Wednesday, January 31, 2007

O! Pear Tree Cottage's pear trees :o)

The wonderful thing about Holidays at home is you do those things you just simply wish you had time for everyday of the year.
Our garden is struggling at the moment and as many know water is just not available to us here now unless it rains but still the very old (over eighty years) Pear trees give forth just some pears that tells me all will be well next year and the pears and apples WILL! survive.
They may be small this year and they do not cover the trees but this little pear and all the others I am lucky enough to have had the time to pick today will be sweet and Delicious I am sure.
When we decided to renovate our humble little cottage we looked at this pear tree and decided we could do nothing else except work around it and keep it there for as long as we were the owners of this little piece of heaven.

The pears look rather nice on my kitchen table. Well to be correct it isn't truly mine (well I guess it is now) but I always look at this table and think of my dear grandmother. It was her kitchen table and we had many, many meals on this table in her lovely home and memories always flood back when I sit here in the quiet of the morning with a cup of tea.

The dish my pears sit in was my great grandmothers so you see I am a lover of all things old, so the pears suit this display because they come from a very old tree in my garden.

This is my wordless Wednesday Photo :o)

Vintage pears in a very vintage dish on a vintage Table.

This is my holiday Wednesday!


AnnieElf said...

How happy I am that you respected the life of that venerable pear tree. I think she must be almost like a family member. Your last photographs looks almost like a painting. Beautiful.

Susie said...

Dear LeeAnn,
I love the story of the pear tree and
of your wonderful vintage things from your Grandma! The pears in the bowl are just lovely.
You have such a beautiful spirit and it brings me such joy to visit you!

Lee-ann said...

Thank you Annie and Susie, for the very first time since I have had my blog I will admit (quietly) that I did sit back and take another little look at the last photo in a vanity way! goodness I whispered that!!! lol lol as it is just not me to be like that.
:o) Lee-ann

JunieRose said...


That's such a perfect picture!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Great post and such great memories to have of your grandmother. I have the same kind but I dont have them around me like you do. I do have memories when I see certain things like flowers or smell certains things then I remember her. That is the way I remember. Have a great Thursday...Sandy

PEA said...

It all looks so perfect, all put together like that! Beautiful! LeeAnn, you have such a way of arranging things that are so pleasing to the eye!! Those pears look so yummy! Hugs xoxo

miss*R said...

I have an old pear tree in my garden as well as an ancient apple. the pear is doing ok but the apple tree struggles.
it is amazing how resilient our gardens can be - like they are telling us - all is ok in the world xox

Gwen said...

Hi Lee-Anne..
Nice photos the pears from your tree look ok too.
The pear is one of my favourites
thanks for dropping by.
Keep Well.

the night owl said...

Hi LeeAnn,
I am having a great time reading all the posts.I started mine last Friday.I have to learn, as I go , to get better at blogging.
Come to my site and visit. Have a good day.

LisaOceandreamer said...

This is such a lovely vignette and the story behind the setting even lovelier. What beautiful photos!

Morning Glory said...

What a lovely photo of the pears in the bowl. It looks like it could be a famous painting.

Barb said...

Your table looks so nice and inviting. I love the pears in the bowl with some of the leaves. It really is a beautiful photo, Lee-ann, so it's OK to feel a little proud of it. :-)

Tammy said...

what beautiful mouth watering pears!!

Wildflower Cabin said...

I have to tell you that pears are a thing of beauty I never tire of looking at, and these photos are just gorgeous!!! I'm so glad you have your grandmother's table. That's right where it belongs...with you!

Janet said...

The last photo reminds me of a famous painting but I can't think of the name. Your photos are so beautiful. I love pears and I'm so happy that you kept the old pear tree.

Alison said...

Hi Lee-ann
Vintage pears in a vintage dish on a vintage table. What more can one ask for.
Love your photo. How simple things make us happy.

Rosa said...

I am so glad you visited me so I could visit you. Love your blog! Those pears are scrumptious looking. Those colors. Is there anything prettier than nature colors? (kissing fingers)-- tres magnific!

Merle said...

Hi Lee-ann ~~ Great photos and lovely pears, one of my fave fruits. I am
glad there really is a Pear Tree at your Cottage !! Thanks for your visit and I am glad you enjoy the posts. 40 degrees C -- Wow that is hot !! About 104 F. We don't want too many of those. Take care, and keep as cool as you can.The washer woman photos were not so bad. We can't be
all glamorous pegging out washing.
Love, Merle.

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