Friday, November 24, 2006

part 2 of this lovely Holiday meme :o)

Again they are not in the order that Pea's were and I for some reason cannot get all the photos on one post but it is so much fun and I can share with all my friends a little bit about myself as Christmas is my favourite time of the year.
There were 20 questions in total so this is the next few.

(Q) What is your favourite holiday dish? (excluding dessert!)
(A) well it is so hard to exclude dessert but I will try ever so hard to think of something else. We are traditional people with Scottish history. My dad would always bring home the biggest turkey and then try and push it into the oven! yes turkey would have to be my favourite holiday dish along with all the were is that dessert question!!!!

(Q) When do you put up your decorations?

(A) Are you supposed to take them down and then put them up again. Our Christmas decks are up all year! just kidding truly! I am.

We put our Christmas dec's up when the grandchildren come up the very next weekend after my gosh that makes it this weekend yippe!!!

(Q) When and how did you learn the truth about santa.

(A) Now there is no truth in that Santa is not real because I can tell you I have met him, (yes I have!!!!) infact we are on first name basis! yep!! I am a believer in dear, wonderful Saint Nick. and no one could convince me otherwise

(Q) Favourite Holiday memory as a child?

(A) The very first one that just popped into my heart and believe me there are many! was when we went to my grandmothers for christmas dinner. After the beautiful meal we would all stand around the piano and my dear grandmother would play while we would sing up to the heavens so that family who were no longer with us could hear us sharing some christmas cheer with them. I loved those memories and I have not remembered that in a long time.

(Q) Egg nog or Hot Chocolate

(A) O! my gosh, I love egg nog and make it at winter time for us here. but let me tell you being a summer christmas here iced egg nog is the BEST!!!! but gosh I do love Hot Chocolate too.

(Q) What is your favourite Holiday dessert?

(A) The question should be what isn't your favourite Holiday dessert.

But I will try and tell you them all - nope there are so many I will not bore you, so I would have to say hot plum pudding is just so yummy and our grandmother would make it with little coins in it and if you got one in your plate it was considered the BEST! OF LUCK! funny that, you know every member of the family always got one, now how do you suppose that would happen lol lol lol :o)

(Q)What is the most Important thing about the holidays for you.

(A) Our grandchildren there are eight of them now they are all under five and that is the most wonderful sound you are ever likely to hear at Christmas. The laughter of a child is a blessing on the world.

This is the end of my part 2 of this wonderful Holiday meme I will add the last questions to a third blog again soon it is such a lot of fun so please do it if you would like to my friends. you don't have to add pictures like I have but it could be fun.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee-Ann

I've done that MeMe, too. It's fun reading everyone's answers to the same questions. We sure are a disparate species!

Have great weekend and don't eat too much dessert!!

PEA said...

Would you beleive I've never had plum pudding? I guess it's not really a traditional dish over here. I know, I'm so deprived!! lol Have fun this coming weekend with your grandchildren and putting up the decorations:-) xox

Anonymous said...

Wonderful writting memories.
What is egg nog?

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-Ann
Jusy love Christmas day!
I used to have all the family for Christmas Lunch with all the trimmings and the hot plum pudding with cream and brandy sauce.Now I go around sleep at my daughtrs Christmas eve watch the Carols with them and wake up to a lot of laughter and joy with the Grandchildren. And I still provide the plum pudding.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I mix eggnog and chocolate together. Best of both!!

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