Friday, June 12, 2009

Stained glass of life

Today started in a very special way even, if it is telling you there is ruff weather on its way.
Its winter in Australia
So with it comes frosty mornings and cold days.
I love the start of today especially and had to share it with you - this my Friday!
Looking through the beautiful stained glass to another day beginning
Mother natures church windows







Now you can see our day unfolding and how beautiful it is!

Life is filled with adventures some huge and some small but the simple ones are the most important of them all.

So getting up early and rushing out to view the beginning of this crisp cold day through the stained glass window of nature is such a wonderful feeling.

This is just beginning!

Of this my Friday!


Anonymous said...

You are so right - it's the simple things that are so special. What beautiful pictures you have shared - such a colorful sky - just like a stained glass window. Blessings to you today.

Annie said...

Simply sublime, Lee-Ann.

Janet said...

Wow! Beautiful photos! And I completely agree that the simple things are what makes life special.

Jess said... are way ahead of is 10pm

Love the pics...Hope all is well with you


Marilyn Miller said...

I haven't visited you for awhile. What a beautiful sunrise. I enjoyed meeting your husband and dog too.

Linda said...

What a beautiful way to start the day. Most definitely worth waking up early for.

Lanny said...

What a lovely post. Your morning is so inviting, with all the posibilites seen in one grand moment, crisp and clear, I pray your whole day matched it!

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Beautiful beginning to a day!! I am a late sleeper so I miss that beautiful handiwork of God's...I have not been around lately and have missed seeing how you are..Sandy

Old Wom Tigley said...

A dawn to be proud of for sure.... Love the pink in these.


Puss-in-Boots said...

What a fabulous set of photos showing the colours of dawn, Lee-ann.

Margaret LaVonne Hall said...

Delightful pictures that you have shared with the blogophere! I am glad that I followed a link to your great blog...I shall return for a spot of tea...

Jeanette said...

Gday Lee-Ann.
Beautiful colours of the sunrise to awaken too.

Daisy said...

Such gorgeous photos of an amazing sunrise, Lee-Ann. Thank you for sharing those. No better way to start a day than that! :)

Mountain Mama said...

Those pictures are beautiful. I love all the different colors.
Even in the cld winter our Heavenly Father shows us the beauty if His creation.
Thanks for sharing your lovely Australia Morn.

Lakeland Jo said...

amazing pictures

Alice said...

What a beautiful Friday you appeared to be having, Lee-ann. That's the day we arrived back in Canberra to 4ยบ maximum, after 7 weeks of glorious European summer sunshine. It was almost enough to make us turn around and go straight back.

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