Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas in my kitchen........Just a little more.

This is my kitchen Christmas decorations one taken at night and the other this morning.
I love to decorate every room and love the warm feeling it gives me in my heart.
Over the many years hubby and I have been partners in life we have collected many pieces of the "friendly village" dinner setting by Johnson bros and this is just a couple of pieces set out for display.
We have a setting for 38 now and at times wished me had more with the house filled to the rafters with family and friends at Christmas time.
I am still looking for an old large soup terrine and know I will find it one day. I did buy one several years ago with the soup spoon and all but it arrived in thousands of pieces and I could have cried for days when I took the lid of that box.
Anyway this is the photo I took last night and it shows some of the pieces of the Christmas scene.
When I look at the plate all I can see is our children growing up to have families of their own and my mother enjoying her first christmas dinner cooked by me! :o) I can hear the laughter that family and friends have over the years brought to this humble little cottage and the warmth of friendship that is shared by us all.

This is my kitchen bench this morning I have a busy vintage kitchen and just love it that way. :o)

I do hope you are all enjoying your day as we here begin Tesday the 5th of December gosh that makes it 20 days to Christmas day.

gosh!! so much to do so little time to do it!!!

This is my Tuesday to share with friends.


Allison said...

Thanks for stopping by to look at my winter photos - I'm glad you enjoyed them! I love your lighthouse picture.

I spent a year in the Philippines, so had a Christmas with palm trees and sun... it's definitely different!

Morning Glory said...

Lee-ann - I don't know if you ever buy on Ebay, but there are some of those soup tureens for sale there right now. I typed in the words "friendly village johnson brothers soup" and several came up.

I hope you find one.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I know that I would really love your home.Everytime that I come to your site and see what you have posted it just looks like a very friendly and inviting place to come and visit. You just live on the other side of the world from me though. But isn't it great with the internet and technology that we can become friends this way. I think it is wonderful!! Take care and enjoy your Tuesday. I need to finish up my Monday first...smile Sandy

Dawn said...

Thank you for dropping by today. YOu must have visited my SIL, Morning Glory, and seen the table she posted as well - my brother's choirs were singing. Another lady, Grafted Branch, also went to such an event this week-end. We've had it at our church now for 4 or 5 years and it has been such a delightful way to spend a few hours on a Saturday before Christmas.

Your house looks so cozy. I would love to visit - in fact, have always wanted to go to Australia. Thanks for coming by and please come back!

AnastasiaC said...

what lovely decorations - so much fun this time of the year!!

Granny K said...

Hello Lee-ann, thank you for visiting my blog, it's very nice to meet you!
I've enjoyed reading your holiday meme. I love Christmas too, especially now with the grandbabies to enjoy.

Sue said...

Hi Lee Ann,
I love your Johnson Bros China! You certainly have years of wonderful memories to think about each time you serve on those! Morning Glory has a great idea about ebay!
Too bad the one you found was broken.

Blue the Spa Girl said...

Lee-ann thanks for visiting my blog! I like yours too, as for big old soup turrines (sp?) I love them.
Is old Willow Johnson Bros? I think it is, I am a china amateur.
Love your decorations!
I'll be back....

Remiman said...

Welcome back, I've missed you. You christmas decorations are magnificent. I'm envious. ;-)

cathrina said...

the pcitures in the kitchens are simply amazing..christmas has always been a close to my heart celebration.. do come over to my blog to celebrate the spirit of christmas with me..

Lisa said...

oh my oh my! 20 days. I'm hoping we will put up our tree today. I've vacuumed and cleaned and made a little space.

I love the memories that you so kindly share with us. The dishes are so sweet and I feel completely enriched just by dropping by today.

Janet said...

I always love "visiting" in your home. You have the most beautiful things and I always feel right at home. I stopped by yesterday for a quick nibble from your new Christmas plates but didn't have a chance to comment.

PEA said...

Dear Lee-Ann, I just simply LOVE your kitchen decorations and it's especially so much more meaningful that each item brings so many wonderful memories of days past!! xox

Merle said...

Hi Lee-ann ~ Lovely decorations, and also different photos of Melbourne.
Love your crockery and hope you can get the terrine at some stage.
Thanks for your kind comments I have
an old book called "Philosopher's Scrapbook" and another "Hospital Half-hour" and I find lots of little poems etc in those. Glad you enjoy the posts. I am so sorry your friend lost her Mum so close to Christmas.
Take care Lee-ann, Love, Merle.stziceqmqcoqro

Barb said...

All your decorations are just lovely, Lee-ann. Thank you for the beautiful photos.

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