Sunday, December 03, 2006

Snaps of summer & sun down under!!! :o)

It is summer time down here in Australia and my hubby and I were in Melbourne for a few hours and just loved the way summer brings out the people, the sunshine and the bright blue sky. So here are some random photos we took to share with you all and for those who are snowed in and cold! on this beautiful Sunday (sorry) :o)

At Port Melbourne the restaurants and the crystal clear waters of the bay crash into each other at this very spot. It is a lovely place to find a little corner out of the wind and eat fish and chips out of paper...........and feed the seagulls too.

Learner driver?? this yacht was beautiful and had just pulled away from a long lunch at one of the restaurants found down there.

Fun in the sun!!! Aussie style this time of the year it is not too hot but then again definately not cold either. That looks like a lot of fun!!

A family enjoy their sunday under a big palm tree by the bay in a great swing park. This is in the Port melbourne to st.kilda area.

Some summer fun yachts just waiting to go out and test the summer waters of the bay! I would love to be on one right now and I know hubby would too.

Down at Port Melbourne pier the light house to guide all the yachts to safe waters.

These two dear older ladies were sitting and watching a summer day stroll past and enjoying the warmth of our summer sun. I wonder what they were chatting about they looked like dear friends for many years and now they are on my blogger page forever.

Just a view of happenings by the bay! the sand was warm to walk on and fun to be beside seeing as we are "from the country" :o)

Sunday blessings in all shapes and sizes!

This is our Sunday to share with friends around the world and close at home.


Sigrun said...

It is funny, to see summerphotos when I sit here in my room with a woodburner!
I wish you a nice first Advent!


DellaB said...

Lovely sun-shots Lee-ann, thanks

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Thanks Lee-ann for showing us your part of the world. It is rainy here in Georgia and a little cool. We have all kinds of weather here and so we never know just what the winter time is going to be like. It is VERY HOT in the summer time but the winter is usually just pleasant. I hope you are having a grand time. Sandy

Petunia's Gardener said...

Oh my, that does look like such a nice day. I enjoy the vintage items also and really appreciated seeing some of your Christmas collection. Thanks for visiting Petunia's Garden too

Sue said...

Hi Lee Ann,
We have a cozy fire burning today. It's pretty chilly outside, although we do have sunshine.
Looks like a perfect summer day and the pictures of the bay and harbor are just beautiful...

~Flora~ said...

It's amazing that it's summer somewhere! It looks so warm. I love all the photos and got a smile out of the two elderly ladies who have no idea they are famous and on the internet! :o)
Thanks for sharing your sunny summer photos.

Janet said...

I enjoyed your summer photos. We are having a beautiful day, too although cooler than yours. I think we may hit 60ยบ today. I loved the photo of the two older women chatting on the bench. They have no idea they are being seen by so many people all around the world!!

Lisa said...

Looks like a fun place. BTW, I commented on the price of your new dishes above but I forgot to say how much I love them. They are just perfect. They look like candy and the little snowbabies are so adorable. I have always loved snowbabies. :)

PEA said...

That's it...I'm moving to Australia! lol We just had a winter storm and today it's snowing again and very cold...oh well, at least it looks Christmassy! lol Loved all your pictures...look at that blue sky! Beautiful!! xoxo

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-ann
Lovely Summer Photo's Of Port Melbourne its been a few years since Ive been there. we got a ver hot day forecast for Saturday 44c A day to stay indoors with air con on

Kerri said...

How I love to see the beautiful white Aussie sand and the azure water! I'm soaking up your sunshine through my eyes, if not my skin!
Lovely photos Lee-ann. Thanks so much for sharing them.
I really love your Christmas music. Where did you find it?

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