Thursday, August 23, 2007

The special days just keep coming :)

A day with happy grandchildren is a very special day for sure.
Yesterday I went down to Melbourne to be with my daughter Amanda and her two darlings after school and kinder and we decided a trip to the heated pool would be great fun.
So Amanda and I had time before picking up the children to do something we simply never have time to do and that is go and have a coffee at a coffee shop now Amanda is due to have their third in Nov, so it was decaf all round and a good chat about who is doing what and which lucky Auntie is heading to Egypt on Monday and it was so nice to catch up just the two of us.
Then we went first to the school to pick up "Mr J" the smile on his face when he looked up to see it was Nanni there too was a true melting moment.
Then out to get "miss F" and how excited was she too! my gosh I got the biggest cuddle, little arms wrapped around you............O! the joy.
So out to the pool we go, below are a very lovely couple of hours in photos and then a very special thing happened............:)

Nanni with "Miss F" and the best swimmer I know "Mr J" in the blue water of the pool.

"Miss F" is a charm even dripping wet.

oop's your OK! "Miss F" mummy is here.

THEN guess what happened..........................such excitement "Mr J" lost his first tooth right there in the pool it was wiggling for a few days and today it decided to come out well we wrapped it for him to take home all excited that the tooth fairy would be making a visit to his house that very night.

So for all my friends and my mother, and his Aunties around Australia

"Look no tooth"

And the tradition in this family is the tooth fairies love to come to your room late at night and they all love to fish so we put the tooth in a glass of water and in the middle of the night the tooth fairies will bring their fishing rods and sit on the side of the glass and fish out the tooth and leave behind (Mr J told us he was told at school the amount!) some money a whole $2.00.
There is nothing more special then the love of a grandchild or the joy of watching them grow and them sharing their every day with you.

This was my Wednesday!
It is now Thursday in Australia may your day be filled with joy!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Wed. night...What a great day you had!! It is so fun to have your grandkids so happy to see you!! What a joy!! When is your new grandbaby due? I cannot keep up!! You look like you were all having a lot of fun!! It has been so unbearably HOT here!! AWFUL!! We are ready for it to cool off but i am not sure it is going to happen anytime soon. Blessings to you and your hubby..Sandy

T*mmy said...

So full of grandson lost his first this past spring and has lost 4 total this year now!! He always calls and says How much ya gonna give me this time Nanny??

PEA said...

What a wonderful time you had with your daughter and grandkids:-) Loved all the pictures! I found your tooth fairy story so fascinating, I'd never heard that they like fishing! lol We just always put the tooth under the pillow:-) I find it so funny how much kids expect to find now...I remember being excited at .25! hehe xoxo

Susie said...

What a delightful day to spend with you grands!
Isn't it wonderful to see the joy on their faces when they see you're there to visit!
And aren't you the lucky one to be expecting #9 in just a few months :)
Our grands each have a toothfairy pillow that has a little pocket to hold the tooth. I think the going rate here is about $2.00 now.
Loved the fairy fishing story.

Penless Thoughts said...

I agree with your comments about the grands. We picked up our grandson after school today and brought him to our home and then to church with us. He is such a joy.

Looks like you and your had a grand time. I'd never heard of the tooth fairy fishing. Very cute!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Isn't it fun being with the grandchildren, Lee-Ann, although you don't look old enough to have grandchildren!

Bless his little heart, the first too for the Tooth cute!

Enjoy your grandies, they are so precious!

Alice said...

How right you are, Lee-ann. Grandchildren make us do things we never thought we would.

I remember how surprised I was at seeing my father with my children. I had never seen him respond to my younger siblings in the same way that he did with my children. Of course, he had a bit more time to relax and spend with the grandchildren than he did with his own children.

Anonymous said...

Those kids including your daughter are beautiful. Hope that fairy is very good to your little grandson.

Take care,

Isabelle said...

Lovely pictures and a wonderful sunny post as usual.

Kerri said...

Oh what fun for Grandma LeeAnn and those dear little grandchildren! The pictures are wonderful. Gosh I hope the tooth fairy can keep up with inflation! LOL
Kids get big bucks for their teeth these days!
I've enjoyed catching up with all your doings. Yes, grandchildren are the biggest blessing of all!
I hope your daughter has an easy time with the expected new grandchild's birth.
Lucky you to be getting a ninth little one :)

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