Friday, July 10, 2009

Re-dressing my sideboard summer to winter!

Wouldn't you think that will all that is happening in our lives here at the moment that I would just not even think about changing my kitchen sideboard..............but it is always a way to relax for me......but THEN it leads to other things like the cutlery draw and the pots & pants cupboard. O! yes very good for the soul doing a kitchen change around.
The summer look on my sideboard was Johnson Brothers Jamboree dinner set that belonged to my grandmother. She only had a few pieces left when she passed away but still I just loved them so much and had to add to the settings over time, until now I can seat at my summer table ALL! the family each with their own favourite colour. My colour growing up and growing to grans to visit was the Burgundy and still to this day I simply must eat from that colour.

Today all that has changed and now I look at my sideboard and see the most wonderful scenes from the pattern called Johnson Bros Friendly Village.
I was shopping on line one day and looking at pieces that had covered bridges from New Hampshire on them and I came across the friendly village set "well! was I hooked" the different scenes and the beautiful snow scape's showing the bridges covered in the winter snows of New Hampshire................I started to collect and now also have enough to serve my whole family that is 21 settings, I may have to still add to that but gosh! I will just have to do it!! couldn't have a grandchild missing out on a "covered bridge"
So my sideboard for winter looks like this! (smiles)

I could have a Spring and Autumn change as well! I have them as well BUT! that is another story for another day.
My darling husband is doing well we are however waiting to see the surgeon next week as the school holidays are on here at the moment and he apparently went away with his family. Rob is feeling very uncomfortable but is looking forward to next week and the time the operation will be set for.
Our new darling grand daughter and her family are doing wonderfully and she is a good little sweetie for her mum, her smallest big sister is only 19 months old so is taking this all very well. Our daughter is back home and putting into place a routine now for her big family. We are so proud of them and Love them all.
This is my Friday! Not at work! not even made the bed yet!!!
but loving being "home" pottering!
Thank you all for the kind comments and wonderful emails in the past week I adore hearing from you all very much.


Susan said...

Beautiful and lovely. Thanks for sharing. Praying for your dear hubby.

Alice said...

Busy, busy, busy. Your dresser both in summer and winter looks fantastic. You really are like dog with a bone when you're on the trail of something, arent' you, Lee-ann? It's amazing that you've been able to acquire such large settings.

Lovely to hear that new baby and family are doing well. Blessings and prayers for Rob too, and we hope the operation is a great success.

racheld said...

Just charming, Lee-Ann! I love a change of seasons, but of course, mine right now is pastels and some jewel-tones, for the Summer.

It's good to hear about your new little one, and I send my prayers for your Dearie, now and during his recovery.

Constance said...

Thanks for visiting! My Mother in Law has/had the Friendly Village dishes. (she passed away nearly 3 years ago).

Congrats on the new grand-daughter! I love her name! We just received our 5th grandchild, first boy, Joel Michael.

Enjoy your relaxing day today. i am off to do errands!

Jess said...

Keeping you guys in my prayers...and your sideboard is lovely...I have laways loved scenery....and bridges are so nice!

Love, Jess

Joyfull said...

I love the change of seasons and enjoyed seeing your decorations. They are beautiful! Congratulations on the new baby, many blessings to your family.

Linda said...

I love your colorful dishes - and the new plates look lovely. It's fun making changes.
Praying all goes well for your husband. In the meantime, enjoy that new grandbaby!

Sondra said...

Your side board is wonderful. I love all the bright colors best, but the winter one is nice too. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog :)
Oh, and your new grandbaby is beautiful!

Puss-in-Boots said...

You had a Friday like I did, Lee-ann. No work, just pottering and well overdue. I really enjoyed it.

Glad to hear all is well with your family, but it must be hard for you and Rob just waiting. I really and truly hope all goes very well for him.


Annie said...

Leanne, your collections are so fabulous. I'm never seen the winter set. The colors are so rich. Know that I'm wishing Rob well. Keep us posted.

Joyce said...

OHHHH.......I LOVE your "Sideboard"...which we call "Hutches" here in America. HA!
I'm glad you all are doing well despite the cold and rain...hope all is well for your husband!
Hang in there you all.
Be blessed,

Gina E. said...

Glad to hear Rob is doing okay. I've left a few messages, but I guess you've been busy with the new addition to the family and all!
Miss your comments on my blogs though.
Hope everything goes well next Saturday. I'll be thinking of you, wishing I was there. Maybe next year??

Daisy said...

Lee-Ann, I love the look for summer. All those bright colors are so cheery.

Lanny said...

I love puttery days and look forward to some soon around here, but we just ended haying season, now we are in berry and cherry harvest and fall oand overwinter garden planting. Just taking a small secret break to catch up with friends and I am sad to hear of Rob's thyroid issues, but baby pictures brightened my day for sure. I will be holding you and yours in my prayers as I weed and plant today.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

GM Le-Ann...girl I love those dishes with the covered bridges...Oh I could have some fun with those my friend...May you have agreat weekend and my best to your family...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Mountain Mama said...

Your sideboard looks so pretty. I love the dishes.
You have given me some ideas to dress up my own sideboard.

Gina said...

That looks so good!!! I hope your summer is a great one!

Mrs. Mac said...

Are your winter dishes by Johnson Brothers? It's always nice to change things around for the different seasons. You must surely be enjoying that new granddaughter as well as the other sweeties.

Blessings to you all.

racheld said...


I hope all is well with you and all your Dearies, and that your DH is all well and rested, and your littlest one is growing every day.

Would love to hear how you are.


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