Saturday, July 01, 2006

Deck the halls with bells and holly! Christmas in July downunder!

A box of shiny brite baubles that stay in their box but diplayed for all to share. we love to collect these and have many pieces
And who could forget the a New England dept 56 display for the grandchildren poppi works very hard to have it looking "just so right!"
This is my kitchen sideboard decked with lots of vintage trimmings
I love the chenille Santas very much.
This is my very special vintage goose feather tree. with its branches full of vintage glass clip on birds.
We enjoy very much the feel of a winter christmas and while it is not a true christmas it is such a lot of fun to do.
With lots of yummy food and the house decked out for a christmas in winter! one year we even had snow.


PEA said...

I absolutely love Christmas and have so many decorations to put up when Christmas comes along! Christmas in July sounds pretty good too:-) I love all your vintage decorations, they are all so beautiful!! I have a few old pieces myself that I treasure!

ms*robyn said...

We always celebrate yulefest here! Although we have 3 birthdays in July so we have decided to have ours in June. I posted about it a few weeks ago.
It is such fun!
You must join in our fruit cake swap this Christmas - last year Gina and I both cooked fruit cakes and posted some to each other. You are more than welcome to join in this year.

Val said...

Mmm, today would be the ideal day to have a Christmas dinner and then to just look at the decorations and tree lights. I must confess that my Christmas decorations are still up, I have become so used to them I don't see them any more. But they aren't as traditional as yours, actually I've just hung some of the boys' decorations from primary school on the bamboo screen in our living room. Your decorations look fabulous, Lee-Ann!

Medieval Lady said...

Christmas in July what an awesome thought. Christmas is one of my very favorite holidays. Although, I must admit, I feel a little funny writing about Christmas with the 4th of July Holiday being only two days away.
Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing.

Tammy said...

Love your Christmas ornaments...and all your decorations!!
Have a fun and happy time!

starnitesky said...

Hi Lee Ann - I love the idea of Christmas in July! It must be strange to have Christmas in the summer. I hope you enjoy your Christmas time.
Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Kerri said...

Hi Lee-ann. Your vintage decorations are lovely. Preparing a traditional Christmas dinner in cold weather is certainly more enjoyable than when the temperatures are soaring towards 100ºF (37ºC), as they often are at Christmas time in Australia. Having lived my first 23 years in Oz, I've experienced both and I must admit cold weather seems to go better with Christmas :)
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I wish I could send you some of our rain!

Lisa said...

Oh I lost you for a while...but I found you again and hooray, lots of new posts to catch up on. Your grandchildren are so did you even get vintage looking cherubs for grandchildren? :)

Rosa said...

Oh how fun!! Love it!

Nicole said...

Twas the night before Christmas.... and all through the house....

Love your decorations my friend. xox Nicole.

~Silvia~ said...

Love Love Christmas and your decorations are just wonderful

Lee-ann said...

Thank you everyone for visiting my blog and I am so glad you enjoyed the christmas decorations.

The vintage ones or those made by children are so very special and I would gather them all up to treasure if I could. :o)

Yes christmas in the cold weather in some way feels right! I do not look forward to a summer christmas each year as it is so very hot.

I am happy to say today is a very special day for us as grandchild number 8 has been born a little girl all is well.

Thank you all again for your kind comments and for your visits to my blog.


Granny said...

We've been hovering at 37.7° here as well. Christmas sund good.

kansasrose said...

Lee-Ann your sideboard and Christmas decorations are just lovely! So festive! I long for all get to celebrate now! How wonderful! How cold is it in Australia? Your shiny bright ornaments remind me of my grandma's that she had in the 1950's. I got a few of them when she passed on 15 years ago. They are very precious.

Mindy said...

Christmas is my favorite time of year!! Your vintage decorations are so pretty!

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