Thursday, November 02, 2006

I love cook books - Here are some fun ones I just added to my Kitchen

How to ice a cake and icing art are two little books that are just filled with lovely suggestions and ways to decorate a cake.
It looks like they are from the 1940-50s and the costs were 3pence each :o) if only that was so today.
They were produced by Tala and both books were by Anne Anson she must have truly loved the art of icing cakes as she says in one of the books "icing is the crowning touch" on a cake.
I have fallen in love with her net designs and she said the are not the most difficult but are certainly very fascinating styles to do.......Well I just love them.
Teh victorian looking wedding cake in the second book with its huge ferns coming from the top and the doves and other decorations in this book are stunning to say the least.

This cookery for parties is just lovely and being from the publisher of the "The Australian Women's Weekly" book in approx 1940.

This book is filled with prize recipes from a competition with prizes of 3000 pounds given out WOW! lets go in and have a look............

Mrs Robbie from Hobart won 1000 pounds for her entry of a plan for a twenty first birthday party for thirty guests.

Buffet dinner.

Consomme Clair

Melba Toast

Lobster Parisienne & Salda Garden

Assorted Savory Patties with Whitebait, corn, brain & walnut filling

Chicken a La King in Harlequin Noodle ring

Saratoga Potaoes

Snow Surprise

Maypole Birthday Cake

Fruit cup...........................................................................Coffee

Now that sounds wonderful no wonder she won the first prize

This is a wonderful new book called "Best of both worlds" American cooking in Australia. It has some fantastic idears in this book and I just love the fact that I can make a traditional American recipe using Aussie ingredience, Like this very yummy Pumpkin pie or Substitute Graham cracker crust Recipe. I will have a lot of fun with this book. This book is wonderful, I have a soft heart for all this Amish and this lovely book fills my ehart with joy and my kitchen with the most beautiful smells you could imagine.

Chestnut stuffing for Poultry

corn relish

Apple pudding

Pennsylvania Dutche rice pudding

fruit topped coffee cake

Dutch cakes.

Just to mention a few!

Gosh reading cooking books especially the older ones is great fun but cooking from them brings back memories of moments in my grandmothers kitchen or coming home from school to the smells that filled my mothers kitchen on a winter night.

I hope you have gone back to your memories of family kitchens when you read this post and have enjoyed the moment.

This is my Thursday - with friends


Anonymous said...

Aaah, a cooking buff! You sound so like my daughter, Lee-Ann. She is right into the old recipes and what not too. To the point that she has even collected the old fashioned utensils to use (after cleaning them up, of course).

Thank you for sharing.

Gina E. said...

Ooooh Lee-Ann - I'm dying to have a peek in those books next time we are up there! I love old cookbooks too, and have a few nice ones that belonged to my Mum. The cakes and slices are simply the best - easy to make and always yummy. As attractive as modern cookbooks look, the recipes always seem more complicated, don't you find that?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee-ann - Thanks for your comment at Herons Nest. I don't use that one now just
We got a heavy shower of rain, but it seems to be all we are going to get.
We only got 7 mm about 1/4 inch.
Better than none. Glad you got some.
I love cookbooks of any sort also.
Take care, Lee-ann, Cheers, Merle.

Morning Glory said...

Those are really interesting cookbooks. I love to see things from years past. The artwork in and on them is always so charming.

Janet said...

What wonderful cookbooks you found! I, too, love cookbooks. That seems strange to most people since I hate to cook! But I just love looking through them and thinking about all those delicious meals that someone else could prepare!! In my next life I'm going to be wealthy and have a personal cook!

Sue said...

I love all cookbooks too! I have many of these from the 1930's that were my Grandma's. Yours looks so delightful, and the illustrations are just charming.
So nice to see you post again!
Are you feeling better??

Nicole said...

I think I won the trifecta here lol. I adore cook books as well and collect them with a passion. My husband's family is dutch and therefore have a softspot for all things dutch.
I make wedding cakes and love to stare at pictures of them all day.
You have yourself quite a collection there Miss Lee-ann. I have some of the early women's magazines laying around I should show you.... and some of the giant front pages of womans day etc. I am going to frame them for my office.

Much much love to you, Nicole xox.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hello Lee-Ann!! I have not seen you post in some time now!! I have missed you!! You like cook books I see!! I am not much of a cook unfortunately!! I have a good friend that loves cook books also.
I am in Virginia this week visiting Lazy Daisy. I don't know if you read her of not but we have been friends for some time. She has a neighbor that blogs..Beckie from Child of God so I have been able to meet her. Tomorrow we are going to meet Melli from Insanity Prevails and Lady Bug from Lady Bug Crossing!! We are all looking forward to our blog fest meeting. I will be blogging about it soon...Sandy

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Hi Lee-Ann :)
Those cook books look so nice. I too love cookbooks. Thanks for visiting my blog :) And I`ve done the same thing with spelling. After I`ve pressed publish I have looked on horrified at what spelling comes out! Doesn`t help if you`re in a hurry and a two fingered typer like me!


Melli said...

Ohhhh those cookbooks are FABULOUS! I have a very VERY old cookbook passed down from my grandmother - and possibly my great grandmother - and the recipes inside are SO funny! Today's woman would have NO IDEA how to use them! I'll post about one ... and apple recipe - later this week! It's a GREAT idea for a post! Thanks for giving it to me! LOL! YOUR books are treasures for sure -- and the price! WOW! It's wonderful that that little detail is still ON them!

Thanks for stopping by today!

Connie and Rob said...

You really have some treasures there. I love looking through cookbooks and planning meals. I really don't cook very often but it is still fun to plan for holidays.

Have fun,

Wystful1 said...

Hi Lee Ann...
I was at another blog and noticed your comment you left about not being able to get your friends' blog address(urls) into your sidebar.

I am willing to help you if you wish.

Just drop by my blog and let me know in my comment section if you want some help.

I can show you where the coding goes with screenshots...and let you know JUST WHERE they go!!

Anything to help another blogger.

PEA said...

If it's one book I can never resist it's a cookbook!! I have so many, I don't know where to put them anymore!! I love finding old ones like you did at yard sales...a couple of years ago I found 5 cookbooks from the 1950's for .10 cents each...what a treasure!! Enjoy your new finds:-) xoxo

Jeanette said...

Oh Lee-Ann love those old cookery books and the recipes were so simple in them love to see some recipes in them.
Take care

Debbie said...

Lee-Ann I love the cookbooks. I also collect cookbooks.I have one from the 1800's and it is so great. In the back of it are old time remedies for all ailments from boils to whooping cough. The recipes are just wonderful too. I have cookbooks in every room just about. It's good to know all us bloggers have much of the same things in common. I really love your posts.

AnnieElf said...

I love the fun retro covers and all the colors. I'm not much of a cook but I admire the artistry of cooking greatly.

Meow said...

what wonderful cookbooks you have LeeAnn. I am a collector of cookbooks, but have only a couple really old German ones, the rest are quite recent (within the past 20 years, anyway !)
Have a wonderful week.
Take care, Meow

Anonymous said...

Lee Ann,
Those books bring back so many wonderful memories. Simple but good.
Have a great week.

Val said...

Those old time cookbooks look so interesting, and I'm especially interested in the one about cooking American recipes in Australia. I came to OZ more than 30 years ago, but I still sometimes make American recipes. Would be interested to know what the substitute for graham cracker crust ist!

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