Friday, January 19, 2007

It is raining NO! it is pouring! down hard - what a blessing

O! the joy of rain! how wonderful to see the buckets full to overflow.
It is raining very hard bucketing down as they say here and it is a dark sky with thunder and we have leaks in the roof, the dog is drenched, the mud is clinging to my shoes and we am so happy hubby and I.
Just a simple photo taken from our back door by a lady with a very big smile on her face. look at that bucket of water from the heavens! beautiful

I am even happy to see my washing dangle in the rain! :o)

Hubby and I just last night took a walk around our garden and decided when the drought broke we would start our garden again, we have had so many trees and roses and other treasures die and we could do nothing to stop it. We have been unable to water infact a fine would be given if we were seen with a hose attached to our taps. We caught the bath water and shower water but many plants just do not like the drink up my dear plants save yourselves!

Hope upon hope it rains for a couple of days!!!

Thank you to everyone who left me such kind comments on my last post and emailed with very kind support. I am now looking forward and am happy to report no drama's have been had over the last couple of days at the shop. You were all right just puffed up anger that lead to no where.

blessings in the rain here!!!!! this Friday


Morning Glory said...

Three cheers for the rain! I'm so glad you're getting so much. It must feel like liquid gold right now.

JunieRose said...

Wonderful you're getting the rain! It's beautiful. isn't it! :)


Daisy Lupin said...

Pleased to find you again. I had lost your site when I had a computer crash. Reading your previous posting, which must have been very frightening for you, I am glad my pansies helped. We have had rain for nearly three months, and are on and off floodwatch, but glad you have had some rain at last, perhaps, I should send you over some of ours.

Susie said...

It's raining! It's pouring! YAY!!!
So happy for you and all your garden!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Lee-Ann,could you please send some of that lovely rain up here? We're all gasping it's so dry and of course, it only takes one idiot to throw a smouldering cigarette butt out the window of their car and we'd have fires, too. God forbid!

I'm glad to see that you have rain and I hope it's enough to encourage you to garden again.

Val said...

Wasn't the sound of it on the roof music to the ears this morning? It is just wonderful. I know what you mean about not caring if the wash on the line got wet. Sometimes of late I've hung up the wash thinking "Come on, rain on it, drench it so much that I have to put it through the spin cycle again" but no such luck.

Janet said...

Oh, that's wonderful! Rain!! Your plants can drink to their heart's content.
Glad to hear there's been no more drama at the shop, too. All in all this was a great day!

Granny said...

Hi and a very belated thank you for your comment on "granny" the other day.

Love to see you visit anytime.


P. S. I'm so glad your drought seems to have ended.

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-ann pleased to hear no more drama at the shop.
Were still wishing for a good drop of rain had .2m overnight, today not a drop but very Humid sky. 37c possible rain forecast tomorrow Sat. Im happy the rain fell on the fires... Take care (((HUGS))))

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your day was better than yesterday. I would dearly like a bucket or two sent up to Queensland please my friend. My rose garden is on strike! Lots of love, Nicole xox.

Carol said...

Yes three cheers for your Rain in Victoria, it was needed to put out the bush fires,it is pity we didn't get the rain in NSW our dams are becoming quite low and water restrictions very harsh at the moment...It is so sad to see our grasses so brown and and our plant life dying.So when we receive any minute shower it most certainly is a blessing.

Kerri said...

What a joy to see and smell the rain! I hope it's still pelting down.
How sad it must make you feel to not be able to water your beautiful roses and other plants when they're so thirsty.
Very glad to hear there's been no further drama at the shop!
Enjoy your you always do...and sleep well tonight dear friend. xox

Gina E. said...

Wasn't it great! We had a bucketing here too, for a few hours, and our grass is green again already! We are heading off to Phillip Island tomorrow for a few days with friends, and the weather forecast is for rain and thunderstorms. We're not complaining!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Thank our good Lord that Rain has finally come to your part of the Country!! WOW!! I can only imagine how happy this must make everyone there not to mention the plants and the ground!! I hope it keeps raining and raining just for you guys!! Sandy

LisaOceandreamer said...

This is definitely a time when the old rhyme "rain, rain go away" does NOT apply. What a joy to see it and feel it I'm sure!!

Wildflower Cabin said...

Someone must have done a rain dance! :o) I'm so happy for you...there is nothing like the smell of a rain after a long hot dry spell. Isn't it heavenly? I love your photos and especially the wet laundry hanging out. I hope all of your trees and plants get a good long drink and survive!

PEA said...

Oh such great news to hear that you've been getting some rain!! I've seen so many pictures of how dry it is over there and the rain was so very much needed. Hopefully it will continue for a while! So glad that things are quiet at work again!!!! Take care dear Lee Ann! Hugs xoxo

Meow said...

Goodness, I just read your last post ... hope you are doing OK. Must be very scary.
Isn't it wonderful, all that lovely wet stuff falling from the heavens !! It has been raining here in Melbourne, on and off all day. Nothing heavy, but I can see my garden smiling !! Hope it continues !!
Take care, Meow

Kali said...

oh my gosh!
SO GLAD that everything turned out okay...what is the world coming too?
I'm so happy for that you are getting some much needed rain too :)
Having a lovely weekend LeeAnn.
p.s Your grandson is so cute!

miss*R said...

ooh that is wonderful Lee-ann! is it still raining? it breaks my heart to see our gorgeous gardens die because of this dreadful drought, which I fear, is part of our life now. If I were you, I would have been running wildly through the puddles!

Barb said...

We've been going through a drought for years here in Colorado so believe me, I know what a joy it is when it rains. I actually went outside and stood in the rain one day this past summer, it was just that welcome. I love these photos. All that lovely water for your plants and trees.

I just read your previous post, too. Good grief, some people are just evil! There was just no excuse for someone getting upset over the price of a garment. Thankfully, you've reported a happy ending but what a worry that had to be.

DellaB said...

really good news, the rain, yep I can see the smile from here!

That was a terrible thing with the shop, I am pleased to see that you realise the seriousness - these days you have no idea who's around you, as you mentioned, a good wake-up call to keep your head up...

Merle said...

Hi Lee-ann ~~ Rain, glorious rain - - we
had 20mms here so that is great, hoping for more of course.
I am so sorry you had that awful scare at the op shop, and glad it turned out OK.
Some people are never satisfied and I am
sure te items were not over-priced.
Glad you are OK and even SMILING !!
Take care, Love, Merle.

Tammy said...

glad you got a good blessed rain!!

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Oh, Blessed Rain! We have had NONE this winter in my part of California and that means drought this summer and delayed crops. It's not good. Oh, how I wish it would rain...

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