Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Thanks to a dear lady who has a great blog page called the thrifty blogger.
I have been tagged to tell you ten things I love and ten things I hate! Mmmmmm ok!
10 things I truly LOVE...
I love my family and adore my Husband who is my best friend.
I love to collect China and kitchenalia in fact I cannot stop myself, our everyday is all old world pieces even my pegs are wooden (can you believe that!)
I love moose's yes! that is right! I have only ever seen one alive but watched Northern Exposure just to see it at the beginning of every show.
I love the old ways of doing things I do not own a microwave wish I still had my wood stove....that leads me to number.
I cook from a very vintage collection of cooking books that go back some over 100 years O! yes I love them.
I love VERY MUCH! that we are grandparents to 9 little ones now each different but all treasures.
I love making new friends and treasure their friendship.
I LOVE our cottage and the vegetable garden and the bee hives and the fruit trees and the roses but if I had to give it all up to help another in our family I would.
I love dark chocolate and if it is coating Licorice all the better my friends.
I love vintage white sheets fresh from the clothes line on a warm summers day.

AND 10 Things I HATE..
I (right at the top of this list) hate vampire movies.
I hate capers in salad.
I hate it when people know I am deaf and they think yelling at me will fix everything.
I hate that the elm leaf beetles are killing our trees and there is just so much we can do to try to save them.
I HATE that there are so many lost souls on this earth and that too many are children.
I hate to see animals killed on the highways like kangaroos and possums.
I hate the fact that I cannot see ALL our grandchildren every day.
I Do hate the Television "just left on" as some do even if they are not watching it.
I hate that I cannot water my garden as we are on water restrictions here in Australia.
And I hate that I often start several jobs during a day home and finish none!

Thank you I am sure none of that was very interesting to you all but thanks for reading it anyway.

I now would just like to add a little note of help please.

If you have a moment or two could you please say a little prayer for my brother who came of a roof today he was building and as he did he tried to stop his fall grabbing the side of the iron on the roof and as he fell he ripped of three of his fingers and is in hospital at the moment having them placed back on his hand and skin replaced.

We have been told it looks bad and he may loose one finger it is so badly damaged

We are waiting for news at the moment the operation so far has taken almost three hours.

I pray for Simon and his family

Thank you to all my dear blogger friends.



The Thrifty Blogger said...

Aww wow! Prayers are sent for your brother, I hope all his fingers will be ok. Ouch that hurts just thinking about it. Poor guy!

That's a very interesting meme, and thanks for doing it. What are pegs though? I don't own a microwave either, I did, but I gave it away when it was nearly new! I use some old graniteware pans to cook with. You should post some of your old recipes, that would be fun!

Dark chocolate over licorice? Sounds yummy! I love hanging clothes on the line too.

It's extremely hard to imagine a kangaroo hopping around here and getting hit by a car. (lol)

Do you have deer there running around that get hit too? I once had a possum in my kitchen! A little bitty baby one, lol, he came in through the cat's trap door, and when he saw me he ran right back out it lol. He was so cute, wish I could have gotten a picture. The cat lost his trap door that day. I had just returned from camping for a week too, so I'm guessing in that week the possum had some fun inside my house! lol

Nine grandchildren-wow you are blessed! I have one and when I can't see her for a day I have withdrawal pangs lol. :)

Alice said...

Thank you for visiting me yesterday and leaving such a sweet and positive comment in my blog. And I'm so happy to visit you here to see your beautiful family and all your pretty vintage dishes.

I will certainly say a prayer for your brother Simon, that he may keep all his fingers and maintain good use of his hand.

Penless Thoughts said...

Praying for Simon and will continue. Please bring us an update when you can.

Loved reading your meme. I loved learning so much more about you and now I know why I liked you so much from the beginnins!!! I think you and I would be great friends in "real" life, too. (Except I could not do without my microwave!!!)


Penless Thoughts said...

