Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Sharing - vintage embroidery & my day.

A little bit of spring

I am having a few days off work and am already feeling better. I could feel myself getting slower and slower since my illnesses, so a few days will let me take time to smell the roses as they say; but in this case the last of our spring bulbs, here are the last of my tulips with flowering rosemary from "our paddock"

They go beautifully in my kitchen of green & yellow and they add a little freshness to my sideboard. and bring a beautiful rosemary fragrance to the day.

I want to share with you a few photos of two beautifully embroidered table cloths that belong to an elderly friend of mine they were stitched many! many! years ago by her mother and auntie I think she said some 60/70 years ago.

My friend insisted that I use them at the high tea we had last July and I am just freshening them up before I give them back she was in no hurry for them so I have taken my time touching and feeling them often they are so beautiful, so much more then what these photos offer.

Stunning work aren't they? they must have taken many long evenings by the kero lamp.

Please note also that I have been playing with my blog trying in my simple way to update it and just cannot get it right so forgive me if it looks a little ratty!! I will have to take my time on this one.

Blessings to you all dear blogger friends ~ this is my Tuesday!


Gattina said...

I don't use things with stitchwork anymore, too much work ! I decided not to iron anymore I am retired, lol !!

Puss-in-Boots said...

That embroidery is exquisite, Lee-ann. They probably ruined their eyes doing it by lamplight. I love vintage stuff and am presently bidding on a crocheted queen bedspread...which will look wonderful in my renovated bedroom...fingers crossed I get it.

I love the aroma of rosemary and your tulips look stunning. Glad all is well with you, Lee-ann.


The Vintage Kitten said...

Hello, Thankyou so much for leaving me such a lovely comment. I wish I was as glamorous as my blog. I love the style of the ladies in the 1940's and 50's. I like the tablecloths very much, such alot of work must have gone into the embroidery. How lovely your friend still has them as a reminder of her mum and auntie. Well I had better go as I have shopping to do in a very UN-glamorous supermarket. Hope your cold gets better soon. Mandy X

Gina E. said...

The cloths are just stunning; I don't remember seeing them at the High Tea. I knew I should have had a closer look at all the tables when we arrived!
Your New Look blog does not look 'ratty' - it looks great!

Janet said...

That is some incredible embroidery work!! There aren't many people doing that kind of work anymore.

Lola Enchanted said...

Those table cloths are marvelous!~

Mrs. Mac said...

I was wandering through my garden blog today and saw you had returned. Yes, our home is completed now, landscaped, and settled in. Hubby retired and joined me in May ... but, alas, he's already found another job nearby. Your lovely blog is full of spring sunshine and I shall return often this winter when I have the blahs. Seeing your flowers while we get buried in snow will melt away the chill. Your haircut is very becoming and stylish on you. I too, have a short 'doo' now and have been so bold as to stop using hair color. I know it's not a choice for everybody ... but it's very freeing to not worry about roots ;). Blessings to you. I'll add you to my sidebar for quicker travel to your part of the world. Congratulations on the high speed connection too! Hugs from the North Woods.

Melli said...

Actually, I think your blog is looking rather lovely! As are your flowers -- I wish SPRING were coming here... I'm not a bit happy about Autumn! (well... really it's the advent of WINTER I'm not thrilled about! Autumn is quite nice!) Your table covers are gorgeous - but I'm with Gattina - I do NOT iron! (iron is a 4-letter word at my house!) ;)

Thank you for your comment this morning... I am glad to that your government is more tidy than mine! I don't wish these battles on ANYone! And I agree with the foreigners -- it's CRAZY!

Maggie Ann said...

Dear LeeAnn,Your blog is very homey and special! The needlework is unbelievably beautiful. Such expert craftsmanship. Yes, to think of the hours it took to do that and as you point out, by kero lamplight. My! I liked how you said you took your time to enjoy it, freshening it and touching it. I can relate. God has given us so much to enjoy and for me, it all comes full circle back to him, to worship him always. I saw in your profile you enjoy Amish books. Me too. I just finished Wanda Brunstetter....'going home' and one other one by her, from the library. She writes Amish stories too. Thank you for the sweet comment you left about my blog. That was so nice of you. Well, back to the laundry..smile. somebody has to do it!

PEA said...

Woohoo!!! You now have broadband, how wonderful dear Lee-ann:-)I remember so well when I first got high speed after having had dial up for a few years, I was on cloud nine to be able to visit all kinds of web sites and not have to wait an hour for it to upload! lol You'll love it:-)

Your tulips are so beautiful...over here most of the flowers are now dead due to the frost we've been having in the mornings.

That embroidery is just beautiful. What a treasure your friend has in those pieces and as you say, it must have taken hours to finish them and very hard on the eyes having only lamplight to do it by!!

Enjoy your time off and hopefully you'll feel 100% better soon! xoxo

Barb said...

Those linens are beautiful. It brings back such memories - the very first hand stitching I ever learned was crewel embroidery.

I admire you for even attempting to play around and change your blog - the very thought scares me half to death. :-)

Annie said...

OMG Lee-Ann. Your new blog look just knocks me out. How pretty!!! Spring is truly sneaking up on you. All that wonderful green as my world turns to gold. Now I need to go back and actually look at the content of that post.

Thanks for the big hug you just left. Today when it hit me why I was feeling so low, it just smacked me down. I'll bounce back though. I always do.


Robin said...

What gorgeous flowers. We rarely see tulips here in Israel so they are always a treat for me, such happy blooms.

The stitching on those tablecloths is exquisite, they look too pretty to use!

Thank you for visiting Around the Island, and for the kind words that you left there. Come by anytime, there's always a cozy chair and a fresh pot of coffee waiting for a friend to drop in for a chat.

april kennedy said...

Thank you for your very touching comment. You made ME cry...a good one of course! And thanks for your hugs too.

I enjoyed perusing your blog. I love all your vintage items. Please feel free to visit my blog again, just be warned not every day are tear jerkers...I try to keep it well balanced...as is my life!

Hug your friends today...I did!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I love doing cross-stictch... and I know how much hard work is involved in these beautiful vintage embroideries tablecloths!
I love all of yours... They are so pretty!
Debbie Moss

(From England)

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