Monday, June 12, 2006

The loves of our lives! Family treasures to cuddle.

Sam & Jack with their daddy
Jesse & Florence with their mummy and daddy
Abbey ( our newest treasure)
Charlie with his mummy
Billy another little treasure
This past five days we have been so lucky to have seen all of our little grandchildren.

They are the loves of our lives and it is hard to believe that a little child can just give you that look!! and take your hand, a simple moment that fills your world with such happiness and joy! So! simply the best.

Rob and I are blessed to have a warm home, friends and family but the love filled hearts of seven little grandchildren is our family treasures!
and we wait with open arms for our little darling n0 8th to arrive soon.
god bless them all

best wishes to all.


Nicole said...

You have such a beautiful family. Pride is something extraordinary to a mother, is'nt it. I love those rosy cheeks... gorgeous. xox

Lee-ann said...

thank you so much nicole

I will admit it is easy being a grandmother lol lol lol!! but I do very vividly remember being a mother of four little ones. thanks so much.....for the visit

Lelia said...

Such cutie pies!! Treasures all right ; )

Val said...

If I ever get a chance to be a grandmother (having left my childbearing until I was almost old enough to be a grandmother myself), I hope I am as enthusiastic as you are, Lee-Ann. They are lovely looking kids!

Sharon K said...

What a lovely family you have, they are all so cute and the blond little one looks like a cherib....a little angel

Tammy said...

Sweet...Sweet littlun's!!
Thanks so much for coming over to my blog...come back any ol' time!!

ms*robyn said...

your love for your family shines out in this post! what sweet children! I bet they just love pear tree cottage xoxo

Lee-ann said...

thank you everyone for your visits here.
Ms* Robyn yes they enjoy the vegie garden the most.....that and the toybox of vintage pieces.

Tammy you blog is lovely yes I will visit again fir sure.

Sharon K thank you yes our little darlings are lovley as all children are we a blessed with good health and rosy red cheeks.

Val thank you so very much I am sure you will be a grandmother to yours or others when the time comes it is a lovely time. thanks for your visit I will get back to your blog soon.

Lelia thank you for the visit I love your "lifes a stitch" design very much it is so nice.

Alice said...

Such a beautiful family, from grandparents down to the newest little baby. They all look so happy and you obviously have a very warm and loving family. A priceless gift to any child.

HomemakerAng said...

i am loving all of your posts and cannot wait to visit more indepth! love the corners of your home and kitchen!! love them all! xox
thanks for stopping by my place

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