Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Pennyweight Flat Cemetery

We have been to this beautiful but very sad place today.

Life on the diggings was hard, especially for little children. Between 1852 & 1857, nearly 200 children were buried in shallow graves at Pennyweight Flat Cemetery. Reasons why so many children died includeD an inadequate water, poor diet, lack of sanitation, and the spread of diseases like typhoid and whooping cough and the constant dangers of living in close proximity to deep holes.

This is my Wednesday - just before the cruise of a life time!!!
see you all when my darling Rob and I get home!


Jill Ball said...

So sad to be reminded of the hardships littlest endured. Our grandchildren are truly blessed..

Annie said...

The strong endure and hardy stock remains. Lots of sadness left behind but look what you have today. Zipping up now to see your farewell message.

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