Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The dog barked!........O! the post has just arrived.....for me! thanks

My mums famous sponge cake!

How nice..................So before I tell you about my weekend with my hubby can I show you what came in the post. (thanks, I am going to anyway lol lol lol )
Well it kinda came in the post
My dear mum who lives in another state sent me one of her very delish and very huge! (good one mum) one of her best sponge cake filled with cream and strawberries.
I can tell you if you ever was to visit my mum and Ron ask to have a piece of this delish cake.

Well she didn't really send me the cake but photos of the cake..............O! how hard it is to even look without wanting to take a lick of the fresh whipped cream (even :o) at my age)
Mum your sponges are famous now they are going all over the world for all the friends of the world to see how lovely they truly are.

Your not a bad old chook!!! for 70+ (gosh did I say that :o)) you know I love you so much.

Thanks mum I love you

Our weekend away........part one I think
Our little holiday as I have said was simply wonderful :o) the water was so nice to be near and it is were we belong so one day we are going to have ourselves a sea change and retire were we wake in the morning to the sounds of seagulls chatting on the beach and were I can run around like a little girl again without shoes.

We arrived at the beach at lunch time it was a very! very! hot day (over 105deg I believe) anyway we decided to eat in the car and just take in the view at peterborough this very cute seagull decided my lunch was going to be his lunch too! but sorry seagull there is something about the sea air that makes one so hungry so we had our in car picnic and enjoyed just being away and down by the seaside.

Another look at the lovely beach and rock pools at the peterborough seaside.

We looked at land while we were here and I think at $350,000.00 or $550,000.00 Aust.dollars we won't be living there any time soon.
We then took a trip along the famous lookout spots and went in and stopped at each area to view some of our past and they way it must have been for those who arrived in this country.
We have been there before many times but I still get chills when I think of all the loss of life along this beautiful coast.

Here is a little map of the very famous Loch ard gorge were the Loch ard sailing ship went down with all it passengers and crew except a young woman and young seaman they found their way into this area and were found by farmers. it is a beautiful spot but they do not call this the "ship wreck coast" for nothing.
Hundreds of sailing ships and thousands of passengers risked everything for a life in Australia.

This is were the two young survivors were found and the coast cliffs were all around. The believe the skirt and many petticoats are what saved this woman as it was like a life vest for her. while others were still in night attire and drowned.

If you look at this photo and where the two tiny wave have white caps on your far left up ear the land there that is were the ship went down.

Back down here were all the white water is, is the entrance to the gorge.

I would add more photos but that will have to be it for today the blog is not happy with me moving photos around.

I hope you will not mind if I continue this little holiday trip tomorrow with some more summer photos for you all to enjoy.

This is my Wednesday........

Now were is the sponge cake I would enjoy a piece with a nice cup of tea.


Morning Glory said...

The sea pictures are just beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your vacation.

Wildflower Cabin said...

What gorgeous photos! I can see why you were looking forward to your get-away! I can almost smell the salt air,hear the seagulls calling, and hear the waves crashing against the rocks. And your mum's cake...oh my goodness! It does look beyond delicious and I love the photo of her holding it. :o)

Susie said...

I could look at pictures of the sea all day. Yours seems a more vivid shade of blue than ours. Perhaps it was just sunnier.
Your Mom's cake looks scrumptious!
At least you won't gain weight just looking at the pictures! LOL!!

Hillside Garden said...

That's very nice from your mum, to bring such a wonderful cake with strawberrys. Your photos are wonderful.


Janet said...

I do love your photos of the sea. It's one of my favorite places to visit....and I don't do it nearly as often as I would like!
Your mom's cake looks so delicious! I might have to drop in on her and ask for a slice!

Jeanette said...

Lovely photo's of your getaway weekend.and that strawberry sponge yummy!! reminded me of my M.I.L no
longer with us.when she used bake them for our visits to her and for birthdays. Look forward to more of your holiday photo's. Take care try to stay cool.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could be on the receiving end of one of those yummy cakes. You are a lucky girl!!

Love all your vacation pictures. Everything looks so crisp and clear. Thanks for sharing such beautiful images.


PEA said...

I was just about ready to lick my monitor when I saw that strawberry sponge cake! Yummy!! It sure does look delish! Gosh, Lee-Ann, I can't get over how much you look like your mum:-) Such a wonderful picture of her!! Your holiday pictures are gorgeous...oh how I'd love to be able to see all of that for myself! Can't wait to see the rest:-) Hugs xoxo

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

Your Mum`s cake looks yummy and your holiday pics wonderful!


Kentucky Gal said...

I'm warm now...just looking at the gorgeous pictures!!
And hungry...that cake looks divine!!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Now to just sit down and have a nice cuppa tea and a piece of that wonderful looking sponge cake of your mum's and chat!! Wouldn't that be the best of FUN!! WOW!! I would just love meet you and chat!! Sandy

Kerri said...

Your mum's cake looks scrumptious! You look so much like her Lee-ann!
I've so much enjoyed all your vacation photos! xoxo

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