Sunday, January 14, 2007

Our Sunday blessings - and a Hello to my dear blogger friends!!

This is grandson Mr J and it was his 5th birthday yesterday and what a wonderful grandson he is too.
So to this darling young grandson of ours we wish you, poppi and nanni a wonderful year filled with lots of adventure, lots of new things to learn about and lots of fun too.
He is starting school at the end of this month for the very first time what a thrilling event for you. You will have so much to tell your Nanni and Poppi every time you see us I am sure.

We love you so very much and you are the light of my lives and the joy in our hearts Darling J and we are so very proud of you.

The red scooter was a gift from his mummy, daddy and little sister (the joke teller)

A smile that just melts my heart and always will "Happy Birthday" our darling grandson J

Poppi and J taking the scooter around the streets just to test it out. the bell works well too!!

But it was tired hard work after a party of 20 friends and all that yummy! cake and all that laughter and fun.

This is our blessings today Sunday and always.


Thank you to all my dear Friends for your kind comments on my posts if I have not said it to you personally I say it with much joy now! you are all my dear Friends and while we are many miles and many oceans apart you are and will always be "my friends"

Now who's birthday is next? why it is to be miss F's the joke tellers the first two of 8 dear grandchildrens birthdays this year. :o)

Cheers Lee-ann


Jeanette said...

Hi Dear Lee-Ann
Happy birthday to your lovely grandson he looks cute decked out in his helmet ready to go try his scooter out. Take care

Peggy said...

what a cutie!

AnnieElf said...

What a sweetie. I'll bet is personality is as charming and endearing and his smile.

Susie said...

He's adorable LeeAnn!
Another thing that you and I have in common! We were both celebrating grandchildren's birthdays yesterday!
love and hugs!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday to your cutie-patootie!!

Morning Glory said...

He is a little darling, indeed. And that smile definitely is a heart-melter.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Look at that gorgeous grin! Happy birthday to your little grandson Lee-Ann. I'm sure he will bring you lots of joy.

Hugs xoxo

PEA said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. J!!! Looks like he was having a wonderful time:-) He certainly is a little cutie, that smile of his will melt many hearts!! Much love xoxo

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

He looks like a darling!! He is just a year younger than my youngest grandson..Mine just turned 6 at the first of the year!! Grandkids are wonderful...OF COURSE!! So nice to hear from you!! Sandy

meggie said...

happy birthday to the young man!
I know from experience, that the Mum deserves some credit also, so happy anniversary to her also!

Gwen said...

Hi Lee-Anne..
He is decked out and ready to ride.
They were great shots of the Birthday boy and his sister.
Stay Well.

Kerri said...

Lovely little fellow. I can see how much he's enjoying his new scooter. Thanks for sharing these photos of your dear little grandson. Happy birthday to 'J'!

Granny said...

How nice to have another friend from "down under" (unless we're the ones down under to you).

And (once again belated) Happy Birthday to your adorable grandson. Five can be lots of fun.

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