Sunday, August 03, 2008

Thankful Sunday ~ On this Winter day

The weeks since the high tea are a bit of a blur ~ truly they are.

But now that life is getting back to normal you would not believe how long those cloth napkins took to wash, dry & iron but that is another story.

Today I so very much wish to say THANK YOU! to two very dear ladies and these words should have been said many, many days ago.

I never stopped thinking them but never once showed them how much I adore the thoughtful gifts they gave us at the time of the high tea.

Firstly Gina from Patra's Place This dear friend has been in my life now for a couple of years and I mostly think of her as not only a dear friend but a sister too. friendship comes in all shapes and sizes and this friendship while at times we find it hard to catch up our there with our husbands she is always in my thoughts.
Gina and I met firstly on the chat boards of eBay and I loved her comments and idea's. I loved that her passion for collecting embroidery pieces was so strong and it was she who told me I too could show my passion for china at the Melbourne museum's community collections show. We then met up at the "Antiques roadshow" her with just a few of her beautiful Australian embroidery pieces and Rob & I with some of his masonic treasures.
Now I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for a beautiful cross stitch she made for Rob & I and gave me on the day of the high tea it is so beautiful and every stitch she has put on this lovely piece unknown to her shows us (Rob & I) how far our marriage has come.
But Were have the 25 years gone! why wasn't it just yesterday we stood in that huge church with family and friends giving our love forever to each other. 25 years my gosh! there have been many moments when it was a tuff day! and there were many moments when nothing but love and laughter got us through the day but we would not change one moment of all those years and pray our next 25 years are as eventful and happy as the first.....................and for the reminder of what life is all about I thank my dear friend Gina.


There is another dear lady who showed much love on the day of the high tea and a very quick "thank you" was all I could find to show her how much I was thankful for her gift on the day.......but you know I was so pleased to receive such a lovely lot of books because it showed me that while we had never met but had only read each others blogs she already knew me so well.
The cook books are wonderful and the writing note paper and two vintage programs from the Royal Ballet and the Opera are such beautiful gems that while ill I read them over and over again. Gosh Bridget from miss eagle if only I could wear my hair in the styles of the ladies of the opera~ how stunning they look.
I thank you for being in my life and hope that as times goes bye there will be many more times were I will have an opportunity to visit with you and chat about all things important to two ladies of this world. (smiles)

How lucky it is to know I have friends like these.

Blessings to all this Winter Sunday in Australia


miss*R said...

I am just finalizing our trip to Victoria in January...I know it is a little time away but we must start booking places to stay and it looks like we will be staying two nights in the Daylesford area.. is that near you? if so, maybe we can meet up (I will be the one in leather on the back of a Harley!!)

ps- I knew it! EBAY.. you bought something of me many years ago.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Lee-ann. I hope you're feeling better now. What a lovely cross stitch and a very thoughtful well as the books.

It was good to read you post and know that all is well with you. It's great to think the weather will start getting warmer soon, won't it be wonderful.

Take care.

Vintage Linen Treasures said...

Hi Lee-Ann,
Thank you so much for your visit to my blog and your lovely comment. Gina is truly a sweetheart and has a wonderful embroidered linen collection.
So glad to have met you!
Patricia :o)
PS: It may be very cold there, but it's sweltering hot here.

Gina E. said...

Gosh LeeAnn and Patricia - I'll never be able to wear another hat on my big head if you keep this up! LeeAnn, thank you for such a beautiful post; I am seriously tearful over here in Eltham, and I can't wait to show Ken what you have written. I'm so glad you are pleased with my anniversary pressie; as soon as I saw that design I knew it had to be done for you guys. Thank you also for all your recent comments on my blogs, especially about Elsie's passing. It's been a tad sad around here; we need some cheering up and what better way than to have lunch or dinner at a certain Chinese restaurant with close friends??!!
Our mutual friend Miss Eagle is such a generous lady. Let's all have lunch together one day - we can come up to you, or you can come to Doncaster again if you feel up to it??

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