Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fathers Day - A special day for our Family

Here is the love of my heart about to walk our first daughter into church. Rob was so proud that day and O! how happy he was, even if he did take the job of giving Andrea away very seriously :o)
Now she is a mummy to two of our little muchkin grandchildren.
"Happy fathers day to poppi & A wonderful dad"

This is my dear dad with "his girls" he is a dad to five first us three girls then our two horror head brothers "O! did I say that? love you Roger & Simon. I do see one of you hiding behind us all in this old photo tut! tut! :o)

Dad is in Heaven now and I know he looks over us all. He is the grandpa to 12 children and great grandpa to 9 wow! all because he met my dear mother and they fell in love.

It is a very special day today as it is my mothers birthday today too our family is full of lots of good cheer, today. I know she misses dad very much and I am glad she is with my sister today.

Not too much crayfish now mum! you hear me! :o)


This is one of the very last photos taken of my dear dad with my husband Rob. We had a little weekend away to Marysville in the Dandenongs. It was a lovely time and the memories will always be with us.

We were with dad until the very end he gave us so much in life and now he gives me so much hope in death.

"Happy fathers day my dear darling Dad"

Moments in time for my mum and dad they loved each other from the moment they met.

Being a father is not just about family it is about those around you, here is Rob and I on a very special weekend away with our staff and their partners and family. we all jumped into a bus and travelled to Robe in South Australia and had a great time.

Rob and I hosted a "back in time" dinner and here is the Captain & his Lady.

O! yes a younger me. lol lol lol

It was a very special time and everyone called us ma & pa from then on, we mothered everyone so much............we just wanted them to enjoy! and that they did.

To all the daddy's in our family "happy fathers day"

Our sons, our brothers, brothers in law, cousins, step father, uncles.........The list goes on and on.

To all the daddy's out there "blessings to each and every one of you"

this is my Sunday!


Autumn said...

Fathers day is celebrated in June here...but a happy fathers day to all the men your life

Janet said...

Your photos show a loving family and your words express the same. I hope it is a wonderful day for all the fathers.

Sue said...

Hi Lee-Ann!
Loved all the photos and the wonderful tributes to all the dads in your life.
Great post!


Patty said...

what a loving tribute to the special men in your life, your husband and father.

Julie H said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, just had to drop by and say hello. How lovely to hear about yor wonderful real family! And that Pansy Tea Cosy is just gorgeous! I do think it would be an asset to any table.

Dotee said...

Lee- ann - I love reading your blog. The love you have for your family flows through your words.

Love all the pictures.

Especially the one of you and Rob (he looks a lot like my dear departed dad).

Happy Fathers day to you!!

Dotee said...

P.S Marysville is one of my favorite places. Went there many times as a child for family holidays. Such a lovely spot!!

JunieRose said...

I'm new to your blog. I believe it was TAMMY who directed me here!

It's very special and I am enjoying it very much.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Lee-Ann What a great post. I did not know that you celebrated Father's Day in September but Of course I do know. Boy you learn a lot of here!! As one of our commenters said we celebrate it in JUne...I think it is around the 21st of June. I love your pictures. I love seeing pictures. post more of those. That is why I like MOndays because some of us do the MOnday Memoires. I need to work on that this afternoon too. Take care.

DellaB said...

Hi Lee-ann, I missed have any extended family in my life, so I guess I've always looked longingly across to the 'other side' - then I went and scattered my own family so I still only get occasional visits.

It's lovely to see you enjoying your family, Noel had one of his daughters and their two babies here for fathers day, that was special.

My daughter is booked for a vist here from Adelaide, but not until late November... I can't wait, we are very close too.

thanks for sharing...

Chappyswife said...

A great tribute to the fathers in your life. Your daughter was a beautiful bride!

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