Praying for Simon and will continue. Please bring us an update when you can.

Loved reading your meme. I loved learning so much more about you and now I know why I liked you so much from the beginnins!!! I think you and I would be great friends in "real" life, too. (Except I could not do without my microwave!!!)


Susie said...

Dear Lee-Ann,
I always enjoy memes as it helps me know my blogging friends a bit better.
I've never heard of chocolate over licorice!
I'll keep your brother Simon in my prayers. You must be terribly worried..

Melli said...

Well! I certainly learned a couple of things! I did NOT know you were deaf!!! And I have never heard of chocolate covered licorice! Red or black? I certainly DO agree with you on the white cotton sheets fresh off the line though. And I will pray for your brother.

Janet said...

Oh my goodness, Lee-Ann! Your brother (and you) will most definitely be in my thoughts. What a terrible accident. I do hope they're able to save his fingers.

Your meme was not boring at all. I loved reading it and learning little tid-bits of information about you.

e-Mom said...

You have a lovely blog. And your bowl of fruit signature icon is gorgeous! Did you take that shot?

Nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by my place today.

Blessings, e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Gina E. said...

Dear LeeAnn, what a shocking accident..the repercussions for his work will be worrying him now, not to mention the pain...I do hope and pray his surgeons can work a little miracle and restore some semblance of use to his hand and fingers.

Gina E. said...

As for the meme thingy - your answers were fascinating for me - again I found so many instances where we are twin souls - LOL!

smilnsigh said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear of this terrible accident! It makes what happened to my husband, pale in comparison.

Best wishes that he has the best possible outcome.


smilnsigh said...

3. You watched Northern Exposure! Well, even if you really watched it, to see the moose wander down the street... Still... :-) We loved that series!

8. How could you help but love your cottage. You are so lucky to live in a cottage.

3. Ahhh Hon, I'm deaf, in the middle range, just like my mother was. And it's a trial, I know.

8. I too hate to have a tv left on. Yish. It's wasting energy, for heaven's sakes!

10. Tee,hee,hee... Methinks we are twins, separated at birth. Me too. Well, at least a variation on this. I go to do one thing. Before I get into it, I remember 2 other things, which I 'have to' do first. So off I go to do them. During which, I think of more things which I 'have to' do. And needless to say, who knows when I get back to the first thing. Yish



Hootin' Anni said...

#3 and 10....[I've been very near moose in the mountains, and they sound funny....almost feminine like when the 'call'!!] ---and, nothing can beat the fresh fragrance of sheets dried in the sun!!!!

And #9 on your 'hate' list...boy, I've been to several bloggers that are Aussie, and you people must really be having a sever drought, huh? Let's all pray for some rain!!!!

Linds said...

I will be praying for your brother too. What a dreadful accident.

Great list! I also hate vampire type movies. And I love old things, and would love a wooden stove!

Joyce said...

Hey there!
I wrote the nicest long comment and then we had a storm here and my comp went down and I lost it! UGH! I read your post earlier today and I loved your site. It's soooo interesting. I WAS so heart sick to read about what happened to your brother and will pray for him. Good grief! What a thing to have happen.
I appreciate your mighty kind words you left on my blog. It was so sweet of you.
I love that you all have such wonderful fruit trees but am sad they can't be watered. Lord SEND some rain please!
I will have to pull up a map and see exactly where you all are at incase I come to visit one day. HA!
We have missionary friends that just moved to Nauru that we love dearly.....but I am not sure I want to go visit there. HA! They were in the Solomon's for many years....maybe they will meet us in Australia.
I will be checking back in on you and seeing how Simon is and your sweet little family!
Be blessed.....

Sandy said...

I loved reading this meme about the ten things you love & another ten that you hate. It was very interesting and I felt like I got to know a little bit about you.

I hope that your brother is recovering nicely. Being a motorbike rider myself, I know how he feels about the prospect of not having his fingers. My prayers are with him.

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