Friday, June 30, 2006

Knitting pretty! from our past - pearl & plain

I have a new passion - teacosies for me.

These beautiful pieces now fill op-shops, sitting alongside the napkins & doileys yes even a tablecloth or two. Half hidden they wait watching to see, if anyone will notice them there, or if anyone would even just like to care!
They worry are they bright enough? to catch an eye! or two. Do they dare hope they once again could take pride of place at an afternoon tea.

Well I did notice these beautiful knitted tea cosies of mine, they are now enjoying a new life with me. Some are so delicate they are happy being retired, watching the others from their kitchen shelf. Others sit on the sideboard and wait! until it is time - to keep my teapot cozie and warm.

The colours the shapes and the tassles are all beautifully done by hands that cared from days long gone................................I wonder what they witnessed these cozies I now own, many happy moments around an afternoon tea.
Lots of giggles and gossip I am so sure they would have seen.
Or did they stand up tall! when the whole noisy family came in from the cold
they were ready! I am sure.
for the mothers winter treat........ yummy! yes! crumpets & tea!
This is the new passion of mine teacosies!


Alice said...

Those lovely teacosies would all still be in use if it wasn't for teabags. It took me until about 4 years ago to get lazy enough to use teabags all the time, but I still enjoy a cuppa made with leaf tea, and it's a real treat to have tea in a restaurant made that way too.

Lee-ann said...

Yes you are right.......Teabags! just to make life that little bit easier. But I do wonder are they.

Thank you for visiting Alice

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