Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A big Hello! and a drive around my country town

Hello my blogger friends I am so pleased to say my husband has gone back to work today and has been the sickest with this virus I have ever seen him and at times the doctor was sure he would end up in hospital..............but thank goodness he is just now very tired but gone to work today to see just what all our young carpenters are up to. Me giving directions by phone has been a task I was happy to hand back to Rob today.
I am so pleased to be back blogging again now and will be taking a wonderful trip around the world tonight to visit you all.
I am sure there is great sadness on the blogs tonight with the news of the shootings and my heart goes out to their families and friends and I pray you and all your loved ones are safe.
To get back into blogging I thought a simple look around the streets of my home town "Malmsbury" would be interesting to you all and so I drove today from spot to spot taking photos of places and spots I just love.
The sun was shining and Autumn fills the air but so many lovely spots to show you I hope you have a moment to look at all the photos here today.

The sign leading you into our little town, it is a rather small country town but we like it here.
This is our main street in fact it is our only shopping street and we do not have a supermarket just a corner store and a few other little shops.

Autumn (fall) has reached our gardens here now, this is a photo I took today in the Malmsbury gardens.

Remember this is old farm country so there are many sights like this old barn and this one is right in the main street of our town too!

This is a beautiful but not used now corner building that was a place to rest a weary head should you need but now it just sits waiting for someone to love it again.

This is the entrance to our cemetery it has some beautiful huge trees and many original pioneers of this area are here I wonder what they would think of the town now.

Saint Johns church a beautiful blue stone building in the 1800's and from our very famous local blue stone
A picture of a thousand words but while it is a beautiful scene under the huge trees around here it shows us that there is very little water left in the reservoir in fact it could run out in just a few short months that is if no rain comes between now and then.

The road leading into the town and if you look carefully it goes up the other side again a bit like a sideshow ride were I live.

This wonderful and skillful work is the via duct over the now dry river and there are some 8 arches all made from blue stone and built during the depression the work is so well done and it stands as a reminder of the skills of those men who had very little in the way of tools and machinery. This is part of our Heritage here.

Our railway station built in the same blue stone we are famous for here in Malmsbury in fact many of Melbourne's oldest buildings built in blue stone you would find stated their lives in the earth here until it was dug up and used to build buildings like this rail station.

This is the entrance to our gardens (malmsbury gardens) not mine! and the large pond in the middle is now dried up and the ducks are not happy however any time of the day you can see families taking a break from their long road trips in our park, children on swings and parents enjoying the sunshine and a picnic.

I see I have some meme's to do and will get right to them (see says with a smile) very soon thanks to those who sent them to me.

I look forward tonight to go and look and to catch up on all your blogs tonight but just want to thank you all here so so much for your friendship and kindness in the past couple of weeks with first me then Rob being rather sick.

This is my Wednesday......I hope you can enjoy yours its on it's way.


Miss Eagle said...

I have enjoyed seeing your hometown, Leeanne. I have only been in Victoria for two and a half years so I haven't seen your neck of the woods yet. So this is a sort of orientation for the day I do get there. Hope you are considering whether you can come down on Sunday 29. Looking forward to seeing you then

Blessings and bliss
and hope you both stay well

Melli said...

What a nifty little tour! I love these little coffee break vacations! Malmsbury looks like a quaint little town. (probably bigger than the impression I get - but...) The St. John's church is beautiful!!! It is still odd to me that you are going into Autumn now.... I'm almost 50 years old - but that fact still amazes me! LOL!

So glad that Rob is feeling better ... that flu sure seems to be widespread! There's a lot of it here in the U.S. too!

Val said...

Hi Lee-Ann, good to have you back!

Even though I know Malmsbury very well, it is fun to see it through your eyes.

You may not have a supermarket but you have a bakery that makes the BEST steak and kidney pies!

To get to our place we turn off the highway at the corner where that rather forlorn looking building is, and over the years we've always wondered about its history and the people who most recently stayed there. I'd be interested to know about the beautiful building between that one and the railway station.

The empty reservoir and botanical gardens lake make us very sad each time we see them. But we always take our pies to the park and have lunch there. There are some very aggressive ducks and geese!

Penless Thoughts said...

Thank you for this guided tour. What a blessing to sit here in Oklahoma at 7:15 in the morning and be guided around your area so far away and with you as the tour guide. Delightful:o)

Janet said...

I loved taking a tour of your town. That corner building (empty) looks fantastic! I would love to see someone do something with it. I always hate to see older buildings left empty to just sit and crumble away.
The lack of water in the reservoir is scary! I do hope you get rain soon. We haven't had much rain here in Southern California since last July.
The photo of the church is like something from a pretty and quaint.
Thanks for the mini-vacation this morning.


Lee-Ann, Thank for visiting me in Texas. I so enjoyed meeting you. I have enjoyed my visit around your hometown. You grandchildren are wonderful. I will pray for rain. See you later, connie from Texas

Susie said...

Hi LeeAnn,
What wonderful news that Rob is feeling better. How worried you must have been.
Thank you for all the wonderful pictures of your town. I feel like we've just been on a tour together. Wish that could really happen sometime!
Still praying for rain for you..

Morning Glory said...

That was a really special tour, indeed. I loved seeing where you live and your town looks like the kind I would enjoy. The pictures are wonderful.

I'm glad you're both over the sickness and back to life again.

Peggy said...

I enjoyed my visit around your town! I am also very happy you are back blogging. The blog neighborhood has been lonely without you.

smilnsigh said...

So happy that your husband has recovered and is able to go back to work. But I hope he will continue to get lots and lots of rest.


AnnieElf said...

I so enjoyed seeing your hometown. I especially like clicking on the picture and see the words praising Jesus popping up on the side of the building.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Lee-Ann, I am so happy to see you back and even happier that Rob is so much better now. I know how it is when you hubby is sick. You just wish that YOU could be sick instead!! I hate it when Mike is sick!! I loved the trip through your city. I should do that sometime. Great idea. I was so upset when I saw how much water you dont have!! GRACIOUS!! We are heading for a drought here in Ga too but not like what you are experiencing!! That is just awful!! Man!! Take care. Sandy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for my trip around your town. It looks lovely there. There is nothing so beautiful than the old churches. Love that steeple.

So happy your husband is feeling better. He must have the best nurse!

Take care,

Maggie Ann said...

Good Morning Lee Ann! I enjoyed the tour of your town and visiting your lovely blog...and it is such a pleasant place to visit! Congratulations on your first blog anniversary! Isn't blogging just such a blessing too. I didn't know I had left the first comment when you started your blog...=) I saw in your profile you enjoy the Amish author do I. I love a good wholesome book. Well, I must rush off...thank you for the lovely comment you left me for this morning and I wish you many years of happy blogging to come. Come back & visit me when you can ...have a great day! Maggie

smilnsigh said...

I hope your flu will be all gone soon. I thought yours was, but you mentioned it, in a comment in my blog. Perhaps you meant, that you were still very tired from it. I can see that.

I hope you too, get lots of rest for a while. Let your bodies catch up, from all that fighting off of nasty bugs. :-)


Alice said...

Lee-ann - I loved the little 'travelogue' of Malmsbury. Sad to see it so dry still. I especially love the small country towns of Victoria - I guess that State will always feel like home to me.

I hope you are getting some of that forecast rain.

I'm sorry to read that your husband has been so ill, but pleased that at last he is on the road to recovery. I'm sure your wonderful and loving nursing helped.

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