Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Don't let the frost get on your PUMPKINS!

Well yes......... they may not be huge and they may not be the best looking but hubby and I love to grow veggies in our humble little vegetable yes! just us with our fingers in the dirt all summer and look what we have;
well we have lets see? yummy pumpkin scones then there's mmmm! O! yes rich and very warm pumpkin soup the roasted pumpkin risotto is just as yummie! lol too. AND all because two little grandsons poked their little fingers into the soil alongside their poppi and dropped in a pumpkin seed. they are very proud of themselves

Well now the garden is looking sad but the frost has hit here and winter has arrived! -3deg this morning and I just love it.

the open fire burns all day & night now to keep us warm.......the pumpkin soup will warm us too!

many smiles to all today!


abeautifulcraft said...

This setting looks delightful!!! All them pumpkins, and the thought of pumpkin soup and scones! YUM

Calidore said...

Ohhh at least you had 3 degrees - we were down to -2. Not good at all, thank heavans we have plenty of wood and warm quilts on the bed. Even the cat was cold, he spent most of the night lieing underneath the wood

By the way - love the pumpkins. Aren't they always so much nicer when you have grown them yourself.

Peggy said...

Stay warm and enjoy your fire and soup. Our gardens are just starting to bear so I will have a hot summer of canning and freezing. Love your photos!

DailyDrifter said...

First time blogger, and must say, I love your page!

Lisa said...

It's so fun to read about autumn and winter beginning as summer is settling in in my world. I have just planted pumpkins and they are only now sprouting. It is really fun seeing yours!

Your mum's embroidery is so beautiful. I hope to learn to do those crocheted edges. That really adds a special something. Isn't it wonderful that she would just pop them in the mail to you? :)

Medieval Lady said...

Hi Lee-ann,
I just read your kind comment on my blog. Thank you so much. I popped over to take a peek at your blog. It is just splendid. :-)
I don't even want to think of cold weather, right now. We finally got a break from the rain and it's 80. I don't have a fire place and wish I did. Hmmmmm I've never had any of the pumpkin dishes you mentioned. I like pumpkin pie a whole bunch. Very hard to get in summer-time. I've bookmarked your blog as I intend to stop by often. Keep warm and stay well.
_Patty from U.S.A.

Gina E. said...

Hey Lee-Ann, what fun to see you popping up on some of my favourite blogs! I knew you would love the blog world once you got into it, and you are fitting in so well!

Nicole said...

Hi Lee-Ann, Your pictures are beautiful... and I can't wait to see the outcome (food wise) of all those glorious pumpkins. Mmmmm Yum xox

mrssjt said...

Do you know I never thought about Australia being cold!! Though it was the pumpkins that made me think. A friend of mine lived in Oz for many years and introduced me to roast pumpkin, never had it before but it was really really gorgeous

ms*robyn said...

I adore winter - love pumpkins too! I hope to grow them again this year.

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