Friday, November 24, 2006

part 3 OK! the last of my holiday meme 20 questions

(Q) Do you remember your favourite gift?
(A) gosh yes I do! it was an original barbie doll with her own box. My dad made me a wardrobe and it had little dresses in it my mum had made. my sister got midge that year too.
We always got a little tin of biscuits or toffees as well.

(Q) Snow love it or dread it?

(A) well I guess I love it but then again I do not have to live with it like many of you do but I wouldn't mind if it snowed right now seeing as it is almost 80deg's

(Q) Coloured lights on tree / house or white.

(A) I have to say white is best for me as the colours on the tree of the vintage decorations are always so shiny and bright that white makes them stand out so much more.....BUT what I truly would love to have on the tree is little german candles but hubby does not want the house burnt down (the party pooper!!! :o)

(Q) Does Santa wrap presents or just set them under the tree.

(A) Well yes he wraps them with care and consideration to each persons likes and dislikes! with ribbons to match as well what a lovely thing for Santa to spend hours and hours doing. To then find it takes moments to find it all on the floor of the loungeroom like an ocean of colour for santas helper to run about and pick up. O! well! it is all part of the fun.

this is the end of my 20 questions and as I said before it was such fun thanks Pea for letting me share such a great meme.

This is my Friday - with friends.


Sigrun said...

Lee-Ann, yes I remember! My favorite toys were my teddy-bears and the cars of my brother! He got some, I not! :(
I had some dolls, but barbies I had not, I do not like them.
My two daughters have a lot of Barbies.


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee-Ann!
Your blog is so beautiful. "Pear tree cottage" - I love this title and I love pears and any fruit.
And this amazing music!
Pleasse don't be startled when you see big errors- my English is not good yet.
I'll be back read more.
All the best to you!

Gina E. said...

Hi Lee-Ann, great to see you back online - lovely photos and all! Roses are gorgeous with or without water, it seems. Nearly everyone I know down here who have roses in their gardens are reporting the best showing for years. Our new native plants are all thriving - we made the right decision at the right time, I think!
Ken and I were so surprised when you rang to tell us Andre was on tv!! I was in the kitchen and called out 'who was that on the phone?' and when Ken said it was you, I flew in saying "why didn't you call me!" He explained why you phoned, and we changed channels to watch Andre with you - wasn't that a great show! We have the DVD, but still watched the show on tv that night.
We were talking tonight about what is coming up on the calender next month, and we have the 16th marked. Is it still on? We might stay overnight in the same motel as last time. Talk soon!

Morning Glory said...

I enjoyed your holiday meme answers in all three posts. The addition of the pictures was a nice touch.

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-Ann
I do remember recievind a lovely doll with a hard face and a cloth body.But did buy my Girls Barbies and the tree of them have passed them onto there girls including little wardrobes full of clothes. Take care Keep smiling

Sue said...

Lee Ann,
Loved this holiday meme. I will be doing it soon too. Your house sounds filled with the lovely Christmas spirit and the grandkids make it so very special.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee-ann ~ I hope you have got used to the different computer by now. Good
answers to the meme.Thanks for your comments. My trip was to a funeral at Mt. Beauty, and the ads are for Big W. We have had it for years, but they have recently put in more shops. It has been a mess for months, so will be good to have it finished. I am pleased Millers have a shopt there now. Take care, Le, Merle.

Pamela said...

What a wonderful and enjoyable meme to read! I also had the original first Barbie doll and could just kick myself for giving her away. lol It is always a pleasure to meet new people, thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments, I will be back as I loved reading your blog too! Enjoy your weekend! :)

Tammy said...

My daughter and I read your meme together as I am here at her house in Kentucky right now...I loved the answers to the meme!!
I can't imagine 8 grandchildren under 5 years old!!!
What joy, what fun!!!

PEA said...

Loved all your answers Lee-Ann:-) You sound so much like me, loving this time of year and having fun with it!! I miss having young children around the most during the holidays...I told my boys they're no fun anymore since they're adults! lol Have a wonderful weekend my friend and well done on the meme!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Just popping in from frozen Northern Idaho in the USA ... to bring Christmas greetings. Hey, I had the same Barbie doll as a young girl.

DellaB said...

Welcome back Lee-Ann - losing your computer can be very stressful, and SO time consuming.

The roses seem to do the best of all the plants when it comes to lack of water, don't they... I am planning to plant some somewhere in my 'new' garden space.

Thanks for doing the meme - I bet that brought up some memories for you.


Nicole said...

Hello poppet, Your favourite month is nearly here.... how exciting. We put up our tree yesterday and the decorations should be finished by the end of this week. I have a few things to make that I did'nt get time to do last year. I cannot wait. Much love, Nicole xox.

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