Monday, October 30, 2006

BOO! Tuesday this Aussie family will celebrate HALLOWEEN too!

It is always wonderful to remember family and friends with a celebration or an event and We love halloween here in this humble little house as it reminds us of dear friends in America......................but also our dad who passed away a couple of years ago, you see he was from Scotland and I know they too love to celebrate hallowe'en as well. He would have as a child run around the streets with turnips instead of pumpkins and I am sure dad and his mates would as children had a great time.

So this is my humble little lounge room filled with filled with just a few of our halloween treasures I have collected over the years.
This is dedicated to all those out there, friends and family whom I treasure just like these little pieces found in my home in other words our lounge room simply say's "welcome to all"

This is my Monday............happy Halloween to all! tomorrow


Janet said...

It all looks so Halloween-y!! I like the little witch in the "Boo!" dress and the little house. That is so nice that you are celebrating this somewhat American holiday. I didn't know they also had it in Scotland.

Sue said...

Everything looks very festive. I love the owl decoration next to the clock!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee-Ann, glad to see you back, even if it is with a BOO!

Love all your little Halloween knick knacks and it's lovely that you have wonderful memories attached to them.

I don't think we will get any trick or treaters here. Our road is about 4 km in length, in the country and our driveway is over 500 metres long with no lighting. A bit spooky for kids, however you never know and I've got some sweets just in case. If no-one comes, I'll eat them, lol!

Enjoy yourself!

Hugs xoxo

DellaB said...

Great collection of photos Lee-ann, family - aren't the kids so beautiful... and loved the pink collections, and halloween bits and pieces, boy, your life is so full of colour and lovely things, brings a smile to my face!

Jeanette said...

Dear Lee-ann
I just love all your decorations
and love your clock on the mantle. that Motel at the end of street always seems to have a lot of people there more so now the weather getting warmer it seems to be full nearly every week end. theres a Skate park just been built on the foreshore right opposite the motel. Take care keep smiling.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee-Ann, I came back and have had a delightful time going back through your posts and getting to 'know' you. You have a house that is truly a home, and a wonderful family. Your grandchildren are obviously well loved,(and so is their nanni !)
Have a happy (and spooky !) Hallowe'en.

Connie and Rob said...

You have done such a wonderful job in decorating for Halloween. This is one of my most favorite holidays because of my father too! This will be the beginning of the holidays without my mom so it is going to be hard. My hubby and I always go each year to their home and give out candy with them. Dad has had his candy ready since early October.

Here is to a wonderful Halloween and the memory of your dad. All the best.


kpjara said...

I love the decorations and the chocolate swap is so cool! What a wonderful idea!

Dawn said...

It is always fun to take a little stroll over the Australia and visit your lovely little spot in the world! Thanks so much for stopping by again!

Morning Glory said...

I love your cute decorations. It all looks so festive and happy.

I'm so glad you enjoyed my Drive through New England. I hope you have time to read some more of the trips. Chances are there are other places there which you have visited and will bring back good memories. Thanks for coming by again.

AnnieElf said...

Hi Lee-Ann. Halloween is so much fun and your room looks so scary happy cute. Your little brown faced witch is adorable.

Tammy said...

Trick or Treat!!
What the heck, let's have Halloween's got to be Halloween somewhere right now right?

PEA said...

Happy Halloween dear Lee-Ann!! Your Halloween decorations are adorable and I'm sure hold a lot of memories for you:-) Hope you get more treats than tricks Halloween Day! hehe xox

Lisa said...

Boo! right back. Happy Halloween. :) Love all your decorations.

Kathleen Marie said...

Cute decorations! How fun! I just love Autumn and all the colors and decorations! Have a happy Halloween down under!

lila said...

I enjoyed seeing your Halloween decorations! The little witch doll is chariming!
I also love the name of your blog!

slap me happy said...

happy halloween for yesterday, love all the ornaments very cute

Lee-ann said...

Thank you to all! for your spooky! comments. I hope your night was as much fun as ours. :O)


Anonymous said...

Oh my, you have some lovely decor for Halloween.

I rarely save anything. My dad saved rusty nails, and I think I grew up hating the mess.

and what I do keep, I put in my storeroom and forget to pull it out for the seasons -- and if I do remember to bring it out, I forget to put it away and the old ceramic pumpkin will still be out in Januariy's snow.


Daisy Lupin said...

Glad you enjoyed the Daisy Lupin Halloween Story Circle.

Anonymous said...

I love your warm, cozy and festive! The owl is my favorite, because I love owls! The clock...oh my! We have one just exactly like it, I think. I need to look in the closet and see the design on the front. We brought it from my parent's estate and I have not got it set out yet. I will look and let you know! :o)

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