Sunday, February 01, 2009

"A week or almost two" Is that all it has been!!

Fires near my little town.
500 hectares burnt and we must put into place our fire plans. Do we stay? or do we go?
The road to the north is blocked - cut off by the fire!!
But it is OK! was ok!!

The fire came within 1.5 kl of our little town.

Rushing forward enough to have many friends phone me "get out" they would yell down the phone. but you know while it was very hard to see your hand in front of your face it was OK! I felt safe.

They worked very hard, the CFA, and many others to stop it dead in its tracks, as it rushed towards out little town. Helicopters whirl overhead looking for dams to fill from.

All I could think of was not my grandmothers beautiful clock or my husbands family treasures but the trees that have stood in the main street of our town for over 100 years.

But in the end many very tired CFA men and woman saved our town and................then it all started again, in another spot further away. But this time it did take 29 homes, destroyed so much history those walls held within. 64 sheds were lost too, farms. and homes all destroyed only to find that arson was the reason, is the reason many stand before their blackened homes.

The heat of the past days has been more then I have ever known. Hot beyond anything I have ever felt. The sun would rise each morning and bring with it a sting that lasted all day and into the night, first reaching 44deg.C (111.2F) the first day then 43deg.C (109.45f) the next and yet still another day of 45deg.C (113F).....................but out the back under the hot tin roof it reached to top of the thermometer 60plus (149F) and beyone.............................O! how I hope the cool Autumn weather could come rushing up to great us many months earlier then it should.

A possum died falling from the hedge..............there is no water for them, Animals come almost begging at your back door even field mice and rats take chances, they just need a drink.

There is not enough power to go around so as we sit watching the fires on the other side of our becomes very dark, we sit there hoping the fan will start whirling around again but it doesn't happen...............they turned off the power to us from Melbourne and beyond to save others. We must sit here in the dark the end we waited for over 8 hours.
The gosh don't open it! keep the cool in, everything will melt like we are if we open the freezer.
Lets see our elderly friend is he OK? lets go for a drive in the car its cool and take him with us. So for three hours we drive around, him sitting in the back relaxed in the cool breeze that flows around the inside of the car but knowing when we get back to our homes it will be like walking into a hot dark oven again...............for now lets just enjoy!!!
As it gets dark and the streets and homes are all just dark shadows, it feels very strange and very! VERY! quiet almost as if we all just sit and wait but cannot find words to say how we feel and if we do talk its with hushed tones.................why I am not sure.

As the poem starts;

"I love a sunburn't country.........................Yes this is Australia sunburn't and warm beyond anything we have ever known.
AND........We are the lucky ones Adelaide still is in the 40's +++

To all my Aussie friends keep cool and take heart knowing that Autumn WILL!! arrive one of these days.

Looking good my friends!! Yes this snow filled street is looking real good. (smiles)


Anonymous said...

I've been reading about your terrible heat and fires on the internet. I am so sorry for all those who have lost so much. Take care Lee-Ann and know that I will keep you in my prayers.
I love your new blog page. Everything is so colorful and cute!

Susan said...

Oh how horrible, Lee Ann!! We are having grass fires here in Oklahoma right now, too, but it is in a different part of the state. Thank the Lord I have never been close to anything like that! You did a beautiful job of writing and telling us the story. Stay under the wing of our Almighty God and be safe.

Winifred said...

Oh that's an awful tale. So sad to hear these things and to find that it was deliberate makes it worse.

I just pray that it cools down quickly and also that they find the lunatic responsible.

Susie said...

Dear Lee Ann,
How horribly frightening for you and your whole town. That heat, those fires and the destruction just sound awful.
I'm so glad you're safe and I'll be praying for some relief to those conditions.

Linda said...

I'm so sorry you are experiencing all of that. We here in Texas are in the middle of an extreme drought too. Our past two summers have been unusually hot even for us. We have fire warnings daily now.
Let's pray for rain for each other.

Elaina said...

I've given you an award. Check out my blog for details. Playing is always optional, but fun!

Jess said...

