Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Spring is Juuuuust! about here "yipee!"


Spring yes how wonderful it is trying ever so hard to peak through the clouds to let us know she is on her way.
This morning I's like a feeling you have. When I walked with my husband to his work van to see him off to work, it feels much warmer and lighter of course.
The days are getting longer and the birds are testing their songs. We noticed the fairy wrens are returning and its great to know they have come home to the same spot they do every year, Their nest in the little weeping tree outside our office door.
The rain is still falling but it is not that bitter cold times we have had, but now spring rain is falling right now as we speak.
But its also the garden were you notice it the best, The spring bulbs are getting ready to burst into flower with their purples and yellows and a few Reds. Then there are the weeds popping up they would like to take over I am sure, but I am going to try and get them before they get me this year. With the rain we have had in the past month or two they are I am sure going to be stronger this year.
The vegetable garden, as sad as it looks, is going to be dug over for the summer vegetables to go in, as soon as we are sure the frost is gone we will pop in tomatoes as well as the rest. There is nothing like fresh salad from your garden in the summer months.
Inside my home too it feels like spring is almost here, I think it is the colour I like to put out and the need to display my vegetables and fruits in bowls again. For me it must be my internal clock taking over knowing winter is almost gone. I have cleaned and polished almost as much as I can, in a home that I am sure will never have it's renovations finished after these long years.
Here is some beautiful irises I got from my boss & my friend this week, they bring a little of spring into the lounge room.

On the 4th of September is our Daffodil festival and it always! shows us that spring has arrived. People of the town get out and about more, they are again happy to stand in the streets and chat with a friend, not bundled up in those heavy coats, but out enjoying the festivals great events.
I will share some more of spring with you as the days grow longer here in Australia, but until then may your day be filled with the happiness of life.


Peggy said...

as you look for signs of spring I am looking for signs of fall. I am a cold weather gal and hate this heat! Have a great week!

Puss-in-Boots said...

I must admit today was warmer and it felt as if summer wasn't too far away. It's been really cold in Qld this winter, one morning we had -3C and mostly 1 & 2 degrees. Most unusual for a subtropical area.

Your irises are beautiful, what a lovely thing for your boss to do.

Annie said...

Spring is always to filled with hope and expectation but we are approaching Fall now and I must admit, I am so ready for it. And then after that, the sleep of Winter.

Your tomatoes look luscious Lee-ann.

linda may said...

G'Day, Ta for the comments. I can see your hubby wandering around like Madonna with the headset.
But really I think I may never get this computer stuff down pat.
I am keeping watch eagerly for the signs of spring here to develop into the real thing. It is starting! Wheeeee.

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-ann, Thank you for your lovely comment on my sisters 50anniversary, my Al passed away suddenly a couple of months past our 45th anniversary.
its been bitterly cold here with icy winds very little rain yesterday we had the high in state16c then downn to -1c...oh im looking forward to warmer days ahead..

Flip Flop Floozie said...

So funny to think that you are looking for Spring to come!! We are just finishing up Summer here but it seems here in Georgia that is it always summer!! Always hot!! We are getting some of the rain from the hurricane Fay that hit Fla. I hope that is all that we get too.


Penless Thoughts said...

It's so wonderful God gives us seasons. I don't think I'd like living somewhere where they didn't have them. We here are looking forward to fall!!!!

Mountain Mama said...

It's fun to see pictures of your spring arriving in August. Sort of gives me that same excited feeling I get when Spring comes here in Washington state, USA.
I look forward to the bulbs blooming again almost as soon as they are bloomed out in late spring.

Annie said...

Dropping in to let you know that I will be leaving blogging for a short while. I have a lot on my plate and creativity is taking over so nothing bad. I'll still be visiting around and commenting. I expect to be returning from time to time as I complete my writing and art projects. But for now, I need to focus only on this.


Adeline Country Cottage said...

Hi Lee-ann, Thank-you for reading my review at Age Vintage Papier I'm not sure if you mention about how lovely my tags where or it was the lovely Amy's tags but either way thank-you.

I loved reading and getting to know you, and love meeting more lovely ladies here in Aus, as I'm in Eltham, Melbourne. will be back to visit, chat soon.


Renae said...

Hello Lee-Ann. Thanks for popping by my little blog. Our summer is coming to the end. I was outside walking around my propert with the dog and noticed a few leaves starting to turn colour. I almost fainted!! LOL !! Oh well, we were blessed with a wonderful hot summer this year. Which was good considering we had a horribly long cold very very snowy winter. Take care and be Blessed. Cheers !!


Susie said...

I smiled as I read this, because in my latest post I mentioned that I could feel the first hint of fall. Each new season brings its own special joys and spring is always about new life! Loved seeing your pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Yay... I too have spring starting to sprung in my bones lol. I cannot wait... I am so excited. We are going to a spring festival this weekend with fireworks and lots of festive goodness... I'm so excited. xox Nicole

Alice said...

I love every change of season. Spring flowers are my favorites but fall leaves are pretty too.

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