Sunday, January 07, 2007

A little oak tree -- will become a big oak tree

In our back yard we have a HUGE!! oak tree a true gentle giant.
and every year the little acorns drop to the ground and there they sit some get raked up and many get crushed by the cars but just a few each year sprout and before you know it a little baby oak tree will appear.
Well hubby and I have saved many of these over the years and given them to friends or planted them in gardens around the town and beyond unknown to others. :o)
We have several here that have survived the harsh cold and the hot dry summers and this little one below is the latest of these gentle giants as it starts its life as a tiny little tree at the moment no bigger then a large leave from its mother.

This is the beginning of a little tree and we hope it will be here for a hundred or so years.
It stands just 8 inches high at the moment and I give it a little water every day in the hopes that our children, their children and the children after that will enjoy the cool shade from this little oak tree one day.
Here is another in our yard, this oak is now a three year old and it stands in the middle of our vegetable garden beds and gives shade to all who linger there. It is a beautiful tree and it is hard to believe it was as its little mate above a tiny acorn that survived and was planted here by hubby jsut three summers ago.
It is now about 10 feet high and going strong.

And here is a view of their mother a huge tree filled with birds and it has been here now for over 80 years and we treasure that it belongs to us and lives on our land and gives shade to our home. (o! and lots of building material at the moment lol lol lol too)
Here is the top of the tree a mature very large oak tree planted by a caring person who 80 years ago knew I am sure that I would one day take a moment to share this very tree with all my blogger friends and what a lovely tree it is too.

We care for it as if it is family and you know as silly as it is our neighbour once chopped a branch off it that was over the fence and I cried I was so upset about it.

We have many nests in this tree and generations of different birds call it home.

I hope your Sunday will be like ours humbling and gentle in its very moment through time.

blessings to you all. Lee-ann


Gina E. said...

Oooh, I'm the first to comment here! This story about your oak tree and her babies is just delightful. We had two small oaktrees in our front yard when we moved in here, but we dug them out and gave them to our friends in Taradale. That was 25 years ago, and those little 4 foot trees are now HUGE and the sheep are very grateful for the shade they supply. If we had left them in our yard, they would have pushed the house over by now - LOL!

Sheila said...

I love to see posts like this..!
I have maple in my yard that I grew from a seed about 15 years ago. It is about 25 feet tall, and the seed came from a neighbour's yard. He inherited the tree from a previous owner, and I recall the day it was planted. While the mother tree has grown, it is much smaller and sadder than her child in my yard.I find such a sense of accomplishment in planting something so tiny and knowing it will be here long after I am not.
I hope your Sunday was good, I am just beginning mine.

Peggy said...

I just love our oak trees! We have such a wonderful canopy in the summer from their branches. I do get tired of them just alittle in the fall when all those leaves fall. :) We have lots of squirrels that enjoy the acorns but like you I give little oak trees away to family and friends.

Susie said...

I loved this post LeeAnn. I'm so glad you treasure that 80 year old tree so!
In my grandparents back yard there was a huge Oak Tree. We had so many lovely picnics on the grass beneath it and three different generations enjoyed the tire swing hanging from one of the big branches.
Special memories!

Marcia said...

Hello Lee-ann, oak trees grow very well here in NZ, we have some magnificent examples in Hamilton, many over 100yrs old ! I love them, well all trees really .. Would you believe I have been in your neck of the woods and a very nice place it is. My cousin and family live in Kyneton and I stayed with them for a week in 2001. I enjoyed driving around the area in Lance`s old ute, he has a wonderful garden and I hope you have had some rain by now - I could send you buckets from here !!

meggie said...

Really enjoyed this post about your Oaks. As you know, I love them too. I think I would have cried when the neighbour 'amputated' the branch too. The give wonderful shade in summer, & the leaves make great mulch. We dont have a large enough land piece to grow Oaks, but we have a huge, wonderful Lily Pili, that I wont let GOM cut a thing off!

Janet said...

Oak trees are so beautiful and lucky you to have them in your yard. I'm so glad you care for the babies and transplant them or give to others to transplant. So many trees and other plants are just dying out. You're keeping the oak trees going.

PEA said...

Oak trees are indeed so majestic and when you think of it, trees see so many families through generations. It's an awesome thought! Like you, I also dig out the little seedlings that come out from our trees in our yard and I go plant them across the field. In the 28 years I've lived here, I've started quite a little forest across there! lol Much love xoxo

Meow said...

What a gorgeous tree. We had one on our property in North Blackburn, Victoria, where I grew up. I used to collect the acorns !! They are magical trees.
Hope the year is treating you well so far.
Take care, Meow

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