Wednesday, January 17, 2007

What a sad day.........for some and a wake up for me

Hello all my friends around the world I am most greatful for this day and the evening too as today was like no other in my life and to share it with you all may help me make sense of the event.
I am sure those who have read my blog before know I am a volunteer at an op-shop or recycle shop as some call them.....anyway I am now a part time manager and work full time when the manager is on holidays as she is at the moment.
So for the past three weeks I have been there every day, six days a week and I love every moment of it.
Today however was different.......don't get me wrong it started the same as all the other days have getting ready to open the shop. Then I served some lovely people chatted with a nice lady from New Zealand and sold a few things.
The volunteer helper and I enjoyed a lunch together of fruit and a cup of tea and a good chat as well.........................THEN our world changed.
The phone rang and head office was on the phone asking me had I had any threatening phone calls or verbal abuse this day I said no why they then told me to get the volunteer to bring our outside display in and ask anyone inside the shop to please leave, I was asking all the time what is going on as I gave the lady with me the instructions on what to do.
Then I was told to ask the volunteer to quickly leave the shop and I could phone her later and I was to lock the back area and the front I was getting worried but I knew the lady who was giving me the instructions so did as I was told and then she told me the police were on their way to have a chat with head office had received a very threatening bomb threat against our shop and the person on the phone threatened the staff here also, they were going to throw a bomb through the front windows.
I was so angry at hearing this and told the staff at head office about the person who did a little yelling the day before because they felt the clothes were too costly.......... she said yes she knew as they then rang head office and complained about the costings and were very nasty yesterday too.
anyway I gave a description of the person and any other information I could to the police and they then waited for me to grab my keys turn off the lights and lock up and they escorted me to my car and I was told to go home.
It was not until I got home that I understood the dangerous situation I was in and that it was a shock to think that someone who had a silly argument about the cost of a second hand item could then tell you they were going to put you, your dear helpers and the shop in danger.
I have to go back there tomorrow and open the shop again and I am not looking forward to what I may have to deal with when I get there. But I will not let it stop helping those who nead our help
Thanks for letting me share this with you all I know there are these kind of people out there but it is not until it affects you personally that you understand the content of the threat.
I feel better now I have shared this day with you all and lets hope that I am able to share many! many more days with you all my friends and that nothing does happen.
The full time manager and my friend when she gets back will have to make me lots of cups of coffees to make up for all this drama I am involved in by taking her place at the shop while she is having a nice holiday! lol lol lol lol!!!!
sad to say BUT! this is and was my Tuesday.


Autumn said...

Oh what a terrible thing to have happen. I can not imagine how frightened you must be. I would not want to go back to work the next day no matter how brave I felt. I certainly hope they will post a police officer outside your shop until the person making these threats is found. Stay safe, and know I am thinking of you.

Susie said...

Lee Ann,
What a very scary thing to happen to you. You're very brave to feel like you are ready to go back today!
I'll be praying for you dear friend..

amelia said...

That's just awful!!! Where do these people get off threatening like that??? Who do they think they are??????? It makes me so angry to read this.

You are brave going back tomorrow but don't let people like this control your life.

Morning Glory said...

Oh goodness! LeeAnn, that frightening and I'm so glad you're safe. I hope they can do something about that person so he can't continue with these kinds of threats.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Lee-Ann. How silly of one individual to be that angry over prices? That is just insane!! I am surprised you were willing to go back but then again I guess you cannot back down to people like this. There are so many crazies in this world anymore!! This makes me mad!! Please stay safe!! Let us all know how you are...thanks for sharing this with us..Sandy

AnnieElf said...

Dear Lee-Ann, What a terrible thing to have to deal with. I'm so glad you and all are okay. The yelling person was no doubt a bit mental. Well, a LOT mental. Keep us posted. Annie

Lee-ann said...

Thank you everyone for your kindness it helped a lot last night writing it all out here with you all but I am still having trouble in my mind describing the person.........anyway after just three hours sleep I will be there in a little while and so will the police and my husband as he is going to be there while I open the back area were all the donations are kept. I am not brave believe me just think the foolish person is not going to win here.
Blessings to you my friends.

Peggy said...

So glad everything turned out ok. Hope they find this person and they have to account for this stupid behavior.

starnitesky said...

Lee-Ann - what a shock for you, thank you for sharing this, I hope it has helped you. I will be thinking about you opening the shop, I hope all goes well and you are safe.

