Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Yes after all this time

YES!! After all this time!

Let the renovations begin!

Except I should be loving this BUT!! Living in the same little house while the happenings go on around me is enought to make me ill!

For all those dear friends on blog whom I think off often Yes here I am to let you all know in the land of living but living means rushing to and from work! to and from doctors appointments! with my husband...who is doing ok! but now we are off next monday to see a brain specialist.

Love you all!! miss you all! but know I am here whenever I am needed for a chat.

This is my Monday!


racheld said...

I'm so delighted to SEEEE you!!

I've thought of you really often, and wished you all well---I hope Rob is doing better and better. The dust will settle soon, and you'll have bright new spaces and colors, and I just LOVE the smell of fresh paint.

So glad to hear from you, and hope you'll chime in again soon.


Annie said...

My GIRL!! There you are. Work. Doctors. Renos. You are lucky you have time to breathe. Here's a quicky update:

After 4 years of unemployment or underemployment, Quanah is working again. He had to go all the way to Indiana to claim it but I'm not complaining. He is working again and it's a good job.

Krista moved out 10 months ago and then returned this week. She is semi-engaged. Time to start saving money, hence the return home.

Haven't done too much traveling this year; have been staying close to home.

We rescued a little dog two months ago and now Krista is home and we have TWO dogs in the house. Both small, thank goodness.

I started a succulent garden in May and for the first time, I am having success in a garden. My brown thumb seems to like succulents.

Loved seen you and getting your email.

Big HUG,

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