Saturday, February 10, 2007

Baking for a Birthday girl - flossy the joke teller.

Miss Flossy is going to be three tomorrow.

She has put her order in to "Nanni from Malmsbury"

Fairy cakes and green frog icing!

Also little cup cakes all covered in pink fairy dust.

Yes I'll get to the decorating as soon as they all cool


AND..........ginger bread people like the rhyme.

"run run run as fast as you can you can't catch me I am a gingerbread man"

Well flossy.... Your third birthday will be a lot of fun and yes nanni and poppi will wear dress ups too.

Sundays blessing is for Flossy!........the three year old.

Update...............All done now.

This is my Sunday.........baking! :o)


PEA said...

Flossy is a very lucky little girl..such special treats for her 3rd birthday:-) These are the things that she will grow up remembering...treasures from her grandma!! Have fun at her birthday party! Hugs xox

Morning Glory said...

What a super grandma you are! Those are just beautiful and they look just as yummy as they are pretty.

Happy birthday to Flossy!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Happy birthday to Flossy. You've been working hard Lee-Ann and the cakes look delicious!

Peggy said...

What a lucky granddaughter! Can't wait to see photos and read all about the big day.

zzop357 said...

Heavens!!! How many are coming to see the lovely little birthday girl?
The cupcakes and gingerbread men are making me hungry;).
Take lots of pictures and make lots of memories!! We love to see smiling faces too:)I hope she has a great day and lots of presents!! and wish her Happy Birthday from all of us!!!

Janet said...

All those goodies look so yummy. I hope Flossy has a fantastic birthday. Three years old....that's a special time.

Jeanette said...

Happy Bithday Flossy and look at all those special treats grandma has baked. Have a lovely time at the birthday party.

The Lone Beader said...

All these baked goodies are making me hungry. YUM=:)

Val said...

Whew, I have spots in front of my eyes from looking at all the fairy cakes! Hope it wasn't too hot a day for you to bake, Lee-ann. You sure wouldn't want to be baking now, or over then next few days...

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