Monday, August 11, 2008

Two of my indulgence - Coffee & Country Living.

Friday I was enjoying two of my very favourite things a Coffee (Latte') and a magazine I gave bought since 1983 and I still have them all too! (smiles)
The American Country Living was one of the very first things that helped me visit those vintage loves I have in America, the homes, the Antiques, the stories and the summer when it is winter here.
The magazines take a long time to get into the store but when they do I am always the first to get one and you will find me reading every word of every page.
The latest arrived on Friday and well with a cafe' next door and the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans how could one not just have a need to sit and read awhile.

So I enjoyed this coffee at Cafe' 101 in Kyneton Victoria, but as they tell me the coffee is grown in Brazil by farmers who have grown the coffee beans for generations. The green bean is then roasted by Segafredo to its own standards to produce the classic Italian arabbatic flavour.
They then will make you a delish!! coffee here at cafe' 101 but if you close your eyes and listen to the sounds around you you could be in Milan, Orvieto or Marseilles but here we are in a tiny little town in the middle of Victoria Australia a very long way away from Italy, enjoying the art of coffee.
Why the seahorse?..........I hear you ask well I too asked the same question it was explained to me that like the seahorse out in the ocean the men in this cafe' do "ALL THE WORK!" (smiles) Well I am glad because their work comes to you in the form of a great moment in your day "great coffee at great cafe"
Now I am going to read some more of my magazine and daydream I am there.
Love to all.


Melli said...

Country Living and not only a tasty coffee - but a beautiful one as well! Sounds like a fabulous combination to me!!! The only thing that would make it BETTER, is to have it in the comfort of my own home.... or a vacation home by the sea! LOL! (I'm not picky!)

Puss-in-Boots said...

My daughter loves the magazine and used to get it all the time. She works now and doesn't have time to do all the things she used to do, including reading that magazine.

As for coffee, I love my coffee...not the instant stuff, but real coffee made in the plunger each morning. Heaven!

Mountain Mama said...

The magazine sounds fun. So does the coffee!
I checked out your previous post and must say I think it would be so much fun to work at a thrift shop. Problem is I'd be buying to much!
I can't imagine snow! We are still having hot summer days here.

Anonymous said...

I love it when you go out for something special to eat and drink and it is obvious that 'they' have gone to extra trouble to make it look special and appealing.
I hope you are happy and healthy Lee-Ann. xox Nicole

Janet said...

That coffee looks so special with the seahorse! I'm not sure I'd want to drink it and spoil the design....oh, what the heck! Slurp! Slurp!!

Annie said...

Bottoms UP, Lee-Ann. I am savoring the coffee with you. The seahorse is adorable. I've seen hearts but this is so much more complex. Hugs, Annie

Susie said...

Hi Lee Ann,
Looks like a wonderful, relaxing way to spend some time. I love the seahorse :) so creative!!

linda may said...

G'Day Lee Ann,
I was looking around my bookmarks to see what everyone is up to. Such a pleasant way for you to chase away the cold weather,a cuppa next door and decorated with a sea horse.
I read back to your trip last Tuesday. Sounds lovely. I love doing stuff like that too. Any special time spent alone with my hubby by is rare and wonderful.

Lanny said...

Oh man, that coffee looks good and supposedly I come from coffee land but rarely do I ever get such a lovely coffee in the shops around here. It is usually dumped in tacky paper cups with a less than interesting plastic lid slapped on top. Everything to go - spare the loveliness, out the door with you. So what a lovely cuppa you had complete with a nice peruse through a favorite mag.

I spotted your name on someone else's blog. I also am a LeeAnn but for blogging went with my old nickname that my children have resurrected for my grandchildren to use instead of grandma. My daughter figured that since in a crowd I never answered to mom but instead would whip my head around to "hey Lady," that perhaps I needed something other than "Grandma."

I really enjoyed my first visit to your blog (ran down a few of your recent posts)and I am sure I will be back for a visit, but for now I must go out and find a shop that will put coffee in my cup as nice as that!

Alice said...

What a lovely way to relax. I used to subscribe to Country Living when I lived in a country house and I too loved every page. I could identify so with every decorating idea.

Gattina said...

I love coffee too, and can understand that very well ! Wherever I go, I must have my coffee, lol !
BTW the only meat we eat besides chicken and turkey is .... Kangaroo !! As you say it has a very good taste and is soooo tender it melts in the mouth. To eat cows is not better, but here they have no taste anymore unless you drown them in a spicy sauce !

Country Cottage Chic said...

You should subscribe! I do & it works out quite cheap and you get it quicker! I have to say though that the UK Country Living magazine is much better!

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