Friday, May 26, 2006

Touch a Vintage China cup and it fills your heart!

Hello everyone I just felt I would like to share more of my vintage china with you all and so will try and add a couple of photos of them with this post.

When you pick up a china cup just before you fill it with the aromour of an afternoon tea it seems to warm your heart and you feel so happy to be there were others may have been before you.......I often wonder about these vintage pieces as to how they were used who sipped from them and how they watched over those sad times and the many happy moments in people's lives so long ago, anyway my vintage pieces fill my day and bring warmth and calm to a very busy life.
But.........that very moment before they are filled with a nice cup of tea! is the best moment of all!

smiles to everyone tonight!


Gina E. said...

Ooooooo Lee-ann, I just HAVE to get up there soon and see your collection! I feel the same way about my linen as you do about your china pieces - when I'm ironing them, I always wonder about the person who stitched each piece - who they were, where they lived and if they ever used this particular item, or was it just put away 'for Sunday best' and never used?

Maggie Ann said...

Your china is fabulous...could you tell us the maker? I love the colors, its like watercolors by an artist, which it was I'm sure. You have a wonderful collection there!!!

Lee-ann said...

Gina thank you please just wait unti, the reno or part there off is finished and then they will be out of the boxes again.

maggie ann they are made by many makers sandland, empire to mention just two. yes they do look a bit like a watercolor don't they. this is just a very tiny part of my collection over 900 pieces I am afraid to admit! lol lol lol

Maggie Ann said...

Thanks for sharing these with us Lee-ann...they are gorgeous. I've never seen anything like them here in the U.S.

Lelia said...

I'm totally gobsmacked by your collection.

I swear, I own 3 teacups with saucers. I drank coffee since I was a teenager & recently switched to tea.

what are some of your favorite tea flavors? I mixed some Jasmine + cinnamon earlier today -- quite a delight.

Maureen said...

Lee-ann thank you for visiting my blog(s).
We have something else in common.....I have two sets of the crinoline lady china:2 teapots,jug,sandwich tray,12 or 24 (NOT SURE WHICH) cups,saucers,plates........I've had them for over 30 years,courtesy of a maiden aunt who used to spoil me!

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
Thanks for visiting my blog.
I love all of your vintage china. Lovely to display, but even better to enjoy a well brewed tea from! Enjoy using your china,

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