Friday, May 26, 2006

A touch of spring on a winter day! here in Australia

I was just putting my photos in order and found a couple I would love to share.

I know it is not spring down under in Australia but is spring some place in the world so here is our house! "spring (last spring) at pear tree cottage" a humble cottage wrapped in a blanket of daffodils.

thank you for looking!


Peggy said...

beautiful! Its spring here so those help me enjoy our season even more

abeautifulcraft said...

Hi Lee Ann, thanks for calling into my blog and leaving a message. Are you happy with adding your email address to your blog, so people can reply to your posts and comments you make??? If you are not sure how to add it, send me an email and I will walk you through 'how to'. Loved reading your blog, the crinoline lady china is just gorgeous!

Maggie Ann said...

Oh my, your flowers are gorgeous!!! And..thanks for visiting me and leaving a message so I could find my way over to visit you =).

Val said...

Before the Calder Highway bypassed Kyneton, we loved the display of daffodils. Somehow the plantings along the freeway are not as exciting. Must take the time to get off the freeway and make a slight detour. Also to do that wonderful river walk again. Kyneton is lovely.

ms*robyn said...

is that a photo of Pear tree cottage? it is gorgeous.

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