Thursday, February 08, 2007

While I was visiting our daughter..........O! my gosh!

Did I tell you two of my eight grandchildren started school for the very first time last week, (the two biggest grandsons) well they are both loving it and have already made friends and the teachers think they are cute (that is not quite sure but I'm their nanni "right" :o)

Anyway yesterday I went to Melbourne to see one of our daughters and her family and was there in time to go to the school with Amanda to get my grandson............see that cute face that is him when he looked up and there was his "nanni from Malmsbury" as he calls me. that smile is just for me.................such a blessed lady I am.

A five year old champion! looking ever so cute in Red

He said ok nanni you can take my photo with me getting my school bag and lunch bag if I can show my treat that I found in my bag..........mummy puts in a treat for me in my lunch. See this is a teeny! tiny! monkey. (it is so lovely grandson J yes I see it!)

This is our daughter Amanda and her two children school boy J and little almost three Miss F. I am going to keep this photo and have it framed it is so lovely. Only thing missing is their dear daddy and my daughters best friend and husband Mr T.

Believe it or not I took this gem of a photo out of the car winder just before I pulled away to head home............I always have a wonderful time visiting my family and on the 1hour drive home I count my blessings over and over..........there are many I am truly grateful for.

HOWEVER.................when I got home hubby and the gang! of workers have started more of our renovation. Today was on the front of our little humble home. Now while I am pleased it is being done, don't get me wrong I am truly! BUT!! did they have to remove my vintage verandah completely..............Well yes I was told it almost fell down when they removed the roofing and quote "darling it will be all back as it was in the wink of an eye" unquote

Well were are they this morning....................doing another job we get paid for so I have to wait now until the next free day that hope upon hope will be early next week.

How sad it looks this morning and another thing :o( they cut down my vintage climbing rose that was over the verandah WITH A CHAIN SAW! men!!!!

I will stand out the front tapping my foot until they are back here to put it all back up again good as new.

For those of you who have seen it how it was and for myself, old but vintage "like the colours of my mind! lar lar lar"

Well the sunset was nice!!!!!

Another Wednesday post but this is my Thursday filled with happiness and horror!

(just kidding DH I know it will be ok soon right?)


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Lee-Ann..what a day for you and what cute grandchildren...NOT to mention what a beautiful daughter you have. You are like me..I have very pretty daughters and grandchildren too. I always wonder where they got their good looks!! good gens I guess!! Smile!! I hope you are having a good day/night!! I never know for sure. smile!! Love reading your posts. Sorry about your roses but I guess you have to know that your house is going to look better. I would hate to see those roses go...Sandy

American lady said...

Dear Lee-ann,

So sad about your gorgeous roses!I remember them well. Tell them not to cut down that beautiful birch tree or they will have to answer to me!

Lots of love!

PEA said...

Awww adorable little grandkids and how wonderful to see your daughter too:-) Love the look on his face when he saw you at school! hehe Oh no, I can imagine your dismay to see your rose vines cut down...MEN all right! lol Love the sunset pictures also, so breathtaking! Hugs xox

Teeny Tiny cabin said...

Dear Lee-Ann,
You have a beautiful family! I so enjoyed your blog!
I know how you feel about your roses-last summer we had a lot of work done on our property-(rerouting of streams, digging out our pond etc.)and my antique Lilac tree was uprooted. We tried to replant it in another spot, but sadly it died. I know that sometimes those things happen. Anyway, I want to thank you for your kind comment and for stopping by the TTC. Enjoyed all your beautiful pictures! Claudia O.

Morning Glory said...

That's a pretty spectacular sunset. We were covered in clouds today, so I didn't get one here.

Your daughter and her children are just lovely.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Lee-Ann, what a beautiful family you have. Starting school is quite special, isn't it?

My commiserations about your verandah and climbing rose. I know what it's like to have the garden vandalised while building is going on. However, just imagine how lovely it'll be when it's finished.

Alison said...

I hope your beautiful china is in a safe place with renovations going on. And fancy cutting the roses!! Your right men just don't understand.

Peggy said...

One of the most perfect days to me is spending it with grandchildren and you have adorable ones! I lost a beautiful grape vine that had grown all up and over my arbor. Seems the guys just had to cut it down and move the arbor to paint the house. :( I think I could have tied it back or something. Sorry you lost your roses and hope they come back.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lee-ann,
I would frame that picture too. What a gorgeous daughter you have...along with the grandkids.

Sorry to hear about your house but cheer up...The future house will look lovely.


Helpmate said...

Renovations are never free of stress, are they? No matter how much planning goes into the process. Glad you enjoyed your day with family. I agree you should frame that photo. So sweet! Thanks for the sunset, as well. Since moving to the mountains, I don't see those as much anymore.

Susie said...

How fun for you to be there for this important day! Just look at the joy on his sweet face as he sees you waiting for him after school. Priceless memory!!
Your poor roses! I hope your new porch makes up for this disappointment..Your sunset photo is amazing!!

Kentucky Gal said...

the only good thing about renovations is the results...just keep that in daughter and the kids are truly beautiful!

Jeanette said...

Hi Lee-Ann
Your allowed bragging rites your grandchilden are beautiful.I understand how you feel with out a Veranda It happened to me when we were renovating the old house I was about a week without it. and was very happy the day the new veranda was completed . Take Care hope all your renovations and veranda are completed quickly.

Miss Eagle said...

vjfhqLee-Ann thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for your wonderful comments. I am so pleased to discover your blog and I can see common interests.

I am responding on this post because I understand. Years ago when my Dearly Beloved was alive we did up an old jerry-built place in Mount Isa in North West Queensland. They were two old flats and we converted them to a four bedroom home. My husband reckons he built a complete new house, a little at a time, including a new roof. The day after the roof went on I ran into a neighbour up the street. She said "I feared for you yesterday when they took the old roof off." You see it all happened while I was at work and DB had cleared up most - but not all - of the mess when I got home. Old roof was gone and new one was on. It undoubtedly was a scary sight. It must have looked to my neighbour like a pack of cards ready to fall over.

Lee-Ann, I note your interest in kitchenalia. You will notice on my blog a post about my forty-year old spatula. A dreadful thing happened to it! My daughter, Herself, thought it was too old and rusty and I shouldn't be using it so, without a word to me, she got rid of it. Could you do me a favour and have a look at the post to see what the spatula looks like and when you are opp-shopping could you keep one eye out for a replacement? As yet, I have not been successful. I would re-imburse you and of course pay postage, etc.

Alice said...

Beautiful photo of your family. Often those 'spur of the moment' shots are the best of all.

Glad your grandsons have settled into school so quickly.

My goodness, your house does look different without the verandah. You will just get used to it in time for it to be put back up.

Don't worry about your rose having been pruned with a chainsaw - I've seen Peter Cundall do that too.

Kerri said...

That's absolutely the best picture of your lovely daughter and her wee ones! Definitely frameworthy! Sometimes we get very lucky with the camera, don't we? Such sweet pics of your grandson at school :)
Oh dear...your poor porch, and the rose....Argh! I hope it all gets put back soon and that you'll get much enjoyment from the renovation.

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