Praying hard!

Puss-in-Boots said...

I'm so glad you're all okay, Lee-ann. It's just terrible when someone deliberately lights those destructive fires...but it happens. I hope they're caught.

It sounds absolutely terrible for you and very, very frightening. I have a dreadful fear of fire and that one came too close for comfort.

Take care and I'm so glad you're alright.

Maggie Ann said...

Hi Lee Ann, Those fires sound very scary! I'm glad you are safe and your home was spared. How sad for those who lose their home. Take care....

Marilyn Miller said...

Oh my, I hope it cools down soon. The fires are so scary.

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Oh goodness..I so hope that you are all right!! I did not know this...guess I did not see it on Tv..I know that i have not been here for a while..Golly now I am worried about you and your home..let me know if you find out any more..Hopefully the fires will be stopped by this time.

Tammy said...

How very scary Lee-Ann. I'm glad you guys are okay.

Gina E. said...

LeeAnn, that was written from the heart and soul. I almost cried when I was reading it. I've been putting water out for the birds and possums every day, as well as seed and fruit, and they come in droves to drink and eat. Here in Eltham we have been extremely lucky to have had a constant power supply. I don't know why we've escaped the blackouts, but I'm very grateful to TRU Energy or whoever is responsible.
Please continue to take care of yourselves, you and Rob - and hopefully when the weather has cooled enough to drive comfortably, we'll be able to catch up with you.

Alice said...

Dear Lee-ann - so pleased your pretty and historic little town was saved by those incredibly courgeous firefighters, and so sad and angry about the loss of homes and buildings further afield. One can't help lightning strikes but when 50% of our fires are deliberately lit, it makes one so angry - especially as the arsonists are rarely apprehended and punished.

Today is going to be a corker - please take care and keep as cool as possible, Lee-ann and Rob.

Janet said...

I haven't been by to visit for awhile and then to learn about the fires and all that heat! How terrible for you. I hope by now you've had some relief. I'll be sending you some cool thoughts! I know how the heat can get to you....we have very hot summers here, too.

Gina E. said...

Saturday. How are you coping over there? We still have power, and are making the most of having aircon., but the smoke haze that is blowing in from the fires near Whittlesea and Kilmore is terrible. Ken went up to the aviaries to check on his birds, came back inside and fell in a heap on the couch. Silly boy, he's supposed to avoid extreme weather, with his heart and lung condition.
Our new gazebo blew to bits an hour ago. Ah well, it was nice while it lasted.
I left a message on your machine to thank you for your non-birthday pressie, did you get it?
Take care!

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee=Ann..
. I didnt relize the fires come that close to you im so pleased to hear you are safe.and so sad to watch the tv and hear of so many homes lost..and to think it was deliberate makes it worse.
We didnt loose power in Yarrawonga. but we did get to 46c+ today.. im nearly melted away and have A/C running 24/7

Stay safe Lee-ann

Susie said...

Dear Lee Ann,
I'm back again to let you know I'm still thinking of you. Are you OK as I keep reading about these awful fires.
Still praying for you and yours.

Mountain Mama said...

I have read other blogs about the heat and fire in Australia. My heart goes out to you. You did a magnificent job of writing about it.
I pray the Lord keeps you safe, puts out the fires and cools it down too.

Homemakers Tales . said...

Hi Lee Ann and good to see you at ..Mine..My former husband has family in Forest Hill Victoria near Ramsay Street ..his brother and family
He took my
children over a two years ago and had photos taken where this happened -- my heart goes out to those that made it i know what its like to lose family- .
They are going over again this October for yet another wedding Naomi loves Aus and Ben wanted to stay last time for ever !! you can read about Ben in an earlier post
Thank You for r the lovely comment i have a new friend ..xxxxxx

Kerri said...

Lee-ann, this is an amazing account of events, written from the heart. Thanks for sharing those details with us.
The poor little animals and birds! What a sad situation.
And oh, those poor people!
What a great solution to the take your elderly neighbour for a ride in the car. Brilliant, and so kind of you and Rob.

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