Sunday, August 23, 2009

"Just the two of us!"

It is "Just the two of us"

For the past three weeks something very strange has entered our lives here at Pear tree cottage.

Rob went to see his local doctor for the results of his last lot of tests.

She is a nice enough lady but does not know us well and is new to the surgery - anyway His results on looking at them looked bad - very bad "life threatening" she said. As she kept on reading the computer screen THEN SHE SAID!

You have cancer you have to give up work and get your "things" in order because you do not have long. "do you need councilling?" all that in the one sentence - If I was there (Rob was on his own) I would have slapped here well and truly across the face IF she had taken her eyes off the computer screen.

Then Rob just got up and left and as he got to the door of her room he turned and said "you are wrong! VERY WRONG! and then walked out".

I was at work and he came past and put two thumbs up all is ok!! there I was thinking it is ok! and there he was thinking is it or am I going to die soon.

Sunday was like any other sleep in and sip coffee in bed on a winters morning chat about this and that and all the while Rob has hidden deep inside him the words of a Doctor that touched his very being and me thinking all is OK! IF ONLY I HAD KNOWN.

Monday morning comes about and I go off to look after some grandchildren and he goes to Work just like any other day.............but come 9am he starts making phone calls first to his specialist, the answers came think and fast "Rob you may or may not have cancer I do not see the results here yet BUT let me tell you you will die first from old age other then thyroid cancer we will chat after you talk to the surgeon. Then he calls the surgeon and he does have the test results. come and see me this FRIDAY Rob.............but let me tell you, you will be ok!
I went with Rob to see him last Friday still thinking that the operation was going to be all that would be needed and as I sit there it dawns on me that something is not is all to knowing from one man my man and the surgeon they are chatting as if they know more about the last week then I do and then the moment came. Well Rob your Local doctor is wrong you may or may not have cancer but you will not die from it you will be operated on and you will have 5 weeks off work and you will rest and we will fix this problem so do not worry................................OK! what is going on.

Then as we sat in the car in the car park I was told how my dear husband felt and how he did not believe what the local doctor had said and that he just needed time to work through it all by himself and while he should have shared it with me on that very first day "he was not sure what he was sharing so waited to share the truth!

I was so angry and upset even now (forgive me!) I still just want to go and slap the face of that lady doctor for putting my man through the pain and the feelings he could not share until he knew what TRULY was happening.

So here I am sharing this with you all and feeling as if I too can now let go of this horrible week or two and once again know

Rob and I are "Just the two of us"

This is my Sunday! a blessing YES! But it is so hard to understand just what has happened! or what it could have been!

Now we wait till next Friday to get the operation date.


Susan said...

Oh Lee-Ann how horrible. I have heard of cases whether the Dr. is so terrible and insensitive.

We know that God is our healer and it is HE who holds the very next breath we take and the very next beat of our heart. HE holds us in the palms of HIS hands. I know that you two know that and walk in that. That is truth!!!!

My prayers are with you "Just the two of you!". No, it's really three with HIM!!!!

racheld said...

Oh, My Dears!!

What a stressful time your Rob had, and what an unprofessional, uncaring thing the "doctor" did!!!

I would join you in a thousands-of-miles smack to that unfeeling woman---that was just terrible, to add unnecessary stress to your anxiety like that.

And a big Grandma hug to you and your Dearie---it sounds as if all is in hand, and all will be well very soon. What a relief that is. I send you all thoughts and prayers, and will be sending good thoughts for a quick recovery.

Cuddles and an ever-warm teapot,


Flip Flop Floozie said...

How can doctors be so cruel like that with words? I know how you felt. I would have liked to have given her a BIG piece of my mind!! That is just horrible to do that to a patient...GRACIOUS..what a terrible week your hubby had just thinking about that. I don't know how he even slept!! I am so glad to hear about the good results though..Keep me posted about his surgery..Hang in there..My friend..

Mildred said...

What a terrible thing for that Dr. to do. A former dr. of my husband's did/said something similar to us a few years back. Needless to say, that was the end of our relationship with him. Please let us know about the upcoming surgery. We will remember you both in prayer. From past experience, I suggest you put her out of your minds and focus on the future.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Lee-ann, that is absolutely dreadful. Poor Rob and poor you. I don't blame you for wanting to slap her face. However, better than that is to report her to the AMA. Her behaviour is most inappropriate and she should know it is.

She's not a surgeon, she obviously didn't have the results (especially if the surgeon didn't have them), in fact they could have been someone else's results...who knows? But I've never heard of anything so callous in all my life. She shouldn't be a doctor.

Anyway, now that I've got that off my chest, I'm so happy to hear the Rob was wise enough to go to the surgeon, who was honest enough to give him the truth as he knew it then.

Having said that, I hope and pray he hasn't got cancer, but if he has, at least you know its operable and not life threatening.

Hugs to you both. xoxo

Tea and Margaritas in My Garden said...

Oh Lee-Ann....what an absolutely cruel woman that doctor is!!!
I`m so glad that your husband went somewhere else and my prayers are with you and him that he has many many years to enjoy with you.


Linda said...

Oh Lee-Ann I can't imagine. I am so thankful that all has turned out so well. What a terrible, terrible way for that doctor to behave. I can't get over the callousness of it - let alone the incompetence.
Praying that all will go well with the surgery and recovery. You have a very special relationship. It is just lovely. I know the Lord is going to be with you through all of this.

Marlene Depler said...

Oh, my!!! You have both been on a roller coaster ride. The first doctor was extremely insensitive and unprofessional. I hope the upcoming surgery goes well. Thank you for sharing and keep us posted.

Marilyn Miller said...

Good luck on Friday. I know I had a scare one time and didn't tell my husband for a few days; so that I could take it all in. Everything turned out for the best. I will pray that everything will turn out for the best for you too.

If it is thyroid cancer, that often comes out well with surgery or treatment. I was 20 years old when I had thyroid cancer and let me tell you I am 66 years old now.

Alice said...

Such a harrowing time for you both. Rob is such a brave, considerate and lovely man.

We pray for a totally successful operation and recovery for Rob, and strength and courage for you, Lee-ann.

PEA said...

I`ll go with you to slap that doctor silly! I know that doctors sometimes have to distance themselves but geez, there is such a thing as being completely cold about it!!! One can`t even imagine how Rob felt and although he should have shared it all with you, no doubt his heart was in the right place and he just didn`t want to worry you even more. At least his specialist had more uplifting news!! You two will get through this, I just know you will and we are all here to walk beside you on this journey. xoxo

Gina E. said...

LeeAnn, that is awful. Puss In Boots is right - that woman should be struck off the register. NO doctor should ever speak to a patient like that. Ken was asking after you both yesterday, but I don't want to tell him just now what you have written here. He is seeing his cardiologist today and is as nervous as the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof. Take care, you two - we'll make some time to come and visit very soon, okay?

Gina said...

Oh my dear friend, I know what you are going through - your husband is oh so very strong to make it through the ordeal on his own. He may have been protecting you his dear wife. But anyway, I will be hoping for healing and success for him. My heart is with you, big hug.

Leslie: said...

Oh gosh, Lee-Ann, I hope things are sorted out soon. But I'm finding out that men are like that - secretive about things that might make them appear to be less macho or manly to their wives. When in truth, a problem shared is a problem halved. It's so important to share those fears so that you can go forward together as a strong force to meet whatever you have to face. Let us know what happens in the days/weeks/months to come. :D Hugs to you both.

Tracey McBride said...


Please accept my prayers and best thoughts for a perfect outcome for all concerned.

Let me just share a simple wisdom my Dad taught me, after caring for my invalid mother for three decades (at home). "Remember Tracey,doctors are not God. Most of the time they are making educated guesses...and that is why they call it "practicing" medicine." It seems your local doctor needs more practice as well as few lessons in human decency and compassion.

God bless you and your other.

Good thoughts from one of another set of "just the two of us-es".


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