Friday, June 30, 2006

Two Lovely doileys I have found

These two lovely pieces are beautifully done and I am so pleased with them they will look lovely in our country cottage.
Gina's love of the embroidered pieces has me now looking every place I go to find some nice pieces to dress my home.
I found these in Castlemaine early this week.
One is a beautiful Rose design with rich colours the other one is a runner with a various coloured wattle design I think! :o) Gina may know more then I.
All I know is they are beautifully worked treasures.


littlejennywren said...

Thank you for visiting .Nice to hear from another Aussie girl. How wonderful to have 7 grandchildren. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures on my blog.

PEA said...

Hi Lee-Ann:-) Thank you so much for coming by my blog and leaving a comment...I sure hope it won't be your last visit!! Of course I just had to come over and see your blog...I've read a few of your posts already and I can see I'll be a regular visitor:-) Could I please post you in my blog links? Looking forward to getting to know you better:-) Lovely doilies by the way!!

Tammy said...

Hi Lee-Ann,
I saw where you dropped by my blog and thought I would say Hidy.
These table scarfs are very my younger years I used to do embroidery like this...since I had to get tri-focals I don't even attempt it any more...besides...seems like I'm way too busy!
You have a nice day and come back and see me any time!!

Maggie Ann said...

These are so pretty! Gina inspires me with her treasures too. I'm glad you came over to visit me and left a comment =)...thanks! I was bidding on a luncheon plate? because of seeing your gorgeous dishs in one of your posts, but then I let it go, I was afraid the postage would be very high. I can't remember the name of that plate for the life of me just now. It was a wonderful crinoline lady in a flower garden like a watercolor painting.

Sharon K said...

The dollies are a good find, I love the one with the rose. I am sure they will look wonderful in your country cottage. Have a wonderful weekend.....

squire said...

Thanks Lee-Ann, they were something my mom always made and gave as gifts.

Gina E. said...

Hi Lee-ann, what lovely finds! Hard to tell without a close look, but the runner definitely isn't wattle - it looks more like an Oriental floral design. The crocheted edge sets it off beautifully.
Love your teacosies too - I have two knitted ones that my MIL did for me. One is an Owl, and the other a crinoline lady-style with one of those porcelain (?) half dolls on top. Of course I have a hundred or so embroidered teacosies as well, but they are just ornamental without their padded inserts!

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