Kerri said...

How scary for you. There certainly are some incredibly unbalanced people out there who can make life very difficult for others.
I'm sorry you had this awful experience and hope that it won't be repeated.
I'll be praying that the rest of the week will bring comfort and safety! Sending a hug! xox

Valerie said...

Dear Lee-Ann,
I can't believe that such a thing could happen in the quiet area that is your part of the world. Libraries also seem to attract a strange element in the population, and while I was working, especially in the evenings and on the weekends when as the reference librarian I was the senior person on duty, it was always in the back of my mind that something horrible could happen. I managed to retire without such an incident. You however have been very unfortunate. You are in my thoughts.

Alison said...

Hi Lee Ann
Sounds a bit like life imitating art. If it wasn't so real you would be looking for the camera. It is a sad part of our lives that this sort of thing can happen

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh Lee-Ann, how awful for you. But some people just don't know how lucky they are to have a place, run by volunteers, to get good cheap clothing - they expect everything for nothing and give no thought to people like yourself who willing give up their time to help others.

I hope the person is caught and that they get the professional help they obviously need.

Take care

Hugs xoxo

Lee-ann said...

Thank you all so very much for your kindness I am still having trouble getting the comment he made out of my head as told to me by the lady at head office.

He said to them "tell those two bitches at the they have a few minutes to get out as I am going to throw a petrol bomb through the front window" and much more.

Today was quiet except those regulars who just wanted to give me their support for which I am sincerley greatful.


Jeanette said...

DEar Lee-Ann,
How Terrible! im so glad your safe
You must have been so frightened when told what was happening and trying to stay calm at the same time getting everyone out of the shop.I feel like the otheres you are being very brave going back in the morning to open up, I hope you have someone with you to open up
Stay safe((((Hugs))))

JunieRose2005 said...


What a terrible thing to go through! It's just too bad there are that kind of people walking around-free- to cause trouble-and to want to harm decent and nice people!
I'm so sorry this happened to you.


Janet said...

OMG! I can't imagine someone being that upset over prices to threaten innocent people. What is the world coming to?? I'm so glad you and the others are all ok. What a scary day for everyone. I think LOTS of cups of coffee, at the very least, is in order from the boss!

Tammy said...

Oh Lee-ann...I hope your Wed was worlds better...maybe they caught the person...please keep us updated!!

meggie said...

How very upsetting for you.
Having been proprietors of Hotels, we have faced threats similar to this- my husband had a gun held to his head.
Do try to realise it was a 'crazy' & it would not really be 'personal.' A lowlife indeed to threaten a charity shop & the staff.

PEA said...

Dear Lee Ann, oh my goodness how terrible! It really makes me angry too that someone would even think of hurting anyone that is trying to help others...what has this world of ours become!! Please stay safe and be so very careful! Thinking of you! Hugs xoxox

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow will be better for, I just know it. Hopefully the person responsible has had time to reflect upon their actions and seen some light at the end of their dark and damp tunnel. I can't help but wonder who it was and why they did it. Thinking of you my friend. Lots of love, Nicole xox.

Gina E. said...

How horrid for you, darling girl. What a world we live in...a friend of mine had a gun shoved in her face when she was a teller at the National Bank a few years ago. She had nightmares about that for years after. I hope the bloke who threatened you was just full of piss and wind...probably slept it off and forgotten all about it now.

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

How awful! How Frightening! YOu handled it like a trooper, though. Isn't it distressing how few people seem to be able to handle being thwarted or dissapointed in any way, these days? They have no perspective! I truly hope you were not in any REAL danger, and that this disgruntled person actually knows nothing about making bombs!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lee-ann,
I am so sorry you had such a horrible thing happen to you. I hope they will put some they will put some extra security there till they find this person. Please take good care of yourself and I will say a prayer for safety.


Granny said...

Oh, you must have been so frightened. I'm one of these people and it sounds like you are as well with whom it doesn't register until later when it's all over.

Good for you for "getting back on the horse". It must have been diffcult.

LisaOceandreamer said...

oh Lee-Ann that had to be so scary, I can't imagine wanting to go back again but it sounds like you really have a commitment to helping people. How sad there are those who become so disgruntled over the slightest thing that they have to be threatening. Please let is know if there is any further news. Stay safe.
I'll be thinking of you!
oh and your grandson is adorable!!

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