! I envy you of course but you deserve this time away!!! Be looking for pictures. sandy

Kentucky Gal said...

Just torment us already...hehe!!
Looks like a great place!!

Barb said...

Between you and Susie, I'm about to lose it, I'm so envious. Lucky, lucky you and yes, do take some gorgeous photos to come back and taunt me with. **sigh**

Connie said...

Hi there it is me again...Just wanted to mention I think I saw you on the Vintage Swap site. Maybe we will get lucky and get each other's name...Okay sorry...
Go enjoy yourself.


Alison said...

Have a great time.I love the water. Think of us all here in front of our computer screens having a little dream. Maybe we all should go away for a few days!!

Alice said...

Anywhere along The Great Ocean Road is pretty special, although the last time we were at Peterborough you couldn't see the water from the road because of heavy rain.

I hope you are both having a very romantic and wonderful weekend. Seems like the place to be with Victoria's current high temps.

Peggy said...

Hope you are having a wonderful time! Can't wait to hear all about it and see photos.

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