Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Nicole YES - Hello! - hello there! - HI!
You have made my heart sing and the treasures I found in my teatime swap are just wonderful and I thank you with all my heart.
Some of you will know this is my VERY! first swap and Nicole has made it a true delight to be part of thank you Nicole.
All the pieces are just so beautiful and will be enjoyed very much.
The teacup trio is O! so nice! and the spoons are stunning, the doiley (now I know just were it will go!) and the tea, chocolates and biscuits Yum! what special Queensland treats they are....................BUT!
The BEAUTY, of this parcel is beautiful, delightful story of "the fir tree" that will be a treasure I will hold dear forever and ever!
Nicole it is just so wonderful your story on the back and the pictures, your art work and the special pieces you have put into it - IT'S SO! SO! beautiful, thank you so very much my dear new friend.
Christmas for me is a very special time and a joy to behold and I will treasure this beautiful fairytale book forever.
Here is the parcel and the joy of it being unwrapped - thank you agian Nicole.
I left it wrapped all day looking at it there on my bench waiting for the very right moment to unwrap it, As my excitement built the lavender and rose fragrance filled my kitchen it was wonderful!
thank you again Nicole - thank you!


ms*robyn said...

oh, I am so glad that you enjoyed this swap!! Nicole is indeed a sweet gal - we are lucky to have her as a friend. Hope you will join the next one - 'seasonal pampering of the goddess' - watch my blog for it soon!

Nicole said...

Oh wow! You are so very welcome. I just wanted your first swap to be precious and meaningful... and it has been. I adored making the book for you... knowing how much you cherish Christmas as I do too. You are again so very welcome. I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship... just remember to think of these lovely thoughts when you drink from your tea cup. Til the next swap.. blessings to you dear Lee-Ann. xox Much love, from Nicole.

Gina E. said...

Just think girls, if it wasn't for eBay, I would never have met Lee-ann, and quite possibly she might never have created her blog if I hadn't shown her mine! Everything happens for a reason...

Nicole said...

It sure does. xox

norththreads said...

Sounds like you good some real goodies! Thanks for visiting! Chat soon!-Oh I just went treasure hunting so I will have more to show you soon!

Lee-ann said...

Hello everyone yes I am very lucky too!

what I am not lucky about is I am having trouble down loading my photos...........never have before so have no idear what the trouble is now, but will keep trying the parcel looked and smelt just beautiful.

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