Saturday, January 06, 2007

Don't look now BUT!!! it is raining (well a little bit anyway)

The farmers could do with a drop of rain from the heavens.
This is a photo taken the other weekend when we went on our day trip and the paddocks all the way there looked like this I can even see the gum trees starting to struggle without a drop or two of rain.
Many farmers do not have a lot of stock as they have to buy in food. this is a mother and child I just loved the way they looked at us so out came the camera.
As you can see not much feed on the ground.

It is trying to rain ever so hard the wind is rushing in all directions and the comment on the town streets this morning was not the normal "good morning how are you today" it was "good morning! hope it rains on you!"

This is the photos I took just before going to work and I know I am not good at taking nature photos but I think you can see we could get a cloud burst! right over the top of us......Well we hope so anyway.
We have just heard the fire truck go out because along with rain clouds comes lightning so lets hope that it is not going to be a fire that gets out of control.

This is our Saturday and yours too when it gets to your part of the world.


AnnieElf said...

Your Saturday has probably ended and mine doesn't start for an hour. I hope the lightning didn't start any fires. Raining here a bit too. Not so much today but high winds that can be very alarming.

Sheila said...

Hoping you got that much needed rain, NOT the lightning..
I love the greeting about the rain.
How much some of us take for granted.
Have a good wet weekend.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hey Lee-Ann...It must be awful just waiting and waiting for God to send some rain your way!! I can see that you really need it...and NO you are not bad at taking pictures at all. My Saturday Photo hunt is up. You should join us. It is fun. Sandy

PEA said...

What beautiful pictures but oh my, it's sad to see how very dry it is over there. I do hope you get rain SOON!! That one picture of the mommy and baby sheep is just adorable!! xoxo

Susie said...

It's very cold here (below freezing) Hope you get the much needed rain. Your ground just looks parched..

meggie said...

Hi Lee Ann, thanks for visiting my blog. I have enjoyed your posts very much, & love you pics.
I too love to see old houses & wonder who the inhabitants were, & why they abandoned their home.
Love you grandchildren! You are so lucky to have so many!
Still I love our 2 dearly, & count ourselves lucky to have any.

Tammy said...

I pray you get all the raindrops you require!!

Jeanette said...

Gday Lee-Ann
"Happy New year"
The country side sure is dry "what does rain look like?" its that long ive forgotten. We had lightning last night and very black clouds but no rain it missed us. ((hugs))

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