Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Update on our lives - the road we travel

Hello dear friends Yes!!
We are still here!!!
I know it has been awhile but with all Rob's tests happening and his constant lack of energy now, sitting and chatting for hours on end is all we feel we are doing at the moment.
Rob's Second operation is on Thursday and he will be in hospital for several days. The doctors are very positive but he is coughing a lot lately so me being me I read the worst into it.
Last Sunday we did however go out with our lodge to Melbourne for the morning to the Grand lodges Pink Breakfast for breast cancer and it was a lot of fun (I was even in the paper the next day)

See how bossy!! I am - moving everyone around so we can see them all! (smiles) Yes that is me in the pink hair!!

Right that is better!! say cheese everyone!! - O! know were did Rob go? lets try that again!

Does anyone know were Rob is Yes! everyone yells (behind the camera) oops! red face to match my hair - sorry honey!! (smiles)

You will find us here beside the bus all looking "VERY PINK!"

That is better here we all are!!

We also went to a wedding, we could not stay too long but it was so nice to share the moment with the young couple, and here is my darling and the groom our new partner in our business - One of our apprentices who has just come out of his time and is now part of our family business. This will help Rob to do just a little less and worry a little less too while he is in hospital.

Thank you dear friends for your lovely comments and emails and I am sure you understand why I have not been around to visit lately but I think of you all often - with blessings and good wishes to you all always. I will add a little post here as soon as the operation is over to let you all know.

This is my Tuesday - with anticipation and hope in the air!!


Susan said...

Happy for an up-date Lee-Ann and to know about the surgery so we can stand in prayer and faith with you once again.

Janet said...

It's good to hear from you....and I love the pink hair!!!

Anonymous said...

So nice to hear from you and see your lovely photos. My prayers are with you both. Keep us posted as you are able.

racheld said...

I'm so glad to hear from you!! And the progress, the slowing down to chat together, the upcoming surgery---all those are a sign of the healing and the getting well.

It's so good to see that you're out and about a bit, with your handsome Sweetie---the wedding must have been wonderful.

Keep updating on your news---I look forward to hearing from you.

My secret word today is "busses"---an old-fashioned word for "kisses" in my Southern upbringing. Consider yourself hugged, as well.


Leslie: said...

Hi Lee-Ann, so sorry to hear about Rob, but my thoughts and prayers are with you. A friend of mine had thyroid cancer years ago and she'd doing just fine! I'm sure it'll be the same for Rob. I love all your photos and wish they'd enlarge so I could see them better. The eyes aren't what they used to be. Thx for your lovely comments re my name to be...sending big hugs your way!

Winifred said...

Nice to hear from you. Lovely photos, you're in the pink I see.

Take care of yourselves.

Lanny said...

What a fun post. Nice hair.

Praying surgery goes perfectly well.

What is the family biz? Tell me more about the whole apprenticeship thing, if you can.

Puss-in-Boots said...

I love the pink hair, Lee-ann! Thank you for the update on how Rob's going...it's not easy to blog when you have so much on your mind.

You are both in my prayers and I truly hope the second surgery is successful.

Hugs to you both.

Daisy said...

Hi Lee-Ann. I hope the surgery went well. Fun pictures of you in pink. :-)

June said...

Hello Lee-ann,
I want to come by and tell you what joy your message was to my heart about my angel son. There are many angels in this world doing kind things for others and you are one of them for brightening my day with your words.
Your husband is in my thoughts and prayers...you both are.

Annie said...

You are so funny Lee-Ann. And that was a wig, right???? Keeping Rob in my prayers and you too for the strength you need to care for him AND yourself.

Gina E. said...

Hi Lee-Ann, I've been watching your blog to see if you would post some news, and here you are. It was good to see Rob was still well enough to come to Melbourne for those two special celebrations, but he had you to look after him, so why not?! Pink hair and all, lol! It is now Sunday and presumably Rob has had his op. I'll call you in the next day or two and see how he is.
Hugs from both of us

Marilyn Miller said...

Love the pink hair. Good luck with the surgery this week.

Alice said...

Thank you so much for the update, Lee-ann.

I've just read you post so I expect that Rob has had his operation. I hope that all went well, and Richard and I both send our best wishes for his return to good health.

Best wishes always to you, dear Lee-ann.

Kahshe Cottager said...

I have been keeping you and Rob in my thoughts. I hope you will both be feeling much better when the surgery is completed. (I have always thought it would be fun to have pink hair!)LOL

Lorry said...

Nice to see an update. Hope all went well, and Love the Pink!!
Post again when you can :-)

Jess said...

I have been keeping you guys in my prayers...I'm so happy that things are going okay and do let me know how he does with his las tsurgery.

Love, Jess

Mountain Mama said...

According to the photos you had a good time. What a grand bunch of people.
I pray all is well with hubby and you are staying strong.
I am praying
God bless

Anonymous said...

Stopping by to say I think of you often and pray for you both.

Linda said...

Just thinking of you Lee-Ann and praying all is well.

Gina E. said...

I know Someone who is having a BIRTHDAY on Friday...I'm posting a card on Thursday, so I hope it gets to you in time. Not posting the pressies though - you will just have to come and get them (or ask us up for tea so I can deliver them, LOL)

PEA said...

Hello dear Lee-ann:-)

So wonderful to see you posting again and reassuring us that all is as well as can be. Please know that my thoughts are prayers are with Rob as he goes through another surgery.

I so enjoyed seeing the photos taken at the Pink Breakfast event...pink hair really suits you! hehe I love it when people really get into a theme and dress up for it:-)

Take care, dear friend, and know that I think of you so often. xoxo

Linda said...

So glad to catch up with you Lee-Ann. I will be praying for your dear husband.

Peggy said...

So good catching up with you. Will keep Rob in my prayers. Don't forget to take care of yourself and get some rest.
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

IRENE said...

Thinking of you and praying for you and your beloved. Have a blessed Christmas.

racheld said...

Just checking back in to see how Y'all are doing. I hope all is well and that you're busy with all your Christmas festivities.

I wish you well and warm and happy in this wonderful season, and hope to hear from you soon.


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