Monday, March 30, 2009

A day off! A day all to myself!!

It is one of those day's!
The washing is done!
The ironing is hidden!

The bed is made!
I pulled it us quick this morning!


But a nice pot of tea has been gently brewing

and now here I am to take a moment to visit my friends and sipping tea in a very unhurried way!

Yes I made dark chocolate spiders late last night and I know it is early in the day but well what the heck! there is no-one here to see me nibbling them so early (hips forgive me!!)

but I am home alone!!

ALL DAY!!! on my own!

and; Just a bit of news from here too:

My husbands masonic lodge in May is having its 150th birthday and while it is a secret (I know you won't tell) the girls of the lodge on the very full day of events and at the very Victorian Dinner are all going to step back in time and will all be dressed in outfits from the year 1859 how much fun that would be and as the masters wife I came up with the idea at the time thinking it would be easy but it is hard to choose what to wear but here are some photos of some ideas you may be able to help me make up my mine as to what would look best (smiles)

I believe this last photo was taken very close to the year 1859 and the bustle dress was what they dressed in here however many outfits were continued to be used from the previous ten years and I think they were the more full Crinoline skirt. Most of our ladies are going to get the fuller style because they will feel more comfortable on such a busy day seeing as we are going to serve morning tea, light lunch and the afternoon tea followed by pre-dinner drinks and then the formal meal will be served by a catering service.

However below..........this is my outfit below and the bonnet as well I got them all from America but that is another story and also this is just one of my outfits for the day I think......and that is still another story. (smiles)

I hope this post finds all my dear friends happy and well as we are here.


Anonymous said...

What a fun idea! The dresses are lovely to look at but I fear I would be very clumsy in so much cloth!

Peggy said...

Can't wait to see you all dressed up!

Melissa Ellen said...

Your blog is delightful - for my fortieth birthday I dressed up in such a dress as I had dreamt of wearing one since I was a little girl. Hope you have a lovely night.

Millie said...

What fun it will be to get dressed in those costumes!
Have fun

Susie said...

Dear Lee-Ann,
I was delighted to see your name in my comments. Love seeing all these costumes. What fun you'll have for the 150th birthday celebration. I know you'll share pictures with us!
Have a relaxing day :)

Annie said...

Hi Leanne. Isn't it just divine having a day to yourself? Pure luxury. I like your Victorian ensemble and that sly little hat. Can't wait to see the pics of you in May wearing your dress as you stand next to you no doubt very dashing man.

Marilyn Miller said...

What a fun idea to dress in another era. I loved your tea picture and so happy you had a few moments alone to sip tea. I can't wait to hear all about your costume, event, and tea. What foods will be served?

Susan said...

What a beautiful dress and how much fun!!

I've been thinking of all of you down there a lot lately. How are things going after the terrible fires you had?

Linda said...

Ah...a day alone. What a treat Lee Ann.
I love your dress and the hat is just darling. I think it's going to be lots of fun.

Lakeland Jo said...

I want to come. Sounds briliant. I would love to dress up in one of those full skirted dresses.
Hope you enjoyed your day at home X

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hi Lee-ann. I love your costume but I think you'll be glad you don't have to wear it all the time after just one day in it. Just imagine all the time it'll take to get dressed...I couldn't stand it. Give me today's fashions, no iron this and drip dry that.

Anyway, I hope it all goes well and that you really enjoy your day. Oh, btw, don't trip over your skirt!

Kerri said...

It sounds like such fun, Lee-ann! I love the costumes, especially that peachy pink dress.
It's pure luxury to have some time to yourself to sip tea and visit blog friends, isn't it?
Lovely to catch up with you dear friend.
I do hope things are returning to normal now after those dreadful fires.

Jess said...

Hope all is well with you and that April is starting out good for you. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Love, Jess

PEA said...

Hello dear Lee-ann:-)

It was so lovely to hear from you in my comments and know that all is well with you!! Ooooh I just love that idea of dressing up for the 150th birthday celebration and I absolutely love the dress and hat you'll be wearing...perfect:-) You do realize we'll want lots of pictures when the time comes!!! lol Take care of YOU my friend. xoxo

Kahshe Cottager said...

What a fun day this sounds like. I love to dress up and would love to try on one of those dresses with all the crinolines but I am sure I would get the vapours from being overheated! Have a wonderful time planning your event and be sure to take lots of pictures when the day comes. I would love to see you in your dress and bonnet.

Congrats also on the coming weddings and of course, the new grandbaby! Good to know that so many happy events are coming!

Mrs. Mac said...

I love to dress up in vintage clothing. Your dress samples are grand ... and the hat!!! I hope you have a dream of a dress to wear ... and take lots of photos please.

Gina said...

That sounds like so much fun, like a time machine for a day! I like the fourth one, the cream pink/peach colored one. I hope you take pictures so we can see what you end up wearing!

Gina E. said...

Wot - none of those dresses from your opshop?? I guess you wouldn't find clothes like that in opshops nowadays - people are too savvy! Antique shops would be more like it. Should be a fantastic night - wish I could be a fly on the wall!

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