Monday, March 04, 2013

Paul Milner in Melbourne......great news!

Yes another wonderful day learning SO MUCH MORE!!! about tracing the family tree.

I know I can hear you saying enough already!!!
But there is so much to learn and to once again have the opportunity to hear Paul Milner speak was something Rob and I were not going to miss.
Our friend had booked in a week ago so off the three of us went....Now you all know we live in Central Victoria,a long trip to the city, but what we did not know was that the traffic and the road works would have us arrive at the venue at about 9.15am after leaving home at 6.45.....But so worth it for any geno buff!

Melbourne was the last stop on the Genealogy seminar tour for Paul so we simply had to be there. Not only to hear his terrific lectures again (4 of the best!) but also to show our support for this great man who came from America to give us all so much information to better our trees and to help find information in corners of the past we would never have looked before. Paul as you know, along with other fantastic speakers were on the cruise so this event today was a little icing on the cake for us. we were so pleased we went. 

Also could not make another comment until We thank this very special man as well. He has done a great job in putting together all these events So thank you so much Alan.

And being the winner today of a voucher from
I am sure I will enjoy contacting those on the website after I make a decision on just what I want with my winning ticket.....thank you again so much to all.

 The Celtic club was a hive of activity today with the seminar in thier upstairs rooms. It was quite warm but not enough to make you want to miss a moment of the day. So from 9.15am until late in the afternoon, wild horses would not have been able to drag us out of this historic building in Queen street Melbourne.
 And with parking at the Vic market only moments away from the Celtic club we were in the perfect spot.

Even if our car was parked on the remains of over 9000 deceased persons who were buried there in the very early 1800's when it was the Old Melbourne Cemetery which was closed to become the biggest open air market in the southern hemisphere (who would do that??).......but that is another story for another day. 

So here we are about to listen to our last lecture before Paul returns to USA I am sure, and Alan starts puts together another fantastic genealogical cruise,
so it is simply not goodbye but even simpler "As my old Scottish gran would say - Until we meet again" 

But the last words today have to come from my darling Husband Rob!

"That was a few weeks darling we will take with us all the rest of our days! because it is going to take all the rest of our days to finish "our family trees" now we have so many leads to follow!!!

And that is so true! Husband.

This was my Monday! TRULY hope yours was as much fun as mine!


Jill Ball said...

Your enthusiasm is so infectious Lee-Ann. So pleased you had a great time today.

Hope to Merthyr up with you and Rob again some time soon.

Christy said...

Lee Ann, it does take a lot of time.

My cousin in the UK did all one side of our family back to the 1500s, that was great. Copies of hand written wills from the 1600s, it's amazing that these stil excist somewhere and belong to ones heritage.

So enjoy.


Pear tree cottage! said...

thank you Jill and Christy, it was wonderful but now "back to work today" :)

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