Friday, September 13, 2013

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I went again to find some more family in the Cheltenham cemetery in Adelaide.
But before a write a little more about that I want to tell you a little about the lady I was looking for.
Grace Rutt was born in kempton surrey England to George and Ann Rutt on the 23rd Feb. 1823.
 When she was 16 and worked as a milk maid she came to South Australia on the Hoogley with her family in 1839.
She lived all her life in the Port Adelaide area and she married first captain Edward Dowsett having 5 children then after his death she married George Bell and had 3 more children.

She died on the 19th December 1899 in Portland port Adelaide SA. 
And was buried in the Cheltenham cemetery along with other members of her family.

She is  my second grand Aunt.
That is the only nice part of this post, my husband and I arrived there on a dull grey day and it got worst as the moments went on.
The workers were digging and cutting up soil and we took little notice at first then I found the ever present notice on graves one after another after another, because I like to help people with photos of graves I got a little scared they would be cleared away I took so many photos of them but there were so many we had to stop and try to find our Grace Bell "nee Rutt" and we found her, well we found were she rests........but some of the other photos are horrible and will shock some and others will simply shake their heads in disbelief.
Myself I could scream out loud "what are you thinking" how can you simply throw away a head stone and how can you simply deface a grave of anyone let alone those who first stepped off the sibling ships in a country way from home! Our true pioneers! If you come up with a true reason why this is happening let me know!

Funny it's a little bit like when my husband and I lived in port Melbourne and houses were being ripped down one after another and when we wanted to try to restore our old pup! Council wanted it taken took us two years to get a permit and happily it still stands and is saved for forever!

Will we be wondering WHY! Did we do this! Years from now Nd we cannot turn back time gone! Is gone! For forever!
Now I need to just add photo and let you see what we did see